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    Default Hayden born 23 May

    The birth of Hayden might be a little sad for some. My mum and my DP were there for me through out it mum even drove 6 hours through the night to get to me just in time to see her first grandchild being born.
    22 May 2008
    2200- Noticed some niggling pains so I jumped in the shower.
    2300- DP is timing them and on the phone to the hosp as they were really close all of a sudden. They suggest heading down when I want. So we got my bags and headed down.
    2345- Nurse checked hooked me up to the monitors and then after a few large contractions did an internal and noticed that I was 4cm dilated already.
    23 May 2008
    0115- Sitting in the shower just breathing through contractions pain get to much so I have pethidine and they offer gas while im in the shower to.
    0200- Really wanted to push for some reason so I went to the toilet and did and there is where by waters went everywhere.
    0230- Really starting to get anxious mum still hadn?t arrived and I wanted to push.
    0400- Mum finally arrived and she helped me breathe through my contractions until the midwife gave me the all clear to start pushing. I moved back into the shower and leaned against the wall and started to push.
    0500- Still pushing and not really getting very far. Getting real angry and tired and just wanted to hold my lil man.
    0530- The head midwife came in to see how I was going and had a look and told the other midwife that she needed to hurry up and do an episiotomy or else I would tear to badly. But she was not prepared in time. She didn?t even have the trolley ready for when Hayden was born
    0540- Hayden came into this world. Was placed on my chest and they soon noticed he was not breathing; DP didn?t even get to cut the cord before he was snatched of me and taken away to be worked on.
    0545- He was placed on my chest again, and then the midwife started yanking at my placenta. Hurt more than labour did she was yanking that hard. She hurt so badly that I had to hand Hayden to mum because I was in serious pain. Finally it was over. I was told to stay put where I was as I had major tearing.
    0600- A lady came in to see if she could stitch me there but it was to severe I would need to go to theatre.
    After 2 hours of waiting Hayden still hadn?t been weighed or hadn?t had any of his needles.
    0800- I was taken to theatre said goodbye to Hayden, DP and Mum. After I left they finally weighed him and gave him his needles.
    1045- I was finally wheeled into my room where Hayden, DP and Mum awaited. I asked if I could feed him and he was then placed on me to feed within seconds I had 3 nurses around me grabbing and stuffing my boob down his throat without even giving me a chance to do it myself. After 5 minutes of them hurting me again said id had enough.
    1100- The pediatrician came to look at him.
    1105- Another pediatrician came into the room and looked at him and told us he would need to do chromosome tests on him? He was taken down the hall with DP there to supervise so they could take blood. After 3 attempts DP said that was enough and asked to be told what they where testing for as he seen on the pathology sheet it was for Down syndrome and they would not tell him.
    1115- They arrived back in the room with no blood still been taken and he filled me in on what happened.
    1120- The pediatrician came back in and said yes it was to rule it out he was not sure what was going on? Still no answers been answered and we were left in the dark again as to why they were even testing for it I was 19 DP was 26 and there was none of it in our family and I had the ultrasound done at 12 weeks to measure the fat on the back of the neck and it came back clear. But still they did the test.
    1130- The pediatrician took the blood and also checked everything else his glucose levels and he was still very blue so checked his temp and oxygen saturations and they were all very low
    1145- Hayden was put into the special care nursery in an incubator.
    1300- I was finally allowed to get up and see my lil man. It was to overwhelming and I started crying just looking at him as I had a perfect pregnancy nothing went wrong to him being put in the special care nursery. The day flew by I sat with him for most of it I wasn?t aloud to hold him and I was only aloud to touch him for a short period of time.
    26 May Hayden still in the special care nursery. The pediatrician came into my room and asked to speak to us there the nurse did some talking then he announced that the test results came back and Hayden had Down syndrome. He announced it like we had just won the lotto. I wanted to smash his face in thinking for a while it was a joke like I was dreaming or something but I wasn?t he then went on to say that further tests needed to be done to see which one he was and it came back that he was trisomy 21 something that just happens but in our case 1 in 2 million. He then said that with Down syndrome people they have many problems with there organs and he would need to go to the mater for a heart scan.
    27 May everything was organized through the hospital that Hayden be transported via ambulance to the mater and we follow behind.
    Had his scan and where told that he had a 50% chance of having a heart condition.
    Which he didn?t thank god for that. So he was transported via ambulance again back to Redlands. There he stayed in the incubator.
    28 May he was aloud out of the incubator as they put prongs up his nose to have the oxygen going straight into him as that was all that was wrong with him now. He was not keeping his oxygen saturation levels at a normal level.
    The next couple of days we slowly weaned him of the oxygen.
    2 June he was completely of oxygen and I was told I was to be roomed in and tomorrow we could go home.
    3 June we finally took him home and I don?t think I could have gotten outta there any quicker.
    today me and my lil man are doing better than ever he is the best baby ever and nothing will ever change that.

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    Congrats on a beautiful little man.
    Sorry they were so insensitive. Good luck in the future.

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    Congrats on your Little man Hayden. Sorry the staff were so insensitive!

    i hope everything works out for the future..

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    Sam congratulations on Hayden's birth - thank you for sharing your story.
    You sound very strong and brave hun, I am appalled at how little communication there was from the staff and I'm sorry they were so insenstive.
    Take care.

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    Congrats on the birth of your little man. I am sorry to hear how you were treated in the hospital - you are his mother you should have been consulted and advised the whole way through.
    Good on you though for sounding so strong and most importantly happy now that your family is all home!

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    Congratulations on your little man!!! Welcome to the world Hayden!

    You sound nice and strong, even though it got a little rough for awhile, I'm glad Hayden is home safe with mummy and daddy now.

    Did the hospital send you home with any information about Downs? There are some members I've seen discuss various Trisomy issues, I'm sure there is some info around here. By the sounds of it, if they didn't think it was ok to discuss your own child with you, they might not have thought to help you out with what it all means.....


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    Congratulations on the birth of little Hayden, love that name (my first is also named Hayden)..

    So brave of you to write about his birth, I don't think I could do it.. Some hospital staff amaze me with how rude and insensitive they can be but here's hoping everything goes well for you and your family in the future.

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    Congrats on the birth of Hayden, You did an excellent job, well done!

    Some hospitals are so rude, i cant beleive they were so rude to you and your family...
    Wishing you all the best for the future.

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    Default Thank you

    Thank you to eveyone for your kind words i ended up doing all the research about it and finding everything out. thank you again to everyone.

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    You are a beautiful soul with great strength and determination. Hayden is a very lucky little man because he has been blessed with such a wonderful mum, who will fight hard to make sure he has all that he needs. Im so glad you posted your birth story, it is one of courage.

    take care of you both

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    What a brave woman you are! I can't believe how crappily you were treated!

    Thanks for sharing your story and WELCOME Hayden I have known many people with DS and they are an ASSET to humanity, they have such a pure way of seeing the world. Congratulations! And congrats on BFing despite all that trauma at your beginnings, and the DS - i suppose you know many DS babies have trouble coordinating their suck which can make BFing a trial for you both, looks like you and he are champs at this .


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    congrats on the birth of your baby boy

    so sorry about the hospital staff, maybe put in a complaint?
    Enjoy your baby boy

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