thread: DD's awesome birth!!

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    DD's awesome birth!!

    Birth story

    The arrival of missy moo! 18/2/09

    EDD 15th February 2009

    I had been seeing Justin for accupunture, first time at 30 weeks then weekly from 35 weeks, at my 40 week appointment he told me my body was more than ready but bubs wasn?t!! not what I wanted to hear. He ramped up the accupunture by attaching electronic currents to the needles, a very weird sensation!!

    The next day Wednesday the 18th around 3.30am I woke feeling wet with period pain and very mild contractions around 8 mins apart. I tried my hardest to go back to sleep as I knew today was he day. Around 4.45am I got up to the loo when I noticed that my waters were leaking. Woke DH to tell him and as I couldn?t sleep I got up and came onto BB.
    I rang Kelly my doula around 7am to let her know what was going on. Around 9.30 I started to time my contractions and they were 5 mins apart. DH and I took it easy as my mum had DD for the day. We went for a walk around 11 contractions around 3-4 mins apart and getting stronger.
    We decided around 1.30 that we should think about going to the hospital as the contractions were getting closer and stronger, I could still talk through them (thanks Janie) but DH was getting a little anxious!!
    We arrived around 2.30 and lucky for me my favourite midwife as on and taking care of us, she mentioned that it was going to be a busy one and I was more than likely to be uncomplicated! Ha little did she know! The labour room was huge and contained a double bed in it which was awesome!
    Kelly arrived around 3.30 (I think) closed the curtains and tried to get me to nap between contractions as I was tired and needed to conserve energy.

    Everytime Helen checked my contractions they seems to space out and I was getting concerned that things would stop altogether, so we were sent to climb the stairs!! Only making it up or down one flight before another contractions hit which had become quiet strong and closer again with contractions around 1-2 mins apart. I now know why they say to climb stairs to get things moving.
    At 6pm Helen checked me and I was 6-7 cm dilated, I was hoping I was further along but Kelly reassured me that that was great and I was doing well!!

    Off we went to pace the hallway, I can?t believe the amount of times I burst into tears, still not sure why, maybe reality was setting in that I was having a baby plus the fact that it hurt.

    Around 7pm Kelly recommended I try the shower as the contractions were coming thick and fast at this stage!!
    The shower was bliss I sat down on the chair with Kelly and and DH hosing my back, the relief from the water was amazing even better on my tummy!! Poor hubby was worried about wasting all that water.
    I breathed through the contractions as best I could using Calmbirth breathing that my oseto told me, cant believe how much it made me focus.
    I remember Kelly telling me as the contractions were getting almost unbearable that they would get further apart soon and that I would be able to start pushing. I don?t think I believed her at the time. I remember feeling so drowsy, I honestly could have slept between the contractions, hard to believe but obviously the hormones were doing there job!
    I was sitting down on the chair in the shower and before I knew it I had the over whelming urge to push. I never thought the urge would be so strong it really was amazing. I stood up to see the rest of my show drop on the ground.

    So out of the shower and on to the bed I started to push, after around 15 mins Helen asked me to turn over, I found put later it was because she could see that as Millie?s head descended I was tearing internally, turning over while feeling like I had a bowling ball between my legs wasn?t an easy thing to do!! I was so scared of giving birth on my back as that?s how id given birth last time and ended up with an episiotomy, it was one thing I really wanted to avoid.
    Another 15 mins of pushing, Millie?s head was almost out, I got to see in the mirror and feel her head. Before I knew it I was told to pull her up onto my tummy myself, it was an amazing feeling birthing my DD and lifting her up myself!! Something I have since been told doesn?t happen very often, I still can?t believe I pulled her up myself!
    We requested that no one tell us the sex of our baby and to our delight we found we had had another beautiful daughter!!
    DD did require a little oxygen as she was a little stunned but came good very quickly.
    The cord was allowed to finish pulsating. We had a physiological 3rd stage even if the placenta was birthed 7 mins later!
    DH got to cut the cord which was quiet thin, around the thickness of my little finger!
    We also got to check out the placenta and membranes.
    We had requested no syntocin but as I was bleeding, had to have it!
    DH got to have skin on skin with DD, which he loved, so they could change the bed and determine my blood loss,
    Millie and I enjoyed her first breastfeed. Latching on perfectly!

