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Thread: Bryce's birth.

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    Default Bryce's birth.

    Hi all. I thought it was about time to tell Bry's story. It's not very exciting and tho I got my healthy baby boy, I am not too happy with how it went.
    On Feb 3 (39wks)I had period pains all day, they continued on monday. Not strong, nothing wavy or anything, just period type cramping and uncomfortable back. Tuesday came and I felt different. I took the girls to pre-school and got home just in time for the waves to start. I just knew it was pre labour. I wasn't worried, but let john know. We had hassles as we'd just bought a new car and John had to pick it up that afternoon, so I had to go back and get the girls from ps that afternoon. By then I was a little uncomfortable. I wanted to pace thru them. They were still not bad tho. I picked up the girls and got home and they ramped up a little more. I was so grumpy at the girls wanting me to play and chattering constantly. By the time John got home 2hrs later I was at the end of my tether, so he took over a bit for me. I have abath and go to bed and they stop enough I can sleep. Next day (Tues) they start back up and I try to ignore them all day, Fast forward a couple of hrs and we get the kids into bed. John has noticed they are pretty regular and I want to walk even more now, so we go for a walk around the park in front of our house (never out of sight of the house. It is litterally across the road from us). John starts timing the contractions and he makes no comment for 5 or six of them. Then he says they are 5 mins apart and lasting 60-90secs. He's worried I might be in proper labour. I tell him I'm not. It doesn't hurt enough. I still remember the pain I had with kat so I knew it wasn't. I told him it will still be days away.... He argues I was induced with Kat so how do I know what natural labour feels like etc etc. He convinces me to go get checked. We wait the 90mins for my mum to drive over (she got lost again!) and we head in. Contractions stop once I lay down. They monitor me then take me off and I wander. They start up again when walking/upright. They do an internal and I am not dilated at all. I am slightly effaced and very soft, but nothing much happening according to them. Then they realise the HB is up high and suspect he's breech. U/s prooves he is indeed breech. I felt so terribly disappointed. They send me home to think it thru (2am, Who can think at that time and how much sleep do they expect me to get with my dreams going down the loo??). They want another c/s and refuse to let me try vbac with breech. They won't turn after 37wks as they said it's unlikely to help and more likely to knot the cord or loop it around his neck etc. They tell me I am at high risk and if I start getting pains to come back because the cord could prolapse etc. They also tell me they think there must be something with my pelvis that keeps causing my bubs to turn breech/transverse after 37wks and that they believe I am in pre-labour, but that it won't do me much good cause his head isn't putting the pressure on cx to open it... So I go to bed feeling horrible and that my body is failing me again.
    Next morning (wed) I am up and I call my sis about it. The wave like period pains are back and I feel so terrible about it all. John went in to work and i was alone with the girls, trying to work out what to do. After talking it thru, I feel the only sensible option is get checked again and if he's still breech, go for a c/s. So John comes home and we head up to hosp. After hrs waiting, I am checked, yep still breech and I am booked for Thurs morning. I spend the night in hosp as they wouldn't let me go home...
    Thurs morning they collect me right on eight am. I am to be first cab off the rank. I am prepped and I meet the lovely theater staff. One of the girls reminds me of Angela from the TV series BONES. She is so friendly and lovely and same beautiful face and smile. I feel so comfortable with her and the staff. As soon as they see my BP drop they give me more meds so I don't throw up etc. They were just great. They even took pics of Bryce for me when DH couldn't. They brought Bry up straight away for me to kiss and talk to, and in the pics u can see the blood and vernix on my cheek from it. They were just great, but I was not allowed to have him in recovery with me. Which ended up being a good idea as I was very dizzy and couldn't breathe right.
    The Dr's took longer to close me etc as I apparently had adhesions. I didn't even hear that comment, but it seemed the early bleeding I had in Bry's pregnancy had caused the placenta to adhere slightly. So with a lot of pushing and shoving inside me, they managed to close me.
    When I finally get out of recovery, Tracey my doula is waiting, she walks with me back to my room and John and Bry come in from the waiting room. I cuddle and kiss him, he's sooooo perfect and he's got Kat's eyes and jess' cheeks. He latches on no prob and goes great guns! He fed no problem and all goes well. He is back in hosp on valentines day due to Jaundice but is out the following day. He was slow gaining weight, but I kept BF'ing till 8wks. Dh and I slipped up and I had to take the morning after pill, and I could not BF for 4 days. Also he had weeks where he gained no weight and I was suggested to top him up. It all went downhill from there and he is now fully FF with expressed milk added in to most bottles.... But he is growing well and is happy. He has beautiful auburn hair. He's my beautiful ranga boy.... I am so glad we had him!

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    I must be hormonal! I had a wee cry when you had to have the c/s afterall. I can't believe the grace with which you accepted it! What a brave mumma! And then that you had the time/energy for your "slip up" and needing the MAP with 2 littlies and a newborn! What a WOMAN!

    Many congrats on your little man


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    Congats on your little man, and thanks for sharing your story.

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