thread: The Birth Of Matthew Kenneth Ian

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    The Birth Of Matthew Kenneth Ian

    The Birth Of Matthew Kenneth Ian 3rd May, 2005

    It all started on 29th April, 2005 when I saw my OB for an appointment in the hope to be induced on the 30th April or 2nd May, another internal was conducted and my cervix still wasn`t favourable to be induced, Matthew was also still not engaged. OB decided to send me for a Pelvis scan to rule out the possibility that I may have CPD.

    Another appointment with OB on 2nd May, 2005 where Mark and I were told the results of my pelvis scan, I had CPD, my pelvis was only 10.4 cms wide instead of the average 12 cms so there is no way my little boys head would could out that way, so only option left available was a c/s which I wasn`t at all keen on I always had good intentions of going naturally and to try and have as much as a natural delivery as I could and here I was sitting in the Dr`s room and him telling me the best option for me and baby is a c/s. Of course I wanted what was best for baby so my c/s was booked for the next day at 5pm.

    3rd May, 2005 - I was admitted to Newcastle Private Hospital at 2.20pm, had a shower and Mark and I were waiting watching TV and talking until the wardsman and assistant nurse came for us at 4.45pm, I was given this disgusting drink to have, later I found out it`s given to all patients as a sedative before their operations. We were taken to a room opposite the operating theatre where we were seen by my OB`s anaesthetist who was a lovely warm friendly man who explained everything to us and what would be happening, I was very nervous and so was Mark. My OB then came in to see me before he went into the operating room. Mark was then taken off to put on his glamorous clothes, they waited for him to come back to me before I was wheeled into the operating room. During all this time my baby boy was moving, I think he must have known.

    Once in the operating room, they first put the IV into my hand, I then had to sit up on the side of the operating table and crunch myself up for the spinal block to be administered, during this process I was more worried that our camera didn`t want to work Mark kept trying to reassure me it was okay it will work, it did take my mind off what was happening.

    The catheter was then put in place once the spinal block started working then things happened very quickly from this point on. I started to feel very light headed (due to my BP dropping) and nauseous the anaesthetist gave me something for my nauseous and gave me oxygen I soon felt better, he kept making sure I was ok. Once the curtain came up, the anassthestist mentioned everything will happen quickly which it did. I couldn`t see Mark so yelled out 'Mark where are you?". I had a number of voices reply back to me it`s okay he`s here, he was quickly beside me, next I knew I heard the machine which sucks the fluid out, I knew exactly what was happening and that my long awaited baby boy would be with us soon, the midwives and OB mentioned they could see a lot of hair, at this point Mark got up to have a look he also told me our baby has lots of hair (like Mummy), the anaesthetist then mentioned his head is out, I then heard my Baby`s first cry (it all felt quite surreal), once my baby boy was out the anaesthetist then popped my back up so I could see my baby, again it still felt surreal that this was actually 'my baby' that I was looking at, I had a few tears. I was aware of Mark taking lots of photos, Mark was then able to cut baby Matthew`s cord, he was then wrapped in a towel and handed to me for 10 mintues (Matthew did open his eyes once and look at me), he was then taken from me and went to have a bath, dressed and vaccinations Mark was with him during this time while I was being stitched up then taken to recovery, where both my OB and anaesthetist came to see me, they both mentioned how big Matthew is and there was no way he was going to come out any other way, my OB also mentioned even though I was 1 week overdue Matthew wasn`t ready to come out himself for another 7 - 10 days.

    I was kept in recovery for 2 hours post op as the spinal block went too high, so didn`t get to see Mark or Matthew until 3 hours after Matthew had been born, Mark wasn`t informed as to why I was kept in recovery for so long so was very worried about me and also kept thinking that Mums and Bubs are suppose to have skin to skin contact asap after birth, which obviously didn`t happen. When I was exventually wheeled back into my room and I saw my darling Husband holding our little boy for the first time, the feelings I had for them both where over powering, it was such a beautiful sight. Matthew then decided to have a 2 hour breastfeed, afterwards all I did was look at Matthew in total aww for hours later.

    Matthew Kenneth Ian Wenham was born at 5.15pm on Tuesday 3rd May, 2005, weighing 9lbs 4 ozs (4200gms), 53.5cms long and head circumference of 36cms.

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    Congratulations to you and what a big Fella!

    Thanks for sharing your story it was lovely.

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    Congratulations Deea and welcome to not so little Matthew!

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    Congratz again Dee and thanks for sharing your story.

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    Great story Dee! I love all these birth stories, itsn't it amazing how you can just stare at them for hours and hours on end?
    my Mum calls them beautiful time wasters

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    Wow Dee - thank you for sharing your birth story. Must be pg hormones, but it made me cry when you describe seeing your hubby with your baby son for the first time on return to the ward... I could just imagine feeling the same thing if it was my hubby and our baby....

    Well done, and happy baby gazing...

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    WoW! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Dee. I can't believe they didn't tell Mark why you were in recovery for so long! Neil was in recovery with me (and, consequently, so was Gabby). Ah well, you live and learn, hey??
    Well done and welcome to the world little (big) Matthew!!

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    Well Done for handling your birth even tho nothing went your way.
    Congrats again Dee!


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    Thanks for sharing your story Dee.

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    What a great story Deejoy, and Matthew was a big bubba, would hate to see how much bigger he would have got LOL. At least you didn't have to go through the trauma of attempting Vag delivery and then having the c/s cos it is obvious he wouldn't have fitted.

    Hope you are all H&H
    Best wishes Michelle

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    Congrats Dee .... great to read about your special day ... hope mum & Matthew are having lots of precious moments together.

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    Awww Dee, that was a beautiful birth story... thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations again!