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Thread: The birth of Jacinta Danielle - 7/3/08

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    Default The birth of Jacinta Danielle - 7/3/08

    Waters broke at 2am on Thursday morning, contractions started half an hour later. Went to the hospital at about lunch time but was only 3cm dialated. 4 hours go by, still only 3cm. Another 4 hours goes by and I'm 4cm. This goes on and on and only dialating 1cm every 4 hours.

    By 2am Friday morning I was so exhausted and decided gas and pethadine weren't doing enough so transferred from birthing centre to labour & delivery and had an epidural (man, that was great!). Had a bit of trouble getting the epidural to work properly and poor matt was so worried that he almost passed out.

    On and on we go.

    Started pushing which went for over an hour with no progression. I then got a temperature which distressed Jacinta.
    Got too tired to keep going so had help with a (excuse the spellin) Von Toose? (Suction cap on her head to pull her out while I pushed).

    Pop, finally out at 10:31am on Friday 7th March. (after a total of 32.5 hours from waters, or 12.5hours from established labour).
    5lb 11oz!

    Due to her distressed there was a lot of muconium which she swallowed.
    A team of doctors (in the end there were about 10 people in the room I think) worked on her to get suction down her throat to clear the muconium before commencing to get her to breathe.

    She was then taken to the neonatal unit while I was stitched up (had to be cut for the von toose).

    She was put onto a course of IV antibiotics 12 hourly but good news today, her bloods came back good so they took her off the antibiotics at lunch time before we left the hospital.

    She was also being fed by gavarge (feeding tube in the nose going down to the stomach) because by the time I'd been able to try to feed her she was too sleepy and not interested.

    At this time Jazz was in an incubator because she was unable to regulate her own temperatures).

    1am yesterday morning she came out of the incubator however, she wasn't digesting milk properly and it was pooling in her stomach so she was put onto continuous 24hour feeding. This afternoon at the same time as the antibiotics were stopped, the continuous feeding was also stopped.

    She is now on 3hourly feeds as of lunch time today, is starting to demand and look for food. Successfully had a small breastfeed before we left the hospital.

    Hopefully if things continue improving like they are I will have my baby girl home in a couple of days at the minimum but it may be up to a week, just have to take 1 day at a time.

    Now I will sort out some photos and post them soon.

    Thanks for all your well wishes.
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    Crikey what an ordeal that must of been for you!! You did SO well, give yourself a .
    Glad your little princess is improving day by day.

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    Congratulations!! Can't wait to see the pics!

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    Oh goodness Danni, what an ordeal!

    Love the name, its just lovely. Guessing Matt had his share of maccas while you were in Hossy, it must be so hard coming home without her. All the best, cant wait to see piccies ...


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    Congratultions DanniB, wow what a journey. I cant wait to see some pictures - btw what a beautiful name!!

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    Like I have told you many times now Danni, I am soooooo proud of you! cant wait til you have her home and we get to see her more. she is absolutely stunning and looks so much like you imo. I will have the car tomorrow so let me know if you need anything. The girls send you kisses and hugs and some for Jazz too.

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    You did very well and look forward to seeing pics of The Little Miss

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    Congratulations. What a marathon effort. Your princess is beautifull

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    Congrats Danni - Well done on what sounds like a hard labour. Hopefully you will Jazz home before you know it!

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    Congrats, glade that all is ok now!! Its funny that they let you go for that long when you waters broke the day before.

    When I had baby number 1, my water broke at 4am and didnt have her till 11pm. We both had high fever, baby had problems breathing, infection for both aswell, my bloodpressure was sky high. I was told that when waters brake the baby has to be delivered within 12 hours - now pregnant with 2nd I went to hospital for 1st check up and midwife said the same thing. That if baby came out early, it all would of been fine. So I am prepared for the 2nd one and I wont let the hospital stuff around, I know now and they wont be able to brush me off. No one explained to me what happened after the birth - it all went wrong in the last hour and no one could tell me why baby was not well (hospital didnt want to except fault).

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    Sounds like it was a bit full on.

    I hope she made a good recovery.

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