thread: Good Morning, You're in transition. ('Bundys' Birth story)

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    Good Morning, You're in transition. ('Bundys' Birth story)

    Back story:
    I'd birthed my son, DJ on Black saterday. 31 hours of labour. an hour and 20 of that was pushing. it was a wonderful water birth. he was also 11 days over.

    the Birth:
    At 41w1d i had a second stretch and sweep done, i had one done at 41+6 also. and like the first one expected not much to happen other then period type pains. i'd been loseing my plug for a few days (read, globs of snot like stuff falling out of my vagina leading me to think that it had become a second nose WITH a cold ) on tuesday night i did what i normaly did while DH was out. i did some washing and just plaied and chilled out with DJ - he was being a little cheeky one and once DH was home we tired going to bed together. which by 12am was not working he went into his own cot - and strait to sleep. i managed to get some sleep too. untill 2:50am when i woke to period pain and i thought "ohh this could be the start" and went to the loo. no show or anything just more period pain. i piddle and go back to bed. lay down and it really hurts. like not a contraction just one long kinda pain then it'd soften then start up. back to the loo i go and start goaning though the pain. this wakes DH and he asks "are you in labour?" and i tell him "its eaaaaaaaaaarlly" he goes "ok" and heads off shutting off *any* door he can find to try and keep the noise down. then he asks where the number is for the midwives. i bark "front door, bag. in. plasitic." then i started getting the shakes so also bark "blanket" at him. he brings the blanket and calls the hospital. they ask to speak to me and im barking "speaker, speaker speaker" then DH twiggs that it was speaker phone i wanted. the lovely MW asks about contractions and i just said "close enough hurts." at which point she said to head on in.

    DH moves the car to the fount door. and i bark out "tarp" to which i get "ohh, good idea" back from DH (we put a tarp down JIC my waters broke in the car with DJ) when back inside DH went to say "already to go" and i barked - again "drinks, fridge" DH realised i was talking about the sports drinks (i was still thinking my labour would be like DJ's at this point ) he put them into the car. at this time i manged to walk from the loo to the bedroom door, then droped to all fours then crawled over to the bed and screamed into the bed, and almost threw up. thus barked (again) at DH for a bucket. but never used it. PIL arrive to watch DJ. as we drove out of the drive way FIL was parking his car in my spot, i turned to DH and said "if he wants to talk i'll freaking kill him"
    DH took off and drove in the middle of the road and his lights where on high - mainly due to the rain we'd had over night and it made sure we wouldnt a) hit any pot holes and b) maxmized the grip we had on the road. comming to the entrance of the free way - DH was going to go the back way. but i barked at him "free way NOW!" which he listened to (thank god) and we got to the hospital about 5mins after that. we pull up and park right out fount of the emergancy dept. (not meant to park there) and the security gard asked how far apart my contraxions where and i said "F***in' close enough" he then asked if i wanted a wheel chair and i groaned back at him "I'm not f***in' sitting down again!" then (well so DH tells me) he commented on it was a good idea about the tarp. DH picked up our bags, whilest i started walking off on him. we got to the stairs and i said "no. lift. now." and marched in hit the buttons and rocked though this "period pain" i was having. yes, i was living in the middle of a river call denile at that point. got to the doors and went strait into a birthing room (so around 3:50am says DH). and i started paceing the floor. they told me they needed to do an inernal to see how far along i was. hmm...i'm 7 almost 8cm my reaction "LET ME OFF THE BED" and started pacing again. as i was GBS+ they needed to do ABs. ever tried getting a bung put in while wanting to walk WHILE in labour? its not fun. two goes and they got it. more paceing. put AB's in more paceing. then i needed to pee. yep. go and do that. then i jump (how i did i dont know) up on the bed that they'd moved to the up right and i bit the bed. and asked for gas (a MW at that point laughed - which i can now too...) and they gave me the gas bit. chomp.chomp.chomp. Ohh yes. then we had (unlike DJs birth) the "OMG, i needa poo!" nope it was time to push. one huge push and i felt the head move. two pushes more and i yelled out "BURNING RING. BURNING RING OF FIRE" none of the MW under stood. DH did. then i got the "the heads comming" then a "pop" and a trickle my waters had broke - as bundy was crowning. then another push and the head was slideing out. i wasn't pushing,i just let it happen, but i did hear a comment "Look at all that HAIR!". (still part of my brain was thinking "Naw, its pre-labour" then another contraction hit and bundy surfed the wave of water out. i pulled bundy though and some one said "its a boy" and i just held "bundy" at that point to my chest and said over and over "my god, mummy has you little one, you're here. you're safe..." they took him to give him some air and what not but he came back not long after the MW checked me out and told me i'd torn and i smiled and said "no wonder. you saw how quick he came!" DH and I sat there talking about names. i got to name bundy as DH had named DJ - minus one middle name as i wanted my maiden name as one for DJ. so thats when Victor got his name. Victor Bruce Earl A****. Earl is after DH's grandfather.

