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Thread: Birth of Emelia Patricia

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    Smile Birth of Emelia Patricia

    After reading so many birth stories I was trying to get myself ready not knowing what to expect, I was a little scared but very anxious to get it over with!
    Overdue and waiting for something to happen! Had show on Saturday morning 18th November…Sunday, Monday and Tuesday came and went with no other signs..So doc booked me for induction on Friday 24th. Woke up at 1am Wednesday morning with some uncomfortable pains which were coming all over the place didn’t think much of them as they weren’t regular although i couldn't sleep. Eventually got to sleep had the pains all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I said to my partner if these pains aren’t doing anything ill be really angry! Went to the hospital at 4pm for induction, was taken to the birthing suite. They put ctg on to see how bub was doing she was fine, doctor decided to use a Foleys catheter but when trying to get it in place (which I must say was quiet uncomfortable!!!) she was trying to figure out why it wouldn’t get into place so she decided to do a internal…to find I was 3cm dilated! (Could have done it before trying the Foleys!) it was about 8pm when they decided to break my waters, I still had those period like pains but they soon fizzled so they put the syntocinon drip in about 9pm and those pains soon came back !! I was breathing through the contractions was handling them really well, then they soon started coming really close and straight after one another, it wasn’t that they were very painful it was just I was getting no rest. Midwife suggested I try heat packs, didn’t help at all, so I asked for a epidural thinking the anaesthetist would take forever because they said that he was in with a c/s, but he was there within 5 mins. Epi didn’t work completely could still feel right side helped a little, I just kept breathing through contractions, I had a small urge to push so midwife checked me again, I was 10cm..i thought yippee not long now, but she said that they would leave me for an hour then I could start pushing. Hour went by then it was time…it was exactly 4am when I started pushing. Every push everyone was telling me I was doing great I didn’t really care I just wanted it over!!!, I had a Episiotomy (was the only time I screamed..very painful even with an epidural) her shoulders were stuck with one last push Emelia Patricia slipped out with an almighty cry at 5.20am 25th November 2006. Emelia weighed in at 9pounds 4 and a half ounces 52cm long and HC 36cm.

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    Aww what a great birth.... it sucks when u have the pains and things take forever to start!!

    But you done very well. Congrats on the arrival of Emelia

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    well done, that sounds like my labour, it was like reading my birth story

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    Congratulations on the birth of your little girl! Sounds like you did an excellent job!!

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