thread: DS3's induced, speedy arrival (hypnobirthed) - 27/08/12

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    DS3's induced, speedy arrival (hypnobirthed) - 27/08/12

    DS3's due date of 14 August came and went ... in fact almost two weeks came and went before we would meet our youngest son.

    The hospital I was to deliver DS3 decided 26 August would "induction day". I wasn't afraid of being induced, but it was a big unknown to me as DS1 and DS2 were spontaneous births prior to EDD. And as a natural birth/hypnobirthing mum since DS1, I couldn't shake the thought of an induction possibly leading to more and more interventions ... something I seriously did not want.

    As the EDD, and then induction day, approached I threw everything at bub to bring on a spontaneous labour. Right throughout my pregnancy I'd had acupuncture, which I was having weekly from week 35, plus I was taking Raspberry Leaf capsules, had DH moxa me and do nightly acupressure massage, we DTD, I tried "spinning" bub as my acupuncturist thought he might not be in an optimal position, nipple stimulation, curry ... I pretty much tried everything I could to bring on a spontaneous labour and beat an induction. Absolutely nothing seemed to make much of a difference. I had three episodes of pre-labour which I was "sure" would lead to my baby arriving ... but each time the mild contractions eased to nothing. I was incredibly disapointed with my body not "behaving" as I was used to, and had several big sob sessions in the lead up to induction day.

    Fortunately BB ladies provided me with some great advice about minimising intervention during induction and by Sunday 26th - induction day - I decided to stop being a sad sack and to mentally gear myself up for an empowered induction. So 6pm found us walking through the doors of a birth suite. From the get-go the midwives looking after me were fabulous. An examination found my cervix was still a little high, so I agreed to go with the gel. I'd made it clear I didn't want further induction if my body would kick-start labour. I needn't have worried - the gel went in at 7.30pm and immediately started things happening, as I started having period-type cramping and soon thereafter contractions (surges in hypnobirthing terms). After half an hour of monitoring bub I was unhooked from the CTG and allowed to do my thing - being hypnobirthing. I walked, relaxed my body, rocked my body and breathed deeply as my contractions intensified during the next 2 hours. DH was there to massage my lower back, be encouraging etc. I felt like I was going great guns!

    Just after 9.30pm they asked if I'd like an internal to see how I was progressing. My body and head told me it felt like I was 6-7 dilated, based on my previous birthing experiences. To say I was shattered when I was told I was still only 1cm dilated was an understatement. I was told the synthetic prostoglandin sometimes had the effect of producing faux contractions - it "felt" like something was happening, but in fact what I was feeling was not dilating my cervix. It took all my mental focus and energy to not drop my bundle - what I was feeling was definitely not fake contractions. Having birthed naturally twice before I felt I had sufficient experience to know! We were advised to think about me going back to the ward for a sleep, and for DH to head home for a sleep also (we live half an hour away from the hospital). I agreed to this only because DH was super tired and I figured that at 1cm, I could be labouring for a few hours to come.

    I was back on the ward by 10.30pm, and DH left for home. I was still having some major contractions (surges), but I successfully managed to zone out and breathe/relax through them. Still not sure how I managed to do that on my back, but I did. My waters broke with a beautifully unexpected "pop" at approx 11.30pm and I felt that interesting sensation of feeling like you've wet your pants. I buzzed the nurses station to advise them of the turn of events and popped into the loo to clean up. Waters were clear (thank you God!). The midwife wanted to put me on the CTG, so I agreed to it, intending to get it off me asap and continue my hypnobirth. What I didn't expect was that within five minutes of my waters breaking, I was virtually in transition. Thank goodness my mobile phone was close and handy, I called hubby and told him to get back to the hospital, only to be met with a very tired "Do I really need to now, couldn't I have another hour and a half's sleep". As I was part way through a contractions I grunted at him to "do whatever", and hung up. Less than three minutes later - he'd tried to call me back twice but my phone was on silent so I hadn't known - I called him again and grunted "Get. Here. Now!!!!!!!!!".

    I buzzed the nurses' station again as I felt sick. The midwife put a bag in my hands and was out of the room again. Less than five minutes (I guess) later, I buzzed for the third time and just said "I have to get out of this bed". No drama at all, albeit I was still on the CTG. The minute I moved, of course they lost bub's heart beat. Too bad. I was in the midst of one contraction on top of another, and I was doing the old animal grunt, grunt, grunt routine through my incredibly intense contractions. I think that was what convinced the midwife I was 100pc ready and rarin' to deliver this baby now. She raced off to get a wheelchair, which of course took me five minutes (so it felt) to actually move the two steps from the bed to sit in the wheelchair. With me grunting away (hypnobirthing is great, but when it comes to the last phase I've always felt being a little, um, vocal helps with the process ) I was literally run into my birthing suite, where I crawled up on the bed on my hands and knees and politely asked "can I stay like this". The wonderful middie said "Darling, you can do whatever you want".

    In lieu of my husband not being there, the midwife in charge gave my lower back a beautiful massage and spoke positively to me. A beanbag was placed under my elbows and I was ready. I asked if I was 10cm dilated ... I was told yes I was and this baby could arrive when I was ready. Oh woe is me ... no hubby but ready to push. Once again, it took some focus to breathe and pant through the sensation of feeling like I was ready to push out bub. The whole time the midwife was there encouraging me to do what I needed to do, to pant to slow things down so hubby could arrive etc.

    I can remember having a God almighty need to push, and so I started. Thank God Almighty it was about the same time that DH arrived. He came straight up to me, stroked my hair and in a really supportive, calm and enthusiastic voice said something like "hey babe, wow you're doing really well - you're nearly there". I can remember grunting out "Don't talk to me".

    Anyway, less than ten minutes and several big pushes later Rory Matthew was born at 12.15am - a healthy 4.5kg and 57cm long. Apgars 9 and 9. The only baby I've birthed to have a good cry on his arrival, he was placed into my arms all beautiful and gooey. He had his first BF not long thereafter. I had a physiological delivery of the placenta, and had a minor tear in the same place as per DS1 and DS2's birth. As I always say, the giving of the local anaesthetic for my stiches is when I'm the biggest wuss bag. Some things don't change and hypnobirthing does not cover off on local injections, lol

    So while DS3's birth was a speedy one, he was hypnobirthed in love and trust. No more bub's for us now and I'm pleased to say each and every birth I've had was done my way

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    Yay Andie what a lovely experience!!! I'm so glad your induction was positive and you were able to birth DS3 in such a wonderful manner.

    Congrats again and welcome big man!!

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    Just beautiful Andie! Congratulations.

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    In a house, on a hill with a big fat welcome mat!

    Lovely story congrats xx

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    Naw that's an awesome birth!!!! You rock!!! Congrats xx

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    Well done AndiE

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    Such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!

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    Lovely! Thanks for sharing and congratulations again

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    Congratulations! What a lovely story to share!

    Sorry, fat fingers syndrome might occur.

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    What a gorgeous story. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations on birthing your way and thank you for sharing.

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    Wonderful birth story.... Thank you for sharing, you have empowered me to be positive if this labour doesn't go the same as my first!! Thank you and congratulations on your DS loving the as well

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    Fantastic story Andie. So glad your induction went so well, and that you were able to birth your gorgeous new boy the way you wanted.

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    That midwife sounds wonderful. Your birth sounds fantastic hunny well done

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    Love it

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    on a big patch of paradise.

    Than you for sharing your great story. Well done.