thread: Jack's birth

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    May 2004

    Jack's birth

    Gosh I hope I remember it all LOL!

    This is going to be very brief! We had all our problems in the conceiving and while pregnant!

    I was already in hospital due to pre-eclampsia and was getting a mite fed up as i was bored and there was ages to go and all i wanted to do was go home. Anyway, it was decided that i was going to be induced Thursday morning as the DR had fears that Jack had stopped growing. So Thurs am rolled on and i had proston inserted to soften the cervix. Fri am they did it again. By lunchtime i was feeling a bit sick in the stomach and had severe backache, but it was nothing that i couldn't handle and didn't even think it was the onset of labour as the Dr had said Jack would be born Sat/Sun.

    I just had a shower, shaved my legs and tried to make myself comfy with a hot water bottle. At approx 315pm Friday, i started to get really really bad pains, so called for a midwife who had a look to see what was happening. Yep i was 1cm dilated, i do remember saying "is that all" in disbelief as i'm a wimp! They advised that if i wanted any pethadine, to have it now, so i said yes. That midwife went off duty about 1/2 hour later and the midwife (Julie) that i had built up a rapport came on duty. By this stage the pain was almost unbearable, i was feeling really sick and very dizzy. Julie examined me and the RUSH to get me from my hospital bed to the birth suite was ON. I was all the way dilated and pushing!

    I can still remember being pushed down the corridor past people looking at me having contractions (how embarrasiing!) AND it was a small country hospital. In the birth suite all i could do was lie on the bed as the pethadine gave me such a bad reaction, this was a bugger as i wanted an active birth. Anyway hubby arrived, Dr arrived and two hours from start to finish Jack was born. Jack was also born face, facing upwards as opposed to facing downwards which slowed the delivery down thankfully, otherwise he would have been born in the corridoor! I didn't tear or anything which was a worry of mine. After i had a shower i walked back to my room, too easy!

    The worst bit about it was the contractions, they should be banned, all the rest was ok, i'm really glad that i had a good experience as you hear a lot of peoples bad experiences when your pregnant.


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    Nov 2003

    LOL at contractions being banned! Thanks for sharing your story, Jo. What a speedy delivery!!

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    katanya Guest

    I will agree contractions should be banned!! =D> The closest you can get to banning them is an epidural, but you didn't have time for that~!

    That is an incrediable story, the dilation was SO fast, you must have been like"what the HELL??"

    It must have been a very intense 2 hours, so really you pushed for longer than you were dilating?? wow!

    Well done!

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    May 2004

    I don't know if it was because of being induced?? A friend had the exact same experiences with her 1st bub and she was also induced. Her labour lasted 15 mins longer than mine. Both of us have said YES to an epidural next time until another friend pointed out that we prob wouldn't have time, so we both said right we will have it the day before LOL

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    May 2004


    I had epidural but i had to with having a c-section but it is strange not being able to feel anything and itis also strange when a doctor tells you to move your legs on to the bed.

    If I manage to have a natural birth next time i will go for epidural right away. I do not do pain much.

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    katanya Guest

    nope... I was induced and had a 7 hour labour (from start of regular contractions) it took me 6.5 hours to fully dilate and 15 mins of pushing(3 contractions!)

    As good as that epidural is, I don't think you'll have time!

    tatty teddy: yeah there is a certain drwaback in the total removal of pain, I kept saying is this allI am feeling? I can't believe it is this easy! Also I had the ichy crawlies which is a side effect but much better than the actual contractions...