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Thread: Birth of Sam Lilly - 17/09/07

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    Default Birth of Sam Lilly - 17/09/07

    BORN: 17 September, 2007
    8lbs 14 oz (4030g)
    52 cm
    37 cm head circumference.

    It had been a long day – DD#1s 4th birthday. We got home about 4pm after our McDonalds Birthday party for DD#1. My best friend, her husband, Sister #3 and her boyfriend 3 all came back to our place too to help put up the birthday girls new trampoline. Although it was more a job for the men – my sister gave me a professional pedicure, equipped with foot spa and polish, she set off working on my feet. I had been sitting down for about 30 mins, when I started to feel nauseas, and I got a case of the shivers……Once my feet were done I had to go and lie down, I felt so sick. I just wanted to everyone to leave….the party was well and truly over. DH put the girls to bed, I went and crashed on our bed, fully clothed and everything. DH lay next to me and we chatted, I then found the energy to have a shower. I vomited in the shower – heaps… felt so much better. Although in saying that, every ½ hr from then (730pm) until 2am I was vomiting. To top it all off, DD#1 called out ‘HELP!’ early on during the night. She had vomited all over herself, including the bed covers….DH was busy !!!!!!!!. Attending to me, and to her.

    By 2am I was over it. I was thinking of putting a pillow on the toilet floor, and trying to sleep there, I was so exhausted from vomiting, and getting in and outta bed. I must have fallen asleep for about ½ hr or so, coz at 2am I woke, to go to the toilet so I thought. But to my surprise I didn’t feel like vomiting……I think I saw some of my mucous plug….…..i went into our bedroom and put on my dressing gown. DH wondered what I was doing, I told him I was going to wash the bed sheets (Emmy had vomited continuously from 730pm, and had gone thru 3 x sets of bed sheets… laundry was a mess). So here I am, at 2am shoving vomit filled sheets into the washing machine when I got a contraction…..’what am I doing?’ I thought……my last labour was very fast, and we prob left things a bit too late to get to the hospital (had DD#2 in the emergency dept – no time to make it upstairs)….and I didn’t want the same thing to happen this time.
    I rang the hospital and told them of my evening and my symptoms….midwife said I was prob dehydrated which could have sent me into labour…’you had better come in’. I rang mum and asked her to come over. It was 240am by then. I went in and told DH that we had better get ready ‘are you sure?’.
    I replied ‘babes, we are having a baby today, get dressed’…..that soon kicked him into gear.