    I found out I had a severe 2nd degree tear internally due to DD's head rolling some tissue as her head descended and a small tear along my old episiotomy scar as well as some pretty bad swelling. There not sure why I swelled so bad as I only pushed for 30 mins. I had a lovely compassionate OB stitch me up, I had to use the gas as I had bad memories from been stitched up last time, cant believe I gave birth drug free but needed gas for stitches! DH got more skin on skin cuddles with DD, which was fantastic for me to see and wonderful for him to experience.
    Unfortunately I didn?t stop bleeding so was hooked up to a saline drip and a little while later a syntocin drip to try and get my uterus to contract down and stop the bleeding.
    The midwives got increasing concerned over the following few hours as the swelling continued to increase and a heamatoma formed, was informed if it didn?t stop in 30 mins I would be off to theater to have it drained, not what I wanted to hear. Thankfully the swelling eased off and after having contractions all night due to the syntocin I stopped bleeding.
    spent the night on the labour ward as they were busy on the ward and I was high maintanence, which was fine except I had to listen to the girl in the next room deliver her baby, turns out we end up in the same room the next day!!
    I had a blood test in the morning which determined I needed a transfusion which I happily accepted. The blood loss truly wiped me out, so drained and pale, I?m normally pale but my lips and nail beds where white, I didn?t get out of bed except to wee for the first 24 hours.

    DH was fantastic throughout the labour, encouraging me to keep going, wiping my tears and rubbing my back, giving me the kisses and cuddles I needed

    I found having a doula fantastic!! Someone else to suggest things to me and be the little voice that told me what was happening and why!
    Someone to offer to hold my hand, or for me to squeeze, someone to remind me to rest, breath and focus.

    Despite some complications after, I had an awesome birth!! I managed it drug free this time and never once did I feel the need to even ask for anything nor was it offered, my birth plan was followed and respected. I only had the one internal and just the doppler used.

    I look back now and it really was an amazing experience.

    First stage - 9 hours
    Second stage ? 35 mins
    Third stage ? 7 mins

    - 7.51pm
    -8lb 1.5oz ? 3.66kg

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    That's a really great story Jols! I'm glad you had such a great birth, with good support! And what a cute outcome.

    Lol at the gas for stitches, I've had that both times too after a drug free birth. We don't have natural hormones for stitches!

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    hah nelle if only we did!!!
    oh and man that stuff is gooooooooood!

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    That is so beautiful hun. What a lovely birth! The PPH must have been pretty awful but it's great that it was overall an amazing experience for you.

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    Wow, what a fantastic birth! Well done!!!!

    I hope you are starting to get some energy back.

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    great story Jols!

    You are one tough chicken!

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    Great job Jols, so glad you got the birth you wanted.
    Had to laugh at your Dh, in the middle of full on labour him worrying about water wastage!

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    What a great story Jols!

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    thankyou for sharing Jols. that is a great story and i thought that your DH was cute as well not wanting to waste water!!! Probably the last thing on your mind

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    Thanks for sharing your story, Jols. I'll take your advice on a doula next time around!

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    Awesome story AJP, thanks for sharing!!!!

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    Thats a fantastic job you did mate so proud of you!!!!!

    I think the rest of Melbourne can forgive you for using the water

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    Well done thanks for sharing a great birth story!

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    Awesome birth story Jols

    I was thinking the same thing about the water when I was in labour- priorities

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    I've been waiting to read this!! Awesome work Jolsy!

    What hossy were you at? Was Helen blonde and a bit norwegian looking?!! Wonder if it was the middy who fished Ceri out of the spa...

    Congratulations lovely. Gorgeous name too

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    thanks for reading chickies!!!

    cat she wasnt from the birth centre, one of my Dr's midwives!
    i was in the normal labour ward at the angliss!

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    oh well done!!!

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    What a great story Jols.. thanks for sharing.. you did such a fantastic job!