thread: The birth of Millana Jean!

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    Mar 2004

    The birth of Millana Jean!

    Finally i get to write a post.This baby stuff is alot harder than i thought.
    Well,it started with me going to hospital sunday 28th and having prostins inserted at 1830 and 1230hrs that nite.I had some contractions that were irregular but basically had a good nites sleep! The next day i was taken to the labour ward and the dr came and inserted a drip ofcytoxin and broke my waters(he thought he did anyway).It was going quite well and i was having contractions and was 5-6cm dilated at 1130am with no pain relief.However itwent down hill from there and they realised that my wters wernt broken and midwife/s tried again.Apparently i had a posterior cervix and about 5 people had tried to break them.The pain was worse and i had a pain in my right buttock(pinch nerve) where millana had decided to come down crooked.I had an epidural which was bliss and within 1hr i was dilated fully! They then had a feel and millana was one finger from coming out but i couldnt push and she was just that little far up.Midwives decided to stop epidural and drip of cytoxin to allow me to push.This took a couple of hrs and when the pains came back so did the pinch nerve but it also came into my groin.After an 1.5 of pushing they got the ob back and he topped the epidural back up just enough for me to push her out with the assistance of ventuse cap.I then lost alot of blood (about a litre) due to her tearing me on the way out.I had about 20 stitches and thought i was dying as they had about 5 people workingon me as they could not get any veins.I was on oxygen and bp went down to 80/40.I can only remember seeing bits of my daughter and feeling like in a trance.Hubby was very worried.I needed 2 blood transfusions that were excrutiating and 15 min obs for 12 hrs.I then had anal pain ovrnight and they thought i may have had a clot.They wanted to send me to surgery but i begged not to as i had had enough! I had an ultrasound and they said i was fine.After that i spent 4 days in hospital which i found stressful as due to being sick my milk has not come in properly for millana and she was constantly on my boob every halfhr and all nite.The nurses did not take her away so that i could recover and did not supplement her feed until day 3 as she had lost more than 10% of weight.I am glad i am home,i feel more relaxed and she is so beautiful that all the stress is worth it.

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    Sep 2004
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    Caddie, thank you for sharing your story with use. What an ordeal you had. I am so glad that alll is going well for you guys now.

    Take care

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    Nov 2003

    omg caddie! wow thanks for sharing your story!truly amazing what us mothers can go thorugh toget our little ones

    take care and try to rest up


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    Jul 2004

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your story caddie. Glad everything was alright in the end. Millana is such a beautiful name!

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    Glad to hear all went well in the end Caddie and that you didn't need surgery.


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    =D> Well done Caddie!! It sounds like you had a tough time, and I hope little Millana is settling in heaps better! Everyday gets easier!

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    Brave woman Caddie. It is hard but like christy said it does get easier. I hope everything is starting to settle for u.

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    Jul 2004
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    WOW Caddie!! That was one huge ordeal for you to have to go through! I'm so glad you got through it all ok in the end, and are ok now.
    Please take good care of yourself.

    PS - I think Millana is a beautiful name as well

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    Feb 2004

    Oh Caddie, what a story, you poor chicken, so glad that you got through it and it was all worth it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Feb 2004

    Wowo Caddie, that does sound like quite an ordeal. But as you said, it's all owrth it in the end

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    Mar 2004
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    Oh Caddie, that sounds like quite an ordeal! Well done!! That must have been sooooooooo scary losing so much blood!!! Both you and Aaron must have been terribly worried!

    yeah.. I can relate to the frustration of the nurses not taking the babies anymore (especially at night)... this whole rooming in thingie is just another way of cost cutting I reckon... The first night I got absolutely ZERO sleep, the second night half an hour. The third I found a nice nurse who said she'd take Wolf and my neighbour's baby for 2 hours. (my neighbour was also a VERY HEAVY snorer.. so that didn't help either).

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    Feb 2004

    Thank you for sharing your story Caddie and it does sound very scary. I am so glad that you and Millana are ok and healthy. It is all worth it!

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    Well done Caddie, I'm so glad everything worked out in the end and you didn't need surgery.

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    Sep 2004

    Caddie you are a champion to have gone through such an ordeal and to come out with a smile and happy, healthy little baby girl. I agree with the others too - Millana is such a beautiful name! And she has a very courageous mum, too.

    Good to hear its all worth it!


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    thank for the story - i am glad that you are both ok now.

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    Nov 2003
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    Wow Caddie, you are tremendous, what a difficult birth, and recovery. I bet you are glad to be home, Grrr to the midwives who didn't give you at least some time to recover while you were in hospital.

    Can't wait to see your darling girl Millana.

    Best wishes Michelle