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    Default Cody Lincolns Arrival

    The Story of Cody Lincolns Arrival.

    Weight - 7lb 4oz (3310g)
    Lenght - 53cm
    Head Circ - 34cm

    Well this story started at about my 37 week appointment when my BP started to rise slowly. I had my appointment at the GP at 38 weeks and my Bp was 140/98, so the Dr told me to go to hospital the next day for monitoring. So after taking DS1 to school the next morning and getting a friend to look after DS3. DH, DS2 and myself went to the hospital, they monitored my BP and had me hooked up to the CTG, my BP was still up but the baby's heart rate was still good, so they took some blood to check my liver and kidney enzymes because they believed that I had the beginnings of pre-eclampsia.

    They sent me home and told me the signs to watch out for and to come back straight away if I got any, that was Thursday the 25th of May and on Friday the 26th of May I was back with some black spots in front of my eyes and a headache behind my eyes. They observed me for 3hrs and given something for my headache and more blood taken, then sent home again with an appointment to see the OB on Monday the 29th of May.

    So we came back on the Monday and my BP was still up so I had to give them a urine sample, I also got a strech and sweep, I had to come back on the Thursday the 1st of June for some more monitoring and told to come back if anything changed. On Tuesday the 30th of May I had a really bad headache but I had to take DS1 to the GP as he was sick, so I got the Dr to check my BP, it was up to 140/100 but since I was to go back to the hospital on the Thursday I was told to rest and take it easy(easier said then done with three kids).

    On Wednesday the 31st I woke with another headache and my vision was blurred a bit so we took DS1 to school and came home, I decided that I would go to the hospital, so I packed the last few items into my bag and we went to the hospital. We got there about 10am and was put on the CTG by a midwife that sounded like she didn't believe what I was saying. I was on the CTG for about 1.5hrs but the midwife hadn't found the babys heart beat properly so DH was constantly moving the belt to find it, so the read out looked like chicken scratch . Lunch came and I was taken off the CTG and given lunch, so DH took the boys for a walk and some lunch. They got back to my room at about 1pm, when a registrar came in and took my BP again and a urine sample and ordered more blood to be taken and they would make a decision when that came back. So all that happened and at about 2:3opm I was kicked out of the bed and told(by the same midwife) to sit in the waiting room, as she had more ladies to observe and she believed that I would be sent home. By this time I had a really bad headache. DH had to leave to pick up DS1 from school and he would be back later.

    DH got back at 3:30pm and I still hadn't seen the OB, about 10mins later the OB came and said that it had definately turned into pre eclampsia, so I was to be admitted. It took another hour to get a bed.

    The next day the Dr was going to come and see me, but my OB was sick so I had to wait for the one on duty. She didn't see me until about 5:30pm, she told me that I needed to be induced with in the next day or so, as my symptoms (sp?) weren't getting any better and that she would go and talk to the head OB and check out the induction book to see when it would happen. So after she left I told DH to take the boys home and I would call him when I found out more. She came back at 7pm and told me that at 8pm I would go to the birth suites and get the gel inserted. So I rang DH and told him the news and that he had to be back at the hospital by 6am the next morning, Friday the 2nd of June our babys birthday.

    So at just after 8pm I got taken to the birth suites, the midwife put the CTG on, but when she was looking to find the position of the baby, but the head was disengaged and was lying transverse, so the OB had to come in with a portable u/s to find that bubs, luckily it was heads down. I was on the CTG for 45mins then the gel was inserted, then back on the CTG for another 45mins. I was back in my bed by about 10:30-10:45pm. I had some mild contractions until 1am when I got a bad headache and was given a pain killer and sleeping tablet. I woke up at about 5:15am, I went to the loo, then went to make a cup of tea to try and calm my nerves. DH arrived at 5:45am and I had a little cry and told him I was nervous for some reason, but I didn't know why.

    At 6am the nurse came and took us over to the birth suites and get us settled into the room we would have our baby in. The midwife put me on the CTG for 30mins then came back with the OB to do an internal. This was about 6:50am, he said I was about 3cm dilated so he said he could break my waters then put the syntocin drip in. I told him that after my waters break I usually have the baby within 2hrs, so I told him I didn't want the drip, so he tried 3 times to break my waters, the third time he said that they were trickling and not to be surprised if the baby had a scratch on it's head WTF!

    So after the OB and midwife left I hopped into a warm shower, about 30mins later a new midwife came in and I told her that I didn't feel like my waters had broke as I couldn't feel them running down my leg, she told me that they could just be trickling. So I stayed in the shower and was having contractions 3mins apart. At about 9am I felt a down ward pressure, just as another midwife had walked in, I asked if she could check to see how dilated I was, when she checked I was 7cm, she asked if my waters had broken and I told her the saga with the OB and she told me that they weren't broken so she broke them with my next contraction.

    I hopped back into the shower for another 30mins or so, then decided that I needed the gas. Not long after I had the gas I felt like I needed to push with the contractions. DH got the midwife, she checked me and I was 10cm dilated and got told I could push when I was ready. For the first 2 or 3 contractions I pushed but didn't really feel the strong urge. But with the next contraction I pushed with all my might and the head was out, both the midwife and DH told me to stop pushing (I didn't know until later that 2 largeish clots came out with his head). I stopped pushing but with the next contraction the body slipped out, I told them that I hadn't pushed :eek: but they told me that it was alright.

    They placed my baby on my chest and DH cut the cord and answered my question as to the sex of the baby, by saying "wow look at the size of those balls" .

    So at 11am on Friday the 2nd of June our 4th boy Cody Lincoln was born.

    I had some more blood clots come out after Cody was born and then even more after the placenta was delivered and when I was having a shower. So I had to have the syntocin drip to stop the bleeding as it was quite heavy.

    But alls good now and just trying to settle into life with 4 boys under 6 now.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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    Wow, what an epic! You did so well, hon...congratulations on the safe arrival of your fourth precious little boy

    What a great day to make his arrival into the world...he shares the same birthday as me! LOL

    ROFL @ your DH's comments about the size of his balls! What a classic!

    Enjoy your beautiful little boy and thanks for sharing his birth story! (BTW, his name is so are all of your boys names!)


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    Congrats Amanda on the birth of your little baby boy! Was very glad to read your story and see that although you had a very rough beginning to the birth, the delivery went quite smoothly.

    All the best with your newest little man and *LOL* @ your DH about the size of the 'balls'. hehe

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    thanks for sharing your story Amanda.
    Cody was a nice size too. all the headaches and black spots must have been pretty awefull though along with looking after the boys

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    in a house!


    Congrats, what a wonderful story

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    Sal Guest


    Wow that's amazing that those earlier midwives didn't take your symptoms seriously.

    Gee you're going to be busy now :eek:

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    Thankyou for sharing your birth story! You had a bit of a trying time and I'm so glad it all worked out fine in the end.
    LOL about the size of his balls! It's amazing how they get so swollen :eek:

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    Amanda - thanks so much for sharing your story, what an anxious start to labour. Glad all is going well now.

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