thread: The Birth of Xander Lochlan - All The Mishaps!

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    Nov 2004

    The Birth of Xander Lochlan - All The Mishaps!

    After watching my due date pass me by on June 21, 2003, i wasnt too worried. Had only found out i was pregnant 3 months earlier, and wasnt impatient like all the other girls!! But after another week of sleepless nights, i was ready for "it" to come out!! daily visits to my doctor resulted in many broken promises of being induced - I was starting to really stress as none of the obs were going to have insurance, and would refuse to deliver babies as of july 1. Something to with the government - did realy pay attention, thought they would sort it out in time. June 30 came, along with another visit to my doctor. Now i was 9 days over, and really worried. What if i couldnt deliver at my local hospital? Was told that i could be induced in an hour, otherwise i could have the baby at a hospital 30 mins away, in Mandurah. All good! But 45 minutes later, after arriving at the hospital, was informed that 3 ladies with twins were in labour at that point, and there's no way i would be induced today. I couldnt help it, i broke down - and my blood pressure went way up. I was told to go home and go to bed. Rested, then had a show. Got pumped up - was this it? Some back pain, but nothing that was progressing very fast! Went to bed that night, and started waking up with some massive pains. Went for a walk around the house for a while, and rang the hospital. It was about 11pm, and they told us not to bother coming in, no-one would be delivering my baby there until the dispute was resolved. Woke my mum up (no partner at that point, he didnt stick around) and told her the situation. We decided that it would be better to go to the nearest hospital and get checked, especially with the way my blood pressure had been acting! Went to hospital 30 mins away, was admitted, informed my blood pressure was still way up, but only 1cm dilated. And i had thought the pain was inbearable then! was given a room of my own, a shot of pethadine and told to get some sleep, as it was 4am, and my doctor would be in at about 7am, so mum went home and i went to sleep. 3 hours later - was woken up by my doctor and told that at 8.30am i would be induced. Asked nurses to call mum. After my waters were broken, and drip was inserted, went back to room and had shower, trying to cope with contractions that seemed to be rushing up on me! Asked if my mum had been called, was told no. Got pretty agitated and told them i needed my mum!! went back to shower. After mum arrived 20 mins later (think she broke a few speed limits!) she found me writhing in agony in the shower, so my midwife came and they took me to the delivery room. i progressed quite quickly, and within about an hour i was pushing. But i was told that i wasnt ready. So i asked for an epidural. Had had nothing up until then for the pain. Was THEN told i was too far along! Cant win! So i started pushing, and after 90 mins, xander had crowned, but i was to small for him to get out. So after much discussion between mum and my doctor, they agreed on an episiotomy, but make the cut during a contraction(not enough time to wait for pethadine to kick in, baby was starting to get distressed). I screamed the whole ward down!! after about another 15 mins or so my baby was born! I asked what sex it was, was told it was a boy, then "No wait, thats his umbilical cord!" Then "No, its definately a boy!" My babe was laid on my stomach, and i counted his perfect fingers and toes, and looked into his black eyes. I thought "He looks like a Xander. Xander Lochlan." Then he was taken and cleaned, while i was stitched up and went for a (Very painful!) shower. Spent 4 days in hospital, going crazy. Bub didnt want to sleep! Ever! he got better with time. About a week later, tore my stitches, but doctor never fixed it up, and left me very self conscious. Very worried about having another!! But so very much in love with my baby boy, he is my whole family, my whole life

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Simone you poor thing! All those things happening to the one person!

    I hope you've fully recovered now.


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    Urgh Simone, what alot of run around you had to go through in order to be able to deliver your baby. Glad to here the xander arrives safely in the end though.


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    Jul 2004
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    Oh Simone! What an ordeal!! Your poor thing... all you wanted to do was have your baby, instead of dealing with all of that other crap as well!!

    Wonderful to hear that Xander arrived safely and healthy in the end though.

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    Scarlett Guest

    Congratulations Simone, I am glad that Xander is safely here and healthy, but what an ordeal. I cant believe that you had to go through so much - glad it turned out ok in the end. Big hugs for you.

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    Nov 2003

    Great to hear that Xander arrived safe and sound after you had to go through all of that! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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    Feb 2004

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Simone.

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    Nov 2003

    thanks for sharing simone! what a brith, i would of been gettin rather frustrated

    take care

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    Jan 2005
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    Birth stories

    Simone, I hope you are recovering well. Please know that it doesn't have to be that way again. I cannot believe you were stuck in the middle of some bloody legal problem whilst trying to give birth. Almost everything that happened to you was inexcusable. I suspect your age probably had something to do with it, which makes it 10 times worse.

    Next time, you have a bit of experience. You will probably have more time to prepare. No doubt being part of this forum will give you some insight too. NEXT time you WONT be pushed around O.K!??

    A friend of mine had a horrendous birth too. She was petrified when it was time to have baby no 2. She had spoken to the midwives and gotten to know them a little. She ended up having a great birth, no drugs, no stitches. Everyone was very conscious of her fear and helped her thro it beautifully. THATs the way it should be, and can be for you too.!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Well done for sharing your birth story Simone. What a rotten time you had with the hospital system, sounds like your Mum was the only one looking out for you. Hope you & DS are doing well.

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    Mar 2005
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    wow simone
    what a labour


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    Mar 2005
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    i was 18 at the time i found out i was pregnant after countless trips to the doctor to get tests done to see why i hadnt got my periods for 3 months. i went to 5 doctors in the end and the last one told me that i was nearly 5 month pregs i didnt know what to do so i went home and told my mum she helped me through the whole lot. on the first ob check up they told my i was due on the 3rd of june which was a shock really cause i only found out 4 day before that. MY last check up was on the 4th of june they said if they saw me after the 3rd of june they were going to induced which was a little scary at the time . the 3rd came and went and nothing was happening so on the 4th i go into adelaides women and childrens hospital and waited there for 3 hour before the doctor could see me and then tell my i can be induce till the 6th of june so i was alittle stressed. the 6th of june came around and today was the day i was going in not know what was going to happen. i went to the hospital at 6pm and was given the gel and had the heart moniter on and was given an iron shot as my iron was really low. not much happened that night until 6am on the 7th june i had a midwife come in and he said i was 5cm dilated and my waters were going to be broken in an one hours time i asked him to ring my mum she was in there by 6:45am. I had a trainee breaking my waters she didnt know what she was doing so my mum went and called a midwife to get someone that knew what they were doing by the time someone else came i had become stressed and my blood pressure was really high. i managed to get it down my self by relaxing when my waters were broken i was told to walk around to get things going i would have been walking for 2 hours and when i got back they asked if i had any signs of things happening and i said no they checked to see how far i was dilated and was shocked that i was fully dilated and had no signs of anything akira was born 30min after that. i stayed in hospital for 3days so they could get my iron to a safe level again. my whole labour was only 2.5 hours long which i was suprised because i had heard of labours lasting 6 or more hours. akira was a really good baby i had no trouble with her. only if everyone was that lucky

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    Mar 2005

    Wow Simone. It all sonds pretty horrendous but I'm sure you get lots of joy from your little man, Xander (great name BTW).