thread: Eliza Jayne's very planned arrival

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    Eliza Jayne's very planned arrival

    After previous 2nd trimester losses my last pregnancy was very planned to accomodate any suprises that may have propped up.
    At 14 weeks I was admitted to have a cervical stitch inserted this was done under a general so it was pretty painless. I was put on restricted bedrest for the next 18 weeks, with the exception of travelling to Melbourne to see my specialist and have ultrasounds.
    At 30 weeks I was admitted for an overnight stay as I had slight bleeding but discarged the next morning. At 30 weeks I also had to go on insulin for gest diabetes and as the weeks passed the quanity of insulin was increasing to "unhealthy levels"
    At 37.5 weeks we left home at 5am for admittion for a very planned c-sect as my stitch had to removed I had to have a spinal anyway. We arrived to have my cross matching of blood done and be preped for theatre. DH and I sat on the hospital bed and laughed that our lives were never going to be same and the midwife told us that they were on the way to "pick me up".
    At 8.30 DH was taken away for scubs and I kissed my mum and dad goodbye. A spinal was put in place which took 3 attempts and to this day it hurt the most. The surgery began, the doctor had started to make the first incision. I could hear the assistant say ..ooh I haven't seen that before. What had happened was that the incision was made and the placental post which joins the ambilical cord the uterus together was sitting right where the incision was made. Poor bub was ripped from my womb with forceps. I began to lose blood, it is a funny experience to be fully awake but have no control on what goes on around you. I think in all I lost over a litre and as it would be the cross matched blood didn't make it in time so the put pack cells into me. Little Eliza was screaming away on my chest and I could still hear them talking about me...It felt so surreal at last I am a mother but I think I am
    Eliza Jayne was perfect in everyway weighing in at 8 pound 8 and born at 9.08am. She was macrocomic due to the diabetes and thinned down by the next day. Due to the blood loss I had trouble establishing a milk supply and as a result she ended up in SCN for 2 weeks as a weight loss.
    But all she is a healthy happy little bub.

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    Thanks for sharing your birth story. It sounds like it would have been more than a little traumatic for you. Im glad that you and your beautiful little girl are ok now


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    Wow Renner, that must have been a very scary experience losing all of that blood...
    I'm so glad that you and little Eliza are doing so well now though.

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    Melinda Guest

    OMG, how frightening for you! I am so glad that you are all doing well!

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    katanya Guest

    wow what a story! I'm so glad both you and little Eliza are doing great now!

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    thanks for sharing your story renner. what an ordeal for you! glad that it is all so good for you now though,


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    OMG you poor thing what you went though. I am so glad you and Eliza are good now though. Thank you for sharing your story.

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    Thank you for sharing your story with us. What a terrible time you had I`m glad all is okay now.

    Take Care


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    Thanks for sharing your story Renner. I'm glad that all is ok for you and bubs. You really did have a bit of an ordeal throughout it all.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Bec, I am very very glad that Eliza arrived safe and sound for you.

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    Thanks for sharing your story, Bec. Even though you have told me bits and pieces, it is good to read the story in full. Isn't it amazing that even though you had a very planned birth, things can still go wrong? Glad that you and your gorgeous girl are happy and healthy and hear to tell the tale! Well done to you and Nick

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    wow what a great story!! You obviously went through a lot to finally have your little girl!!