thread: The birth of Wolf Patrick (c-section)

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    The birth of Wolf Patrick (c-section)

    Okay, I will give it a go, though I will probably have to do it in bits.. it's a long story!

    Okay, on Thursday, one week before my due date, I had my weekly appointment at the gyn. I expected another one of those "Yeah, all is well, nothing happening anytime soon"-statements, but instead, after he looked at the CTG, he asked me, whether the baby had been moving less. I said that, yes, he had, but I had thought that was normal this close to the due date. He said he was concerned about the CTG and the fact, that the baby was moving less, made him want to admit me to hospital for monitoring. I was stunned and got home, finished packing my labour bag (yeah.. I know.. I had been tempting fate by leaving it for so long) and off to hospital we went. They put me on a CTG there and did an u/s and the (very young) female doctor said, that everything looked fine. They would take me in and do another CTG in the evening and one in the morning and if they also looked fine, I could go home.
    The evening one went for an hour by accident (misunderstanding between me and the nurse) and the last half hour of it actually looked quite crazy. On Friday morning they said they'd do another 2 CTGs, so I had one in the morning and one at lunch time. I sat there in the hospital room and hadn't seen a doctor who could tell me what was going on and I was fed up with the insecurity and waiting, so I went to the nurses room and demanded to see a doctor. A doctor came and I asked him what was going on and whether I could go home or what the deal was. He said that I would be induced either on Saturday or Sunday. That there was something wrong on the CTG but it wasn't an emergency and because their labour ward was currently full, I would have to wait until things calmed down to be induced.
    I was quite surprised and nervous. I went to bed, wondering, whether on Saturday I'd be holding my boy.
    Saturday morning came, another CTG, the nurse said "Oh, it looks fine" when she looked at it. Hmmm.. Lunch time came, another CTG, another nurse going "Oh it looks fine". More "hmmmmm" from me. I asked the nurse when I'd be induced and she said that it didn't look like it would happen today. I was fed up with the waiting around and after some encouragement from my room mate, I went to the labour ward and demanded to see a doctor again.

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    Blimey Snowy, yiou've only just started your story and already I feel anxious about it all for you!! So happy there is a happy ending at the end.

    Looking forward to the next instalment!!!

    Still baby gazing a LOT???? LOL!!

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    Me too, the fcat I know there is a happy ending makes me keener to continue the reading!!!!

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    LMAO can't wait for the next installment snowy !!! Keeping us all on the edge of our seats you tease


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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Looking forward to reading the rest of it Snowy!!!

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    Can't wait to read the rest of the story Snowy. But i am glad i know that there is a happy ending!

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    aaaaaahhh the suspence!!! I can't wait to read the next installment.

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    Waiting in anticipation for the next instalment - hope you have time to write soon


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    Come on Snowy you cant keep us all in suspense!!

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    Yeah c'mon, I wanna know what happened next................................

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    I want More I want More I want More lmao

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    On the edge of my seat Snowy!

    have you thought about script writing, Home and away has similar cliff hangers! LOL! Maybe you could make yourself lots of money.

    Please come back soon!!!
    Cheers Michelle

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    sounds very interesting snowy, cant wait to hear the rest of it!

    take care

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    Aww Snowy, where are you? Pweeeeeeese come baaaaaaaack!

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    This is crazy, wher is Snowy, I cant wait for the next installment any longer!!!

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    I'm so sorry girls.. it';s amazing how little time you have with a baby... okay, this is how much you guys mean to me: it's 4:30 p.m., I still am in my PJs but instead of having a bath, I will try to finish the story now:

