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Thread: Hamish's birth story (old)

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    Default Hamish's birth story (old)

    This is the first time that i have written about Hamish's birth.
    Hamish was born on the 17th of October 2003. He weighed a healthy 8lb 10oz and measured 51cms.

    I was now 9 days overdue and growing impatient , my first born had been four weeks early, so this pregnancy felt like it was going to never end. My pregnancy was great and i felt well all the way through.
    On the 16th of October i booked in to the hospital to be induced, the gels were administered at 7pm and i was taken back down to settle in for the night. My hubby went home with our DD and i felt so sad I didnt want them to leave, i was sure something was going to start over night. Anyway i had a rather un eventful night and had a great sleep.
    At 7 am my Hubby dropped our DD of to my parents and came in to rejoin me in the hospital, a decision was made to administer another lot of gels, I had breakfast and waited, still nothing happened, we rang my parents to tell them i had been told my waters would be broken at around 12 and to head on in around then. At this point nothing had started, i didnt feel a single twinge. I decieded to get up and get moving, so i got up and got dressed, hubby and i walked and walked the hospital wards, still nothing happened.
    I became upset as i new if this labour didnt start i would have to have a c section. Hubby calmed me down and we again walked, still nothing. By the time i made it back to the room got undressed and hopped in to bed it was nearing 12:30, the doctors came in and the breaking of the waters saga began, first the trainee midwife, no success, then the trainee doctor, still no go, so somewhere between 12:30 and 1pm the doctor managed to break my waters, apparently my cervix was tilted back and was difficult.
    Anyway with waters broken and nothing happening my midwife suggested we walk, well i got up out of bed and dressed and got as far as the room door when bang, contractions started thick and fast, i managed to get back to the bed and undressed, my midwife suggested a shower to ease my back, it was heaven, my hubby went out to talk to my parents and DD and i was left to it, well all hell broke loose I needed to push and i needed to push now , i managed to buzz the midwifes and my hubby and mum came running in. I couldnt move, so here i was in the shower, my little mans head had started to crown, in a couple of pushes he was born. The midwifes brought in a chair and i sat in the shower holding our beautiful little boy.
    Hubby and bub went into the room after about 20 minutes of cuddling, i finished my shower that i had begun and joined them in the room. Hamish Richard David McPherson arrived at 1:24pm.
    My labour is written down as under 50 mins as no one was really sure, i had no pain relief and was all intact.
    hamish is still the same today he cant be rushed but when he has made his mind up there is no stopping him.

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    Wow, i can only hope my labour goes so quick. lol
    Good job!

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