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    Jessica's Birth

    I had a show on the 1st of September at about 9.40am. I was really surprised as I have traditionally been late with all 3 of my children, so it was a welcome surprise. I was hoping things would move quickly and bubs would be born on that day as the next day is my cousins birthday and I had wanted my baby to have it's own birthday.

    I moved into full swing nesting mode, mainly because I wasn't organised. I gave Arron a list of things to get for my hospital bag, Mum came over and helped out. I did all the washing, cleaned the whole house and was pleased to have everything done. All day I had niggles of pain, but nothing worth timing or counting. Jordan returned from camp and then we decided that the kids should stay at Mum and Dad's incase I went in through the night, which would save Mum and Dad coming over. We packed the kids up and took them to Mum's. We arrived home at about 9.30pm. I had a shower and sat down to watch some TV.

    I was really tired but didn't go to bed until midnight. I never really got to sleep though as the contractions started to come. Arron was dead to the world and snoring so I watched the clock. The contractions were a little erratic but the pain was getting worse and I couldn't lay down anymore, so I got up and went into the lounge, put the heater and TV on and started writing down the contractions. For an hour they were about 5 mins apart, then they became 4 mins apart and then 3 mins apart.

    I decided I better wake Arron, he got up and said "CAn you make me a coffee?" so I did, in between contractions. I went to the toilet again and this time there was a really big show so I knew things were progressing.

    We arrived at the hospital at about 2.30am, and by then the contractions were 2 mins apart and lasting 50 seconds. Arron heated up the heat pack and rubbed my back, and I kept upright as much as I could. I was feeling really tired though and lay down for a minute and things slowed down a little. The midwife explained that my vaginal swab results were a little strange as they didn't actually give a positive or negative result and so they were advising me to have the IV for the penicillin. I was sure that I did not have the strepp b, but as a precaution agreed to the penicillin (I was hoping it may help with my cold). The first attempt failed and so I had to have the bunt (the thing they inject the penicliin through) in my right hand. Things started to speed up again when I got upright and the contractions were getting much stronger. I concentrated on breathing as I had previously gone through 2 labours drug free and 1 with gas, and preferred the drug free labour.

    By about 5.15am I had positioned myself kneeling on the floor using the bed as support, and things were getting really intense. I asked when they would call the Doctor and the midwife asked how I was feeling. I told her I was feeling like I needed to pooh and usually when I feel like this it isn't far off. They rang the Doctor, who lives locallly, and he was there in about 20 minutes. I told him I was surprised to be there and he said he was surprised as well.

    I asked him how much longer as I was feeling very tired since I hadn't slept at all. He did an internal and told me I had just a lip left. I asked about my waters, as they were still intact and wanted to know if he broke hem would the pain be like my induced labour. He said as there was almost no cervix left that it wouldn't be and that it would go really quick once that was done. So he broke my water, which actually didn't gush out but dripped slowly as bubs head moved down and blocked the hole.

    The next contraction came and I needed to push, I did but the contraction ran out of steam and bubs head was visible for a few second s and then gone again. They put a mirror under me so I could see but I was too tired to look down. I decided I only wanted to push one more time, I had had enough and wanted this over. The contraction took what felt like 10 mins to come, when it di I pushed and pushed and screamed and screamed some more, I felt the familiar sting and pushed harder. I yelled out "Is the head out?" and the reply was "Yes, we're just delivering the shoulders". I said "Well hurry up, it hurts." I felt the poping as the shoulders were released and the baby fell into the doctors arms. I heard the little cry and looked around. Arron had tears in his eyes and said "It's a girl!" I asked him was he sure, and he said YES! I said " I was sure it was a boy!" The baby was passed up through my legs to me and I sat and held her, wiping her face , I couldn't believe how clean she was. The nurse then took the baby to the trolley and I sat on the bed while the placenta was delivered. It was all over in record time, she was born at 6.06am and I wasn't tired anymore. We named her Jessica, but took 3 days to decide on her middle names, Brodie ( part of her 2 aunties names BRooke and jODIE) Jayde.

    I had a shower and Arron helped the nurse weigh and measure our precious bundle. 6lb 10 oz (3000gms) 50 cm long, head 33cm. Even though this was my 4th birth I never cease to be amazed by what an amazing miracle birth is, and how a we have produced a tiny human. Although I thought this baby was a boy, I am not upset at all, I am overjoyed to have another beautiful daughter to love and cherish and so is Arron. Joshua is happy too, although he really wanted a brother he is content to be the protecter of 3 sisters and he got the first hold.

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    Oh that sounds so beautiful.
    Congratulations again, Michelle, and thanks for posting your birth story! I love reading birth stories


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    awww wonderful story, glad it all went well for you

    congratualtions again

    take care

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    WOW thats beautiful!

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    That is gorgeous Michelle. Congratulations again !!

    Love :hbeat:

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    Michelle, you are amazing (and that's an understatement!). What a wonderful and perfect story (to go along with that perfect name you chose!)


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    TDBear Guest

    michelle. you must have been so tierd after no sleep and all that running around the day before! did you give birth to your other kids on your knees or did you decide to try something different?

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    carmen Guest

    Thanks for posting your story Michelle and congratulations on your new addition.

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    Melinda Guest

    Congratulations Michelle!!! It sounds like you did a wonderful job bringing little Jessica into the world!!!

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    Nov 2003

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful story, Michelle. Congratulations!

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    Hi TDbear,
    re the birth position. I had my first stuck on a bed which was yuck, the second was on the bed with the beanbag under me, not quite upright thugh. The 3rd I realised gravity was the key and I sttod beside the bed, this time I was too tired to stand and the midwife suggested kneeling, whcih worked as good as standing as you still have gravities help.

    4 births give you the chance to try all positions doesn't it! LOL
    Cheers Michelle

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    Feb 2004

    Congratulations Michelle Thank you for sharing.

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    Thankyou for sharing your beautiful story of Jessica's birth, Michelle... O
    Congratulations again on the birth of your little girl!

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    michelle, can so relate to the yuck, planted on the bed, first birth. i too had one of those along with a one hundred yr old midwife and a dr who couldnt care less! i encourage new mums to give alot of possy's a try and really find out what feels right. i guess thats easy to do after experiencing a few births!
    i dont know if i could cope with the knees pos' as my births usually are so fast. i feel i need to withdraw from everything to cope with the pain, by lying on my side and stuffing my face in a pillow!

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    Pietta Guest

    Michelle- Well done on the natural labour!!
    Thanks for sharing your story with us!!

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    Feb 2004

    What a great story Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


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    dd Guest

    Hi Michelle,

    That's a beautiful birthing story - I'm happy for you having a drug free birth - I would have loved to experience that but it didn't work out not that I'm dissappointed I think giving birth to another life is just the most amazing and precious experience. O

    Where did you have Jessica?

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    Hi dd,
    good to hear from you, I bet you have beenb busy with Shynelle.

    I had Jessica at Kilmore hospital, I have had all 4 kids there, it's a really nice hospital. Where was Shynelle born?
    cheers michelle