    this is where we left off...
    I was fed up with the waiting around and after some encouragement from my room mate, I went to the labour ward and demanded to see a doctor again.
    The midwife at the labour ward went inside their office to fetch a doctor (Dr. Claudia Ehle). I explained to her the situation and she actually seemed to know what was going on. I said that I didn't want to be a pain in the butt, BUT if everything was fine, could I please go home or if not, could I please know when I'd be induced. She said that not everything was fine, that there was a reason why they wanted to induce me and after checking the schedule quickly told me that I'd be induced at 6 p.m. that day.
    It was 3 p.m. and I felt a mixture of being happy and being freaked out.. OMG - in 3 hours it would all finally start!!
    Monkey and I went back to my room, told my room-mate the good news and packed up the things I would need for the labour room. My room mate also suggested to get some food for Monkey, so we dashed out to a supermarket across the street (it was freeeeeeeeeeeezing outside - it had snowed that day) and we spent the last few minutes cuddling on the hospital bed, talking and waiting for the big 6 o'clock.
    We grabbed my things at 5 to 6, took one last belly shot of me in the hall way and made our way to the labour ward.
    There I was given a pre-labour room (with a nice queen size bed for us both to lounge on) and the midwife on duty was OF COURSE the midwife who had been so unfriendly to me at the registration. I thought "just my luck" but she actually turned out to be REALLY nice (she must have had a bad day back then). She explained what would be happening and gave me an internal and said I was about 3cm long and 1cm dilated and she put one of those thingies for the drip in my arm (standard procedure she said), a doctor came by and also explained some stuff and then at 7 I was put on the CTG for 15 mins, was given the first tablet and then another 45 mins of CTG. Nothing seemed to be happening - at least i didn't feel anything. The CTG didn't seem to look any different to me, but then I am not an expert. The midwife came, took off the monitors and said it all looked good, I could have dinner and would have the next tablet at 11 p.m. Since nothing had been happening, I told Monkey to go home and fetch some more clothes for him and me and I spent the next 2 hours watching TV and calling my parents to tell them what was happening. Monkey returned and he changed into track suit pants and went to sleep (great support team... )
    At 11 p.m. the same procedure, 15 mins CTG, tablet, 45 mins CTG. I looked at the print out and my contractions seemed to come more frequently now, but I still couldn't really feel them. I was anxiously looking at Snowmonkey's heart rate but couldn't really tell whether it looked any worse or better than the one at my obgyn's office. The midwife (Anke) went off duty and wished me a good night and said she'd probably see me again the next afternoon. She said I wouldn't get another tablet until the next morning, since nothing seemed to be happening and they wanted me to get a good night's sleep since it would be a long day tomorrow... shock horror...
    I had a reasonably good sleep, when I went for a night-loo trip I noticed some mucous had come away - I felt elated.. stuff was happening - even though I didn't feel anything.
    The next morning the same procedure continued. 15 mins CTG at 8 a.m., a tablet and then another 45 mins CTG. I was given breakfast (which I shared with Monkey) and then waited for my next tablet. I think I was given another internal which showed that I was now 2cm but still only 1cm dilated... * sigh * I still didn't feel any contractions .. but maybe because I was effacing and not dilating.. I waited for the next tablet, which came at 12. This time, the contractions started to get stronger. Well, at least I could see it on the chart and I did feel something ... although it felt a lot different to what I thought it would be like. I kept on having double contractions (again, I could just tell because of the chart) and Snowmonkey's heart rate fell briefly to 100. The midwife on duty said that was okay ... hmmm.. oh well.. she left again... then I had a rolling contraction that went for almost 5 mins and Snowmonkey's heart rate fell below 100 - at one time as low as 70! - for almost the entire length of the contraction. Within seconds a doctor was standing in the room (they had print outs in their office as well of what was happening on my CTG). She said that they were concerned and that she had to mention the "C-word" .. Caesarean. If things didn't improve, they would have to do a Caesarean. I nodded. She asked me how I felt about it and I said that I was happy to do whatever necessary for the health of my baby. She said they wanted to monitor me for a while longer. When she left I felt quite emotional. Monkey hugged me and I cried a little because I was worried for the health of my little Snowmonkey.
    The contractions kept coming, and although they weren't painful, the monitor on my belly was starting to rally dig into my skin with every contraction and it started hurting there where the monitor sat.
    An hour later a midwife came in and said "False Alarm" drew a line on the paper print out and left again. I looked at Monkey - hmmm... was everything going to be okay? I hoped so. But why didn't they take me off the fricken thing then? Another midwife came in and asked me to change position. I was so uncomfortable so was happy to oblige. I also noticed that she had brought a syringe which she put on top of the CTG. She left again. The CTG monitor on my belly was feeling REALLY uncomfortable now. It was getting to 3 hours on the CTG.
    Then a male doctor came in (the one I had talked to on Friday) and he basically said "Okay, this and this are the risks, do you want to discuss with your husband? no, okay, sign this paper, I will now give you this stuff (points at syringe) which will reverse the induction, you might get the shakes and your heart may race, that's normal. in 45 minutes the anethesist will be here and you will have a caesarean. unfortunately you can't return to your previous room"
    I was in a bit of a shock I have to say. After all that waiting - boom - decisions had been made and I couldn't believe that I was going to have a Caesarean and I would have my baby in the next 2 hours! I sent Monkey to my old room to fetch the clothes and things I had left behind and I called my parents to tell them what was going on. Monkey SMSed his parents. When Monkey had left, the midwife Anke came into the room. She was back on duty - she had been right after all, I'd see her again. And this time I was happy to see her, because she had been so lovely the previous day. She put on the thrombosis stockings, helped me to get into one of those sexy gowns (NOT) and shaved my pubic hair (with those disposable razors without any water, soap let alone shaving cream.. ouchie...) - boy, what a hack-job... oh well.. not that important really, I figured.
