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Thread: here she comes....... its Ella

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    Thumbs up here she comes....... its Ella

    hello peeps. i havent been on here for a long time because our internet provider was having lots of technoical difficulties. but anyway here'sthe story of The birth of Ella...........

    on the early evening of 19th february 2006 (my due date) i had decided that i had. had enough of being pregnant and couldnt wait much longer to become a mum, previously i had tried everything to start labour from the hot bath to swollowing a whol bttle of caster oil, nothing happened. we invited my brother-in-law over for dinner and he decided to cook, finally of waiting ages for dinner, we sat down to eat a very hot madras curry. (my brother-in-law and hasband love hot food). the next day i started gettin contractions, very mild ones mind but i knew they were contractions. we called the midwife and she advised me to relax with my feet up. next day when the contractions started getting really painfull, more regular and lasting longer my in-law parents came over to see me. we finally decided to go to the hospital. they kept me in over night. at about 6 in the mornin they decided to move me to the labor ward and get me started. my waters had yet not broken. after about 3 hours they broke my waters then 3 hours after pushing of pushing i asked for an epidural, they rufused it, i asked again 2 hours later, refused it again, then again at 1 oclock and what do you know the refused it again. in the end at bout 5 oclock they decided that the baby was'nt coming out so they sent me down to theatre, at 5.22pm on the 22nd of february ella was born. a big huff and a puff later and im a mum horray.......

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    Congratulations on baby Ella.
    Why wouldnt they allow you to have an epidural?
    So do you think it was the dinner your bro in law cooked?? My Dh also is a big fan of hot foods.
    All the best on her growth. She has such a lovely name

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    Thanks for sharing! Well done on the arrival of Ella

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Congrats on a safe delivery of little Ella (love the name )

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