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    Default Birth of Eleanor Kate

    Wednesday 10th January 37wks 1 day
    Now that Eleanor is here i thought i would update a little more on what happend the day before she arrived.
    Had my scan and i was now showing a week behind in dates which at the time i thought nothing of. Went home and got ready for some girls from BB to arrive for lunch. We was having a lovely time and it was so nice to catch up with everyone. The phone rang and i just thought it was the rental people as they wanted to do a inspection on the 16th when Eleanor was meant to be born, but it was a midwife from the hospital i thought why is she calling asking how i was when i would be going in for my appt.
    Midwife: How are you ?
    Me: Fine thank you and you
    Midwife: Good thanks, you have an appt with us tomorrow.
    Me: Yes
    Midwife: Can you bring your case with you and you might not being going home and will be having the baby tomorrow. Also don't eat or drink anything after 7am.
    Me: Oh ok, what's wrong ?
    Midwife: They have looked at your scan and the DR wants to deliver tomorrow not sure why, they will talk to you when you come in.
    Me: Okay see you tomorrow

    I had to call Paul and let him know to take the day off just in case and he kept asking over and over again what she said and if it would be happening. All the girls where pleased but was told not to tell anyone as it was going to then be a surprise if it happend.
    All night i kept thinking nope they will just be sending me home again.

    Thursday 11th January 37wks 2days
    I woke at around 5am not able to sleep anymore too much playing on my mind but at least my bag was now packed. Had some toast and a cuppa tea and was just waiting for the time to pass. Finally it was time to leave for the hospital said goodbye to Kellie and the kids. Kimberley didn't want me to go and i lied and said i will be home in a little while then we can go to the shops.
    Arrived for my 9am appt and they put me on the CTG machine for a little while as the Dr wasn't there yet. Talked about what middle name we was going to use and still didn't have a final name.
    The doctor finally arrived and i was checked over and she said bubs feels like a good size and that yes i was having the baby today ataround 1:30pm.
    I had to go and have one last blood test so i sent Paul home for a few hours while i stayed at the hopsital. If he sat with me for too long i would have killed him.
    The wait wasn't too bad they did all the normal checks and i had to be shaved which Paul thought was funny. He's never been in the room when that happend with the other two.
    They came and talked about the spinal block that they would be doing and what happens when i get to theater. I knew most of it as that's what i had in the passed. Finally the time came and we was on our way. I didn't have to wait to long till the took me in. Paul waited outside while they did the spinal block and everything else as he hates needles in fact he hates hospitals so this was the first time he was coming in to see one of his kids being born.
    It seemed likes for them to get Eleanor out and at the time i was in so much pain the spianl block had gone up to far and i was having trouble breathing and my right hand had pins and needles in it so the had to tilt the bed to see if that would make it go away. The pain felt like someone was standing on my chest it was awful. I had a great team looking after me and they was very worried that they would have to knock me out to finish off but finally they pulled Eleanor out and it was great to see her. Paul did really well i thought by that time he would have passed out on to the floor they even put a pillow near by just in case.
    Once Eleanor was out i started to feel sick and i couldn't hold her so Paul held her the whole time. We didn't take the camera in with us and i wish we did but Paul thought he might drop it.

    It also seemed like ages for them to take me in to recovery but i wasn't in it for long and it was so nice to fianlly hold Eleanor. She was the first that wasn't taken away from me at birth and i was able to have skin to skin contact and start feeding which felt lovely.
    I was taken back to my room and thought i was fine then two hours later i started being sick i did the same with the other two so i was waiting for it to come but with the other two it happened before i left recovery. I had 3 lots of medication and finally i stopped being sick but i wasn't able to look after Eleanor that night because the medication made me sleep and i was so tired by that time.

    The next morning i felt fine and was able to feed Eleanor again. They got me out of bed at 8am and was sorted out before Paul, Kellie and the kids came to visit. Kimberley went over to the cot and said a tiny baby, I lover her when can we take her home. Alex wasn't so sure of her and still doesn't know what to make of her.
    A few days later Eleanor had to spend the night in special care due to being jaundice and was having heat treatment. We was able to go home on the Monday.

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    Thank you Caro. I'll send some more pictures soon.

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    What a nice story... thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for writing that Michelle. I'm so glad you were able to get your wish of skin to skin cuddles with her.

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    hey Michelle great story... so nice that you got to have your cuddles with Eleanor after birth... Congrats xoox

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    Congratulations Michelle. LOL at putting a pillow nearby for your DH to faint onto!

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