    "Okay" she said "let's go to the theater"
    "What? My husband isn't here"
    "Where is he?"
    "He went to fetch my things from the hospital room!"
    "Why did he do that?"
    "Because the doctor said it would be 45 mins!"
    "No, the anesthesist is here now, we have to go!"
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm... so off I walked to the operating theater in my pretty floaty gown with the open back. In the theater I was asked to hop on the table. The anesthesist introduced herself and then looked at the forms and said "You haven't signed them yet" I said "There was no time!" (they had shoved me the spinal block form at some stage - I hadn't even read it). "Okay" she said "sign here!" In the meantime, someone else had put the blood pressure thingie around my arm which was inflating and deflating automatically and I had a heart rate monitor on my index finger. I said "I can't bend my arm" (because the thing was just inflated) - she said "Just sign!" .. I think I scribbled down an X or some other squiggly thing.. I wonder if that would hold up in court... Someone was also holding my left arm and putting drips into the thing in my wrist.
    "Okay, it will now be cold" the anesthesist said and squirted something on my back, "now I will numb the area" I was given a shot in the back. I looked around "Where's my husband?" The midwife Anke could see I was distressed. She sat down in front of me and held my hands. I just kept on thinking "I can't believe I'm having a spinal block and my husband isn't here" (I had always been a bit afraid of those ... you know, becoming quadreplegic etc.) - but there was no time to stress - the thing went in and I was sitting there, shaking (probably the anti-induction stuff but maybe also nervousness) and freezing. "Now lay down" they said and put me on my back, my arms went on those arm rests (kinda like you're being executed by injection really...) and my night gown went up like a shield. I could feel my feet tingle, the stuff was starting to work "Where's my husband?" I said for the .. 10th time? They put the iodine lotion on my belly, I could feel the brush strokes but not that it was cold. It was bizarre. The doctors (the male one from earlier and Dr. Claudia Ehle) walked in.
    "We will now put in a catheder, you shouldn't feel that"
    "Where's my husband?" Tears were gathering in my eyes.
    "If he doesn't make it, I will hold your hand" midwife Anke offered. I thought "nice offer, but IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME!" but didn't say anything.
    They put another green shield above where my gown went, so there was NO WAY of seeing anything.
    (In the meantime, Monkey is running around the labour ward, looking for me, apparently shouting "SNOWY!" and "Where the f**k is my wife" alternating). Some guy mopping the floors told him I was in the theater. He helped Monkey jump into the green clothes and yellow shoes and Monkey dashed for the theater. About 10 seconds before they cut me, Damien was in the theater with me. I was soooooooooo relieved. Monkey sat down next to my head and held my hand, as much as that was possible with all the drips going into my wrist.
    I could feel the tugging and pushing but no pain. It was uncomfortable and I could feel my lower half being jerked around and moving, I could feel the doctor pushing against my foot.. I was listening intently, waiting to hear our Snowmonkey wail "The head is born" they said! I tried a smile - it felt so weird. "The shoulders are born" a while later and then what seemed like an eternity later "he is here!"
    16:09 'hrs (don't know if that was when his head was born or he was completely out of my belly - should have asked).
    I didn't hear him wail at all... they showed me a little bundle over the scree "Here's your son" I saw something read wrapped in lots of towels. I just thought "Aha" They whisked him off to the pediatrician while they started 'cleaning me out'. The sound was awful. Monkey held my head, so I wouldn't turn it to the right, where all the gunk was flowing out (apparently not a pretty sight). Then what seemed like an eternity, they brought our little boy and Monkey got to hold him. I couldn't really see anything, I kept on asking Monkey to hold him closer. There he was, a little red face, squinting and frowning away. I called out to him "Snowmonkey" and right then he opened his eyes for the first time, like he had heard it before - only to close them again quite quickly ... way too bright. I cried. Yes, that was my son, my Snowmonkey, my Wolf. I tried to move my left hand with the drip to stroke his cheek. We looked at our little boy in awe until Monkey was whisked off with him for some skin to skin time while I was being stitched up. After what seemed like forever, they were finally done. They asked me to roll onto a board to shift me onto a hospital bed (oh, all rather awkwardly with my still quite numb body). Dr. Claudia Ehle said "Lucky we did the Caesarean right then, the placenta had partially detached!" !!!!!!!!!!!
    I was wheeled into the labour room, where Monkey was waiting with Wolf. It was around 6 p.m. and I finally, finally got to hold my boy. I unwrapped him a little bit to look at his fingers. All 10 there.. The midwife Anke came in and asked me if I wanted some food - I was starving before (I had only had breakfast), so she heated up some lunch for me and I decided to try to feed my baby for the first time. Monkey helped me sit up a little in bed and I got out of my gown and wham - he latched on like he'd been doing it for ever. I smiled - it felt really good (always thought it would be weird). I was perfectly happy - right then, right there. Anke brought me my food but I almost forgot to eat. Monkey fed me a few bites of potatoe gratin - I couldn't stop looking at our little marvel.

    So that's it, Wolf's birth story!
    He weighed 3320g, was 49 cm and head 36cm.

    Sorry for the long wait girls (I hope it was worth it, he he)


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    oohhh Snowy, what a great story - you tell good stories! I am so glad that Monkey got there in time for you! I have tears in my eyes imagining what it must have been like for you.... being induced, worrying about Wolf and then having to go through the c-section. Thank goodness he arrived ok and is healthy.

    Thank you for sharing it with us - it was worth the wait!

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    Way to build the suspense, Snowy!

    Glad bubs got there in the end =D>