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Thread: Birth of Billy-Joseph-Inductions not so bad

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    Default Birth of Billy-Joseph-Inductions not so bad

    My DS Due Date was the 22nd December 2005... Countig down the days felt like ever, i was so excited but nervous about giving birth as it was my first.. My Ob wanted to induce me at 38 weeks as she though DS wsnt getting oxygen cos she thought my plecenta was aging as I was still working 12 hours shifts at work (husband and I are partners in a coffee shop), I was sent to do an ultrasound where the sonographer confirmed that babyw as fine so she left me till my DD, adn booked my induction for boxing day night for Gel.. 3 days late I got THE SHOW christmas day morning, nothing all day then went into hospital Monday night and they put me on the CTG for 2 hours cos babys heart rate was too high 180bpm as i was stressing about being induced the next morning, the midwife couldnt put the gel in until baby settled down... 2 hours later...the midwife called my Ob and she came into see me while she was int he middle of having dinner with her friends ( i felt so bad but paying her the $$ so), she did an internal and i was already dialating and was 2cm.. so she left me for the night as i didnt need the prosten gel.
    They woke me up the next morning at 6am had a shower and got wheeled away to the delivery room.. my fluids were a little low so they broke my waters and then put me on a fluid drip for 40 minutes until i was hydrated and then at 7.45am they started pumping the Syntosis drip into me... and hello the contractions kicked in not long after.. My Ob had 3 other deliveries in 3 other suites in the hospital so she would come in and check every so often, 2 hours later she did an internal and said that i was 4-5cm and that on average dialation of 1cm occurs every hour so i thought great another 5 hours to go.. about 20 minutes later i thought i might try the gas, as id be here for a while, jumped on it for about 10 minutes and it some good sh*t ! About 5 minutes after that i screamed for my husband to get the doc, I NEEDED TO PUSH! Ob ran in and did another internal i was 9.75cm and crowing- baby was on its way and no one was prepared!! She told me I had to wait another 3 contractions for her to set up before i could push.. 1 went 2 went 3 and i couldnt hold it anymore the munchkin wanted to come out! Baby began to stress and his heart rate began to drop from 120bpm to 80bpm as everyting was just happening so quick for him, so the ob decided to use the vacuum so she gave me a local and sent the vacuum on its way up and she said next contratcion start pushing, i did and at 10.05am Billy- Joseph (BJ) was born into the world.. God bless him he was 2.9kg and was born in 2 hours 37 minutes!! He just flew out, his my little superman! Things have been wonderful, its so amazing just the whole experience, being induced isnt that bad, or for me it wasnt, id heard so many horror stories of inductions and how so many of them end in ceaserian, just go in with a clear mind and God will look after you, hes blessed you with a beautiful child!. . id love to do it again maybe in a year..

    Thanks for reading

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    What a quick and lovely birth story. Thanks so much for sharing it

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    Wow that sounds like the perfect birth to me - nice and quick! Thank you for sharing with us!

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    Thanks for sharing that was a quick labour! How cute your little superman!!

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    Thank you for sharing! What a quick labour!

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