    I actually really enjoyed the 30 mins or so before mum arrived to care for the girls…I cleaned around, made sure I had everything I needed, made our bed, got the camera and video camera ready, kissed the girls whilst they slept…..DH and I even watched the last 3 laps of the MotoGP (bike freak he is….). It was a nice time. I noticed about 315am the contractions getting closer. DH timed them at one stage and they were 4 mins apart !!!. I started to panic, and rang mum to see where she was….’hurry mum….but drive carefully’ I remember saying. Godforbid she have an accident or something !!!
    Mum finally arrived (she had to turn around and go home at one stage of the journey as she had forgotton the car seat for the girls). DH and I left straight away…..mum had to attend to Emmy whom was still throwing up when we left.
    ‘This will prob turn into nothing’ said DH…I was beginning to think he was right. Even though I had had strong contractions, they were not consistent…I hadn’t had one now for a good 10 mins. We arrived at the hospital, I had to stop a few times on the way to the birthing suite, due to contractions. When we arrived, the Midwife was quite rude I thought; she asked for my ‘yellow card’ and showed us the room where we would have our little girl. She felt very icy and cold. Not really a warm welcome……
    I put on the white gown and they strapped the monitors onto me. I hated lying on the bed, I wanted to get up and move around. DH was sitting beside me, we chatted about anything and everything….
    I remember looking up at the clock on the wall and it was 4am….’how much longer’ I thought. Still not believing I would have this baby today. After a while I got thirsty, so DH went and got me a water. When the nurse came back, she checked to see how I was doing…..i was 7cm….she then broke my waters. I nearly died when I felt this warm gush come out of me.
    ‘What was that?’ I asked, terrified.
    ‘I just broke your waters’ she replied. She said there was a lot of pressure down there and hopefully by breaking my waters things would progress now. Each contraction now was getting stronger, and lasting a little longer. I was cold, then I was hot. I wanted to lay down, then I wanted to walk around. A doctor came in to see me and chatted to me about my previous labours. By this stage I was burying my face into a blue cotton singlet I had brought from home. It was like my security blanket or something. I had to stop her from talking to me whilst I had my contraction……
    Things were getting intense now. I remember the midwife wheeling the baby bed into the room….’what the hell?’ I thought…..i really didn’t think things were going to happen so fast. Then I felt this sudden urge to vomit “I cant do this (labour) and vomit all over again” I remember thinking to myself…………DH got me a vomit bag and I brought up all the water I had drunken previously…..’I wanna go home’ I remember thinking…….
    The midwife said when I want to push, I can……I didn’t even feel like pushing…..DH was beside me then, and there was two other midwives in the room. The contractions were getting harder, faster and painful now…..’this is the worst pain ever’ I remember thinking…I hated it. Then on my next contraction, the midwife asked that I push…..i pushed (I think I pushed)…….’what are you doing, this is your third child?’….she yelled – her face inbetween my legs !!!
    ”cmon babes’ listen to what she’s saying” said DH…..

    Then I had one of the other midwives grab my arm and say to me in a calm voice “you need to keep your chin down and breath out, and push, your baby is getting distressed”…..
    "Far out"….............. I remember thinking.
    So next contraction, I honestly gave it all I had. (so much to remember – chin down, legs up, push into your bum, breath out……!!!). The midwife said I was doing great. After the contraction she asked if I wanted to feel the babys head….”no” I replied. When the next contraction occurred I really gave it another good push and I felt Samantha Lilly Costin just slide on out of me . I remember laying back on the table and just thinking “THANK CHRIST”….the contractions were over. I looked straight at samanthas girly parts to make sure she was a girl. She looked a bit blue, but she was beautiful. Good size, and a little fighter. She didn’t want to be breastfed straight away. Instead I just rested her on my skin and let her feel her mummy.
    The midwife asked DH if he wanted to cut the cord ‘No way’ he replied.
    ‘c’mon its your last baby…….just do it’. So he did. I turned away…..i didn’t want to see it.
    I asked straight away “will I need any stitches?”……the midwife looked at me and just laughed, saying she had not even inspected that area yet.
    I was so grateful it was all over. I really felt the pain with this labour, it was really intense. I later found out I went from 5cm to fully dilated in 20 mins… was a fast labour. Considering we got to the hospital at around 4am……and I had Samantha Lilly at 5:13am…..
    After a while, the midwife took Samantha away to get weighed and I had a shower. There was a lot of blood, and I felt a bit weak and nauseous. I felt amazing after a shower though. I went and layed on the bed. Samantha Lilly had some breastmilk, then we put her in her crib. DH and I talked for a bit, about whom we would call and the days plans, then we both fell asleep….it had been a busy 12 hours, but it all worked out in the end, and here we are now blessed with another little princess…..we cant wait to watch her grow with her two big sisters, DD#1 and DD#2…….

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    Wow, you did a fantastic job birthing your third little girl! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story.

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    I have been patiently waiting to hear all about Sam's arrival Mbear. Well done hunny

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    Wow thats an awesome story, it reminded my of my labour with Mia. So intense. I too couldnt remember it being that painful, but when I said that I went into transition and had bubs.

    WELL DONE!!!

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    Wow, 5 cms in 20 minutes! Well done, it sounds like following your instincts really worked well. Bummer about the cold midwife, but it sounds like things worked out ok. Congrats on DD #3.

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