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Thread: I nearly had Destinee in the shower! :eek:

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    Cool I nearly had Destinee in the shower! :eek:

    6am sat 25th feb.2006
    Hubby and I left from home to get to the hospital for 6.30am. Got to the hospital at 6.30am and rang the maternity buzzer to let us in. They said 'Did you ring first?' I said no wasn't told too. Was thinking they would send me home again. She said 'ok, just that you’re supposed to ring to make sure we are not full, come up and we'll sort you out'. So up we went to the labour ward.
    I told them the doctor didn't say anything about ringing first. She said it was just incase they were busy.
    They took me down to the observation room and said wait here you won't be going in until at least 8am anyway because the day doctors aren't on until then. Well, me and hubby looked at each other, (why did they say 6.30am then?)
    They examined me and put me on the ctg for 30 mins, it was saying I was having contractions 10-12 mins apart.
    8am came and went.. 9am came and went.. ( at least we got breaky on a tray while we were waiting I was so hungry)
    10am came and went. .(nurses went to morning tea..) When they came back a MW came and said you will be in room 5, and we had just been dropped off a cup of tea while waiting.. she said ‘no rush when your ready to come in’.
    11am we decided we would make our way to room 5 or this baby may NEVER arrive!

    Got to the labour room and was told to wait again until the doctor arrived to put the bung in my hand, (for the GBS).
    Well we waited and waited again.. we asked if we could go for a walk, to try and bring the contractions closer together. She said yes, but don't go too far as the doctor shouldn't be too long. We were on our way back when the MW caught up with us and said she was there. Aparently just as we left for our walk she arrived. (Well she had to wait for us then didn't she.. lol).
    She asked all sorts of questions, about my last 6 pregnancies, put the bung in my hand (she hadn’t given me the antibiotics yet). She gave me a V.E. and said I was already about 3cms, and broke my waters (this was at 12 noon).
    Lots and lots of fluid gushed out she asked the MW for 'fundal pressure' so all the fluid came out so here's the MW pressing on the butt of my baby. :-0
    She then done another V.E. and found the baby’s hand on the top of her head (She thought she might wave to us on her way out! Lol ) so she had to push her hand back out of the way of the cervix.
    I went into 5 min contractions.. was walking around when my mum and my sister turned up around 12.30pm, they came to watch the birth, my sister was doing the cam-cording and my mum would be taking photos.
    The nurse then returned with the antibiotics and administered them into my hand.
    Soon I would be having 2min contractions..
    about 3.30pm they were starting to get unbearable, I asked the midwife if I could be examined to see how far I was and she said they examine you every 4 hours.. well I wasn't having that, I was in too much pain, I told her these pains are unbearable (I think she knew in my voice) I told her I wanted an epidural, she said ill get the doctor to examine you to see how far you are, and we'll go from there.
    The doctor came in and he told me I was 5cm!!!!!!
    I screamed!!. .no! no! no! no! I'm not 5cms, I'm nooooot!
    (I knew I was in way to much pain, the type of pain where your just waiting for the next contraction to get a 'pushing' feeling).
    I screamed I want an epidural (which I've never had with my other 6).
    He said he would contact the anaesthesist, the MW in the meantime said, it's best you be off the bed now and upright, so I went in the shower and got my hubby to spray hot water onto my belly and lower back between contractions. It felt nice. Weeeell with each contraction it was getting worse and worse, at 4pm, I was going silent with each contraction as they were unbearable, just holding my breath and waiting for it to go.
    My sister came in the shower at 4.30pm and took over from my Hubby showering me down, the midwife administered my 2nd dose of antibiotics, as it was heading into the 2nd 4hours. Have to be administered every 4 hours to keep the baby safe.
    MW asked how I was doing, and my sister said the drip has just arrived to put your epidural in. I was in the middle of a VERY painful loooong contraction, which resulted at the end of it ME WANTING TO PUSH!
    Mind you I was in the shower sitting on a chair I couldn't get up from 'pushing'!!
    My sister yelled, SHE WANTS TO PUSH! The MW pushed the red buzzer twice and another MW came in and with my sister one side and the MW the other side and other midwife holding the baby’s head, escorted me out of the shower and onto the bed.
    Well I got half way onto the bed with one leg up on the bed and one on the floor and I was pushing again!!!. They were yelling KIM! KIM! Breathe breathe pant pant! ( when u want to push u want to push!).
    My hubby and MW 'flipped' me onto my back, and with the next contraction, her whole body came out!
    Talk about a quick delivery! Ended up not needing the epi in the end the anaesthesist arrived a bit too late.. lol.
    Boy was I happy when she came out, she cried straight away, and I smiled straight away.. lol

    She has black hair like our last daughter, weighed 8lb 3oz, her length was 51cm and her head was 36cm.

    She is 6months today!!

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    Well done on such a great labour. Sounds like it all happened very quickly in the end

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    Thanks for sharing your birth story with us - sounds like you were lucky to make it to the bed!!!
    Welcome Destinee - what a beautiful name!

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    Oh I hope mine is like that!! That was a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Ooh, gorgeous! Great work!

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    Wow what a story! Im glad your labout went fast in the end.... Oh and well done for having baby #7! If only i had that much patience. Congratulations Destinee on being 6 months!

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