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Thread: The birth of Nina Mae

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    Default The birth of Nina Mae

    Born: Sunday 20 August 2006
    Weight: 2.98kg
    HC: 34cm

    4am: my waters broke while in bed asleep. Raced to the toilet to change undies and then changed the sheets. Woke DH and we both went and had some brekky in case things got moving and I wouldn't have time to eat. Soon it was 6am and I still hadn't had any contractions. I rang the birth suite at the hospital and told them my waters had broken but no contractions had started, they told me to come in straight away so they could confirm my waters had broken and go from there. By the time we finalised packing the bag and got to the hospital it was 7:30am. The midwife checked me and confirmed my waters had broken. She said we had 2 options, to go away and keep active and wait for labour to start naturally, or be induced after lunch. We decided to go away and see what happened until lunch time, and if nothing happened we would be back. Soon enough it was midday and no contractions! Went back to the hospital and she did my obs and noticed my blood pressure was high. She kept and eye on it but it stayed high for a while. She said if we wanted to wait until labour started naturally she'd have to give me some antibiotics and we'd have to go in each day to be checked out for infection etc etc. Otherwise I could be induced at 2pm to get things going. I opted to get induced.
    2pm: Midwife induced me, and 2 minutes later first contraction started! I started having contractions every 2-3 minutes lasting 40 seconds. After an hour they turned the drip off as contractions were coming very frequently.
    3:30pm: Did an internal and I was 4cm dilated!!
    Things were progressing quite well, contractions coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting 60 seconds now.
    7:30pm: Did an another internal and was only 6cm dilated
    At that point I'd had enough! As I had to be monitored on the ECG I couldn't really move around to get into a comfortable position. Contractions were very strong and coming every 2 minutes. I asked for some pethadine, which did absolutely nothing. Midwife said they'd have to turn the drip back on as I wasn't progressing quick enough, and informed me that the contractions would be twice as bad. And they were!!
    8pm: Screamed out in pain that I needed an epidural NOW! This was in by 8:30pm and instant relief. I sat there talking to the midwife about weddings and babies, while I watched on the ECG contractions coming every minute. I could see my belly tightening with each one, but couldn't feel a thing.
    10:15pm: Midwife suggested I try going to the toilet to see if I had movement in my legs and to empty my bladder. I couldn't pee on my own so they said they'd put in a catheda. As they put the catheda in they could see bubs head starting to crown. They raced out to get DH (who was at that point having some dinner). They drained my bladder and quickly started preparing me for the delivery.
    10:45pm: I started to vomit. Bubs head was crowning and each time I vomited bub crowned even more. After 5 good spews (15 minutes), bub was born. I didn't even need to push!
    Nina Mae was born 11pm on Sunday 20 August, our first year wedding anniversary and my Dad's birthday!!!

    Total labour: 9 hours

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    that is a beautiful story. well done

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    First time I ever heard of someone vomiting their baby out

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story with us

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    Me too, Trish.

    Congratulations, that was great.

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