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    Well I had been getting a bit frustrated at waiting for bubs to arrive! I went and saw a homoeopath who gave me some natural remedies to help me relax?. That was Thursday afternoon.

    Friday afternoon I started diarrhoea which was the worst midnight to 2am ? then from 2am contractions began, slightly inconsistent, but often enough for me to know what was happening. I tried to sleep, but after a couple of hours I just got up. DH called our midwife at about 530 to let her know what was happening, we said we were fine for the time being, so she would call back in a few hours.

    I called my mum to tell her it was starting, as she was driving up from NSW (8hr drive), so she was like ?ok Im on my way, bye?, it was hilarious!

    About 8am we called our friend who was helping with the birth, she came over about an hour later to see how we were going. She had her 9month old with her, seeing as I was only just starting, but when she saw me have a couple of contractions she decided to take him to the baby sitters. She got back with croissants (I managed to eat 1) and we were all sitting around the table eating when the Doula arrived about 930am.

    Midwife arrived about 10:30. DH tried to have a bit of a rest in preparation of a long day, I did a few walks around the back yard to help contractions ? not sure what the neighbours may have thought!

    Apparently established labour started at about 12:30, I dint get told details, I just concentrated on what made me feel comfortable while my birth team did the rest. I had people massaging my back during contractions and my feet in between. Everyone was very light hearted and cracking jokes, though a lot of it went in one ear and out the other for me!

    I got in the birth pool when it was set up, no idea what time that was, but I think I was in there for a few hours. My mum arrived about 4pm, and I think she was pretty worried listening to her only daughter screaming like a banshee!! Haha I got our of the pool not long after that so they could heat it up, but I didn?t end up getting back in as bubs heart rate had dropped, so MW said it would be better to be upright to help bubs get out quicker. Which I was okay with as all I wanted was to finally meet my little man!

    So I laboured sitting on DH?s lap, until bubs was close to arriving, then I sat on my friend Andrea?s lap (the poor thing was brilliant ? reckons I wasn?t heavy!) and DH knelt in front so that he could catch bubs. I had a mirror to see the head and it was weird, because my waters were still there in front of him, all white. So a couple more contractions and bubs head came out (waters broke at that time) and it felt like the rest of him just slid out afterwards. His cord was around his neck, so the midwife told DH to gently move it away, but she ended up helping him, because I think he was pretty frightened by it. Then Byron was passed into my arms. We lay on a mattress for a little while before I birthed the placenta, then we managed to go to my bed and DH cut the cord (it had stopped pulsating).

    Byron arrived Saturday 21st June at 6:14pm weighing 4240grams (9lb5oz) and measuring 54.5cm. He has dark hair and is gorgeous.

    I have an intact peri and feel great. I am so happy with our decision to homebirth, it was a wonderful experience. No one told me about how dilated I was or how I was progressing, everything was just about how well I was doing, which is all I needed to hear. I really believe that your support people impact on your birthing experience.

    Also, I thought I would swear a lot ? but I found that guttural, primal grunts and screams really helped me release during a contraction, words didn?t seem appropriate? there are a few pictures of me looking like I?m doing some kind of ancient war cry! Haha

    My DH was unbelievable. I don't know how I would have done it without him!

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    awsome story! congrats on ur little boy!

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    how beautiful, congrats on lil byron!

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    What a great story!!!!

    Enjoy your babymoon!!!!

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    Oh wow! What an amazing birth, Eustacia. It sounds like the ideal to me
    Congratulations and welcome to little Byron

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    What a great story, congratulations

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