thread: The Birth of Hendrix John Mills

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Heather what a wonderful birth story. I'm more interested in the idea of hypnobirthing now (although too late for me, lol). It's so good that the hospital let you have a waterbirth. I know what you mean about the involuntary mooing, I always do that all the way through. Your husband sounds like he was great for you.

    Stories like this are a great inspiration for others & need to be shared!

    See you back in the breastfeeding chatter.

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    Janie Guest

    Wow thanks for sharing your sharing. Certainly gives me something to think about when the time comes. Your little man is so cute BTW.

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    kirbee Guest


    Thats a great story!!! I needed to hear a positive labour story!!!! Thank you