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Thread: The Birth of Jesse Tyler..

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    Smile The Birth of Jesse Tyler..

    He is now 6 months old but still would like to put down his birth story, as time goes on it gets more and more blurry in my mind!

    I worked in Gordon up until i was 38 weeks. We were living in Freemans Reach then Windsor which is an hour and a half each way to and from work driving. Dont ask me how i did, i really dont know!!

    So finally i finished work. I had a pretty good pregnancy, wasnt sick at all.. just tired as you get with a big lump on your belly! All the way through Jesse had been a week bigger so i was expecting i may go into labour a little before my due date. But my due date of the 8th September (Friday) came and went. I had a midwife appointment that day and they booked me in to have an ultrasound on the Monday to see how things were going and to see if i had to be induced early.

    All along DH said, i bet he comes on Saturday night (as his fav NRL team St George was playing in the finals on Saturday night).

    2.30pm Saturday the 9th i was making a caramel slice for DH and i started getting lower back pain. I didnt believe it was contractions. Mum and DH sat with me watching tv as the contractions came.. still didnt believe it. DH started timing them and they were coming regularly about 8-10 minutes apart. Still, nope its not contractions. But then they started getting stronger. At 5pm i called the hospital to tell them i thought i was in labour but not sure. They said just come in when you dont feel comfortable at home.

    By about 5.30pm i believed it was contractions as they were getting more and more painful, so we headed in.
    We got there and the midwife showed us to the birth suite. She monitored Jesse's heartbeat and the contractions, as they do.
    DH was happy when he spied a tv in the room. So he ran down stairs to get it hooked up to watch the footy! So in between cheering on St George he'd rub my back.. id have baths, walk around blah blah blah.

    9pm came and i was in ALOT of pain. The midwife asked if we wanted to see how far labour had progressed so i said yeh.. she checked and i was only 3am dilated!!!! OMG i almost died. She said is that the strongest contractions you have i said yes, she said well, theyre gonna get worse (!!!) Oh i was in tears!!
    I asked for some gas.. which only made me cough as i was still getting over a cold.
    A different midwife came on shift (who was SUPER nice) and she gave me some Pethidine. It calmed me down a whole lot between contractions.

    About 12.30am i started to get some bleeding. I told DH to tell the midwife who said thats good. So more and more bleeding.. and then the urge to push came. DH got the midwife who said she'd check how dilated it was. She then said "Youre about to have your baby".. oh THANK GOD!!!!! Those words i will never forget.

    She then broke my waters and started to monitor the contractions and Jesse's heart rate again.
    While lying there in agony, i remember hearing someone out of the room saying to someone on the phone "distressed fetus".. i just though they must be talking about another baby in another birthing suite as i could hear others in pain like me! In came other midwives and a man with a table with gadgets on it. I just thought that was the normal thing they did as this was my first baby, i had no idea.

    All i remember then was me having my arms around DH's and a midwife's neck and being told i have to push and cant stop. I remember saying "i cant it hurts too much", they said "Kelly you have to push NOW".. so i did. Out came his head and then the rest of him flew out.. DH describes it as "A fisherman dumping his net on the deck and Jesse was the catch". He started crying and i had tears in my eyes.. first thing i said to DH is "Is it a boy?" he said yes. They took him over to the man and i was just spun out. I then was able to cuddle little Jesse and say hello. They then took him to be weighed and have his needles etc. DH went with. The doctor arrived and the midwives talked to him and then he came and stitched me up.

    Later once he had finished the midwife came in to talk to us. She said that Jesse's heart rate had dropped to the low 60's. So they needed to get him out really quickly so i had to have an Episiotomy. They were expecting him to come out all blue and having to resuscitate him. Thats why they called in the doctor and man was there with all the gadgets. But to their dismay Jesse can out purple and screaming. They checked his scores and he was 9. They said they have no idea why his heart rate dropped so low but he was fine. His temperature was a little low so he spent a little time under the heater and all rugged up, but other than that he was perfect.

    He was born at 1.21am Sunday 10th September 2006.

    I may be bias, but i always thought newborns were ugly, but Jesse was just the cutest little thing i had ever seen, and to this day, to me he still is
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    great story... i bet Jesse will have no choice in being a St George supporter. LOL
    congrats and thankyou for sharing. xoox
    p.s. and he is a very cheeky looking lil man

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    About time you shared your story kel!! Sounds like you had a great labour, and I agree he is a cute little munchkin

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    Wow Kell, what a great birth story! You did so well. I think it's probably good that you didn't know until after about the distress. Well done.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Kell. Congratulations on birthing your gorgeous little boy

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