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Thread: The birth of Charlotte Johanna

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    Default The birth of Charlotte Johanna

    I love reading all about other peoples birth, so i though i would write about Charlottes.

    After having a C/S with Madison, i had a CT to find out if i can give birth naturally and was given the all clear. We started to try in october and what do you know i was pregnant by early november.
    Eight months later i started to have some braxton Hicks when i was about 37 weeks, a few time it leed us to the hospital as i was contracting every 5 mins but i got there and was 1cm dilated so was sent home with some sleeping tablets.
    My due date came and went with no problems, but i was really getting sick of being pregnant, so i went off to my ob at 40+2 and was booked in to be induced on the Thursday which put me 5 days over, Had a strech and sweep done, but these did nothing.
    Thursday 20th july, woke up at 6am and rang the hospital to make sure i was still able to go in and was told to make our way in about 7am, so i had some toast and reang my mum (as she was coming in, but she was at work at the time).
    Got to the hospital around 7am and was given a room (the same room i had with Madison), Bloods taken, and had some monterting (spel). The head ob came in about 8:30am felt my tummy and broke my waters. Was told that my chance of a VBAC was not good as Charlotte was prostier (spel). He then told me that i would know if i had to have another C/s around luch time.
    Nothing happened, so the drip was insterted, my first contraction started about 12pm, after a while i had some gas as i was in some pain, I don't really know any of the times up until about 2:30 when the ob came back into see if i was dilating.
    At 2:30 i was 4cms, so i was left to see if i my body could do this. I then ask for an epi and within about 5 mins the guy was done there ready to give it to me. After having it put in, i could still feel some pain so i was still using the gas, which in the end i got into trouble for using this as Charlotte was sleeping through the whole labour.
    Around 5pm the ob came back in to check on me and i was 10cm, The room started to get very busy and i was told i could push with the contractions (which i could still feel) after 1 hour and 30min, i had a Episiotomy after she would not come out, and then with the next contaction She was out, with a big gush of water to follow.
    She was placed on my chest and we were asked what we had (i forgot to look) to a big surprise we had another girl (everyone thought i was having a boy). I b/f after about 30 mins and she attached straight away.
    Charlotte Johanna weighed in at 3.290 kg's and was 48 cms long.
    She is such a happy baby, who loves her big sister.

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    Ohhh what a cuite!!!

    What an inspiring birth story! Thanks Kelly!

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    Charlotte is such a cuite pie
    Thanks Kelly, what a Wonderful Birth Story.


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    Nice birth story Kelly.
    I hope that mine turns out ok and that I will give you a lovely new cousin for Maddy and Charlotte.
    looking forward to having our next one together lol!!!
    Love melissa

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    What a nice birth story. Congrats on Charlotte, she looks adorable

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