    I ended up with a 2nd grade (or degree?) tear down there. but its not as painful as my labial tear with DJ. so stats are.

    1st stage - nooo idea.
    2nd stage - 1hr45min
    3rd stage- 5-8mins
    4th stage- 8mins
    (at a guess.)

    Mr Vics stats:
    Weight: 9lb6.5oz (4.3Kg i think)
    Length 56cm
    head: 36.5
    APGAR: [email protected] [email protected]

    He's in SCN due to an infection that they're still trying to work out what it is. but hopefully he'll be home in the next ten days. and he's like DJ - and has toung tie but he's feeding like a boobie man and other then that is just adorable (and looks like a ninja when he's awake)

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    Wow! Sounds sorta similair to mine lol .. Except I didn't have enough time for the antibiotics hehe ..

    Hopefully they can figure out what the infection is! But good to hear hes feeding good Congratulations too

    Oh and the labial tear, how was the healing? I have one and got stitches on both sides, and my daughter is 5 days old, but theres nothing on google about labial tears?? ..

    Just wanted to add, LOVE the title
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    Jun 2008

    Awwww! This is the birth story I've been waiting for!!!

    Well done Dani - what a champion effort! Victor sounds like when he wants something he really goes for it!!! What a quick labour!


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    Jan 2008

    Wow impressive! Huge congrats and hope Victor is home in your arms soon

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    wowsers! when he decided it was time to come, he didnt muck around LOL!

    Congratulations! and a BIG welcome to Victor!

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    Congratulations!!!! What a great story, I had a few chuckles with you barking orders... and still thinking you're only having pre-labour!

    Sounds like he was in a big rush when he finally decided to arrive!

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    Near the Snowies!

    congrats! & welcome Victor What a fast labour though, lucky you left for hossy when you did! Lol

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    You did so well


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    well done dani - i pm'd you on fb huni. you did a fab job and huge congrats and i hope Victor is home soon. xox

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    yay!!!! have been hanging to hear this one!
    You did such an amazing job hunny!!! he's just so so adorable. cant wait for u to have him home where he belongs
    p.s send some of those quick labour vibes my way in feb huh?!

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    Champion Dansta!! Just champion!! Laughing at thought of you biting bed - did you leave marks? My goodness he's such a long boy and that was a big head you did awesome birthing him. Your DH sounds like he did an excellent job too, I know I was in denial and thinking wasn't time to push yet but my DH knew - they switched on 2nd time round eh.

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    wow! what a fast birth! lol @ burning ring of fire
    Welcome earthside Victor

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    A huge congrats. I laughed at most of your story. Love you being in "pre labour" and biting the bed. Glad DH could understand your barking lol.

    Hope they get this infection sorted out and you guys can take the lovely Victor home.

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    Oct 2008

    Sounds like an incredible experience!!! Thanks for sharing ... your story is amazing

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    May 2007

    Awesome story!! That's some pre labour ay?? hahaha

    I had a couple of chuckles at your barking at DH, gotta love the way women communicate during labour

    Congratulations on your beautiful big boy

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    Nov 2008

    huge congrats!