thread: birth of chloe rose

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    birth of chloe rose

    well, as I finally have some baby free time I thought I might come and post my birth story...

    well it all started at 3am on the 4th of may, I was getting some very strong yet very irregular contractions no more then 10 mins apart though.. so I got up took some panadol got anthony to time some of them, after an hour I thought well there still irregular so I wont ring up, Anthony then promptly fell asleep... I however was trying to fight the pain and fall asleep.. then just as I was about to drift off to sleep at 530am I felt a pop sensation and my pants were dripping and the bed was soaked so I jumped up and said "omg!! anthony!!" so I made him go and get my notes so I could call the hospital, They told me to go have a shower have some breaky and as it sounded very much like my waters breaking to go in in an hour and not to leave it too long, the contractions started coming hard and fast during the shower, then I had some toast.. meanwhile Anthony is ringing his parents and waking up my mum..I sent kathryn a sms to cover for me too LOL..sorry for waking u

    anyway so 630am came and we started to head into the hospital, my pad i had put on had already soaked through, when i got there we got my mum to park the car while anthony and i headed in through the labour door and into a room..we were greeted by a really nice midwife who was telling me they had a rough night and i got the second last room! so we were pretty lucky..she wrote down in my notes what had happened, then the shifts changed and another nice midwife took over and finished writting it down, they asked if they could put a student midwife in with me, but I had my own one coming in so i said i couldnt..

    Then I jumped into the big huge bath tub hehe which was quite funny actually.. watching me this short woman trying to get into a bath tub about half my height!! it eased some of the pain and slowed things down a little.. my student midwife then turned up and took over from the proper midwife which was really good coz it meant I always had someone with me checking my bp and bubs heartbeat..

    11am came and they wanted to do an internal as the contractions were still a bit irregular and i was leaking soo much fluid with blood streaks all the time,they were getting a bit worried bout baby and infections etc.. so they did one and found some membranes so she got out the amnihook thingy mabob and broked them, so i got a big gush of warm fluid haha it was gross, then the student midwife wanted to have a check and more gushed and they kept telling me they can feel hair, and i was 6cms dilated..I begged for some pethadine as had been having gas before, s they gave me that and although to me it didnt seem to have any affect i apparently was alot calmer..

    I went into the shower and the contractions were getting more regular and painful, so I got out and tried toget comfy on the bed.. then at 2pm the shifts changed again and thankfully another nice midwife came in and was the midwife i had at my last ever antenatal appointment I started getting loads of pressure in my bum well lower lower back, then I kept blacking out on the gas I was having soo much lol I closed my eyes and could of sworn I was in canberra but in my house in england, then i kept seeing people thinking my eyes were open, then when i did open my eyes there was only anthony, it was rather freaky

    4pm came and I had a really strong urge to push and with every contraction I couldnt help but push, the midwife tried to tell me to stop but I really couldnt help it, so she decided to do an internal, to which she found i was 10cms and alowed to push, she wanted the student to do one aswell .. dunno if she did or not I was in so much pain and umcomfy, i remember her telling me she'd wait till i felt more comfy, so dont know if she did lol.. I was lyign resting on a bean bag on the bathroom floor, then i complained about the pressure on my back the proper midwife told me to sit up on the toilet, so I did anthony and i thought I was gunna give birth on the loo .. hehe but I didnt stay there for long , i went down onto the floor but was kneeling on all fours.. still pushing I did a couple of lil poo's. how embarrasing, at the time though i really didnt give two hoots as was too painful to think about anything else..

    after complaining loads begging for epidural even though it was far too late for one, oh and also for them to give me a c section lol "anythings gotta be better then this" i was screaming, and getting mad because i kept getting "your doing so well u dont need anythng" so I was getting mad that they werent listening to me.. anyway it felt like hours upon hours ahd passed and itd only been half hour..I moved to the bed then and was kneeling on it resting my arms and head on a bean bag, then i rolled over and lied on my back then an hour later while i was half sitting half lying on the bed, i was chatting away to anthony well trying to, and her head started to crown so i jumped up and kinda arched my back a little screaming it hurts it hurts!! lol so the student midwife was delivering kept saying "slow gentle pushes now, do u want to feel her head?" so i did and promptly shouted "ewww!!!" it was all slimy and gross .. then finally her head popped out and the rest of her just kinda followed through! Anthony cried a little and i was just so tired, the proper miwdife then took chloe from the student and put her on my belly and rubbed her back and she started crying..

    the student then wrapped her and gave her to anthony and the proper midwife checked me over, then the student and anthony went and weighed chloe, the proper midwife was shocked at the size of her and told me she was extremly proud of me

    so anyway now ive rambled quite a bit that is the birth of our gorgeous daughter Chloe , born 5:35pm on the 4th may

    take care

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    Wonderful birth story hun... congrats!


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    What a gorgeous story Lesley. I had to laugh at the hallucinations on the gas and you saying EWW at feeling Chloes head.

    You did an amazing job


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    Aww Lesley thanks for sharing your story with us. Good on you for doing it drug free too, can see why you wanted them though. Chloe was a fair size.

    Lol on the hallucinations too.

    Take care

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    Thanks for sharing your story Lesley & congrats again

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    Thank you for sharing your story Lesley. Congratulations again.

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    May 2004

    What a wonderful birth story Lesley.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    What an amazing story Lesley! Congratulations again

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    Wow, what a great story Lesley!!
    Good on you girl, you did SO well!! =D> =D>
    CONGRATS again!!

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    What a wonderful story

    Good on you for doing it drug free also, what a CHAMP =D>

    Chloe is a gorgeous name ( one on our list currently)

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new bubs.

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    What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing it.

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    Lesley - thanks for sharing your is beautiful! Sounds like you did soooooo well....