thread: Birth of " Jesse William Harbinson "

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    Birth of " Jesse William Harbinson "

    **** Birth of Jesse William Harbinson born Saturday 7th May, 2005 **** :boy:

    I began to have strong cramping from approx 1am Sat’day morning the contractions were like very strong period pains across my tummy & the pain spread across my lower back. I knew they were not Braxton hicks as I had them all day & night on Thursday, these pains were much stronger. I began timing them as I couldn’t sleep anyways, they seem to come every 5-10min apart. By 8am I got up & rang the hospital, they were pretty casual & said they would get my file ready. If I had a show or my waters broke to give them another call, they were happy for me to stay at home for now, so was I. About an hour later I had a small ‘show’ so knew things were moving along. I was quite sure my baby was going to be born today or very early morning Sunday (mother’s day). The contractions continued throughout the day – pain increasing but still bearable. My mum & sister popped over & helped me time. I rang the hospital again & still they said it was fine for me to stay home & to come in if they become uncomfortable.

    After dinner at about 6:30pm they were starting to get very painful & coming closer together, also had another bigger ‘show’ my husband Trevor, started timing again, they were now like 3mins apart. We decided to go into the hospital. When we got to the hospital at about 7:30pm the midwife put the belt monitor on me for about 20-30mins, all fine. She said I had plenty of time & that the baby would not be born on her shift ! make myself comfortable, go for a walk etc … I asked her how far dilated did she think I was – she said probably only 3 or 4cm !! …..she did not think I needed an internal yet - I couldn’t believe it, the contractions were about 2mins apart, was not getting much relief in between. Trev & I decided to go for a walk to the tea room. I could not make the short walk without stopping in pain. I was feeling a lot of pressure in my back passage area, felt I needed to go to the toilet (but scared in case the baby came out) we went back to the labour room & I went to the loo, the bowl was full of blood – told Trev to get the nurse. She had a look & said she better do the internal now. After that she said I was dilated 6cm – contractions now about a minute apart – she said did I want pain relief – I said “ YES !! “ I will try GAS first. So that was fine – helped me a bit. My position was on my side at this time & the contractions were on top of each other ! Was squeezing Trev’s hand so hard was surprised I didn’t crack his bones ! Time now was approx 9pm – pain was very intense – I wanted my mum – begged Trev to ring her & my sister’s to come straight away …. Midwife then said to him – if you are going to ring her mum, you better ring NOW – this baby is coming !! They asked me if I wanted to see the head crowning, didn’t have the energy to lift my head up, just wanted to push – she kept telling me to wait. Next minute there was a big mirror in front of me, I was now laying on my back, constantly sucking on the gas …. Seeing the head crown was great. I knew now it wouldn’t be long. The midwife finally said I could Push !! THANK GOD !! ….. I don’t think I could have held on for much longer – the urge to push is overwhelming! I gave some of the biggest pushes I could manage …. Trev said he thought my eyes were gonna pop out … he just kept telling me to breath – he said sometimes it looked like I stopped. Felt the head squeezing out – the stinging was strong, next second a BIG Gush poured out, my water came out (that was a great feeling ) then my beautiful boy was born with a massive push at 9:34pm !!!! the midwife put him straight onto my tummy & chest – he was crying loudly – that moment was the best, was so happy, (was also glad the pain was over). The midwife then asked ‘ don’t you want to know what it is?” was funny didn’t even think of it was just glad he was crying & alive …. I picked bubs up for Trev to tell me – he said “IT’S A BOY “ …. We were both so happy & excited ! Trev was so proud to have a son, he could not believe the birth to be like that – he mentioned that he was glad he was a bloke…haha … he kept telling me how strong I was. About 20min later my mum, 2 sister’s & my SIL walked in, they had no idea Jesse had been born, they thought I was still in labour, they all got a big shock when they saw me lying there with my baby boy in my arms !!

    After they all left – the new shift midwife came in & suggested I have a shower, during the shower noticed a lot of blood loss clots etc, thought this was normal. Got dressed in my pj’s & said to Trev that I don't feel good .... he got me to a chair, held my hand ... I told him I couldn’t see or hear him properly, next minute I slid off the chair , I passed out & Trev said it was like I had a mini fit ... then I wake up with an oxygen mask on with two nurses sticking needles in my arms & another taking my blood pressure which was extremely low. I had to have a drip in overnight, to try to slow the bleeding down. They had to take Jesse into the nursery for his first night because I couldn’t get up to him ... I was ok the next day ... they did a blood test to check my levels ... I might have needed a blood transfusion ... thank god it was not needed.

    Was very happy that the labour was spent mostly at home, but disappointed my mum & sisters didn’t make it in time.
    The birth of my boy “ Jesse William Harbinson “ was the best day of my life !! :smt055

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Wow Rails that was a great inspirational birth was so positive.Makes me want to met my little girl even more........

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    Nov 2004

    Onya Rails, that was a wonderful story! Good on you! Welcome Jesse!

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    Sep 2004
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    Well done Rails. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Congrats once again.

    Take care

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    Jul 2004
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    Awww Rails, what a FANTASTIC birth story!!! Well done!!

    That must have been scary to pass out like that and lose so much blood, but am glad you recovered from it quickly.

    Congratulations again! =D>

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    Mar 2005

    Railks you are so strong, and way to go on staying put for so long, I admire you.

    makes me want another BIGTIME-next one Im going to ask for a mirror, I didn't even think about it with the other two.

    Beautiful story felt like I was there with you.xx Way to go angel and welcome to the world Jesse,what were his stats?

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    May 2004

    Wow Rails what a fantastic birth story. You did so well. I am so glad you recovered ok.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story with us.

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    What a great story Rails.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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    rails Guest

    Thanks everyone !! .... it really is a wonderful experience isn't it !
    Jesse's stats were: weight 7lbs 6oz , HC 31.5 & his length was recorded as 54cm .... but think that was wrong, because at his 2wk health centre visit he was measured as 52.5cm ??? they must have mucked up on the night ... spewing, so i am guessing approx 52cm ? Apgar 9 @ 1min & 10 @ 5mins. Also, I had 4 stictches & 2 burst hemeroids for afters.
    Now recovered, & will definately join you girls in the baby threads, hard to catch up reading then have time to respond as well xx

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    Well done Rails- a very positive birth for you and so glad you didn't need the transfusion.

    hope you are all well
    Cheers Michelle

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    Nov 2003

    congratulations rails
    u did well, glad to hear u didnt nee dhte transfusion

    take care

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    Jan 2005
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    Thanks for sharing your story Rails. Congrats =D>

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    thanks for your story rails,

    sounds like you had a very positive experience,


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    Rails, sorry it`s taken this long for me to read Jesse`s Birth Story. Haven`t seen you post for sometime hope all is well.

    Wow what an amazing story, I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing and I hope your recovery well.

    Take Care