thread: The birth of William John Mitchell

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    Mar 2005

    The birth of William John Mitchell

    Who ever said your second labor and birth should b quicker,well lets just say IT WASNT, it was 14hrs and Nyah was 4hrs.I had had a show 4 2weeks and had been in pre-labor 4 2weeks also, no waters broke. but on a wednesday at 3.30pm i finally was getting quite strong contractions theyd been going on and off since midday and i rang the hospital again and DH told them what was happening they told me to come in so i went in when DH got hm and i was 2cms only contractions were strond the whole time andi was put on gas straight away and battled it 4 12hrs just on gas but i gave in and got an epi, which didnt work, due to his position so i started pushing at 6cms and 2hrs after that he was born and the first thing he did was poo on me-nice hey. he was extremely floppy and i wasnt aloud to c him for 6hrs after he was born b/c he had to go in an oxygen tent 4 2 days and then under lights for the rest of the week, so i didnt have him in my room either, but at least he came home with me, he was born at 35weeks and 6days and weighted 6lb 7.5ozs it ended up that Nyah and Will were born a day apart. funny how the day extra in there makes a difference she didnt have her sucking reflex and he did, she had to stay in SCN for an extra 2 weeks and he came hm wierd ha. Well ta 4 reading. Nadia xx O

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    Thanks for sharing the story of William's birth, Nadia!

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    Thanks for sharing your story Nadia... that is great that William was able to come home with you straight away this time

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    Jul 2004

    Thanks for sharing your story Nadia.

    Wow 2 babies born at almost 36 weeks, lucky you not having to wait that extra 4 weeks or so!

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    Feb 2004

    Thanks for sharng Nadia. It is amazing what a big difference one day can make isn't it?!

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    Thanks for sharing the birth story of William Nadia. Birth stories are just amazing.


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    Mar 2005

    Thanks for sharing Nadia. Off to compare with Nyah's birth.