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Thread: Jordan riley has arived

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    Talking Jordan riley has arived

    Hi everyone,

    i had my 41 week appointment at the hospital on wednesday the 31st of october. I was booked in to have my induction on the 6th of november while i was there the doc asked me if i wanted him to do a strech and sweep i agreed i wanted this baby naturally.(my 1st was induced) So he did the sweep but said he couldnt feel my cervix so i dont understand how he could do it anyway i went home very disappointed. that night at 6.30 pm i started getting pains every 4 min apart i thought were fake as i had previously had similar pains. then at 7.30pm i went to the toilet and if i hadnt of looked in the bowel i wouldnt have known but i lost my plug with a fair bit of blood in it. and thats when i knew it was for real:-)

    The contractions kept comming and lasting longer my hbby was watching a movie and had fallen a sleep on the lounge I rang my doula to let her know i think things were happening as she lives 2 hrs away, then i woke hubby up at 9.15 pm to tell him i think w better get lachlan all organised as i think this is it. i called the hospital and they told me to come in if i was quiet uncomfy and contrations were lasting 40 sec and 4 min apart. so this was all happening. We dropped off our son and our friends place and left we got to the hospital at 10.30pm and my doula met us there.

    i got settled in and the midwife left us to our own devices. she was a totally hands off midwife and just let us do what we needed to do. we tryed accupressure on my back between contractions and that was great for a while then i tryed just keep moving but i couldnt do this between contractions. at midnight i got into the shower as this was goin to be my pain relief and to my discusst the hot water was luke warm i thought i my goodness how am i going to get through the night anyway my doula had brought cloth nappies with her and there was a hot water earn in the hall way so hubby kept getting buckets of hot water and putting a bit of cold with it and put the nappies in it and using the hot water and cloth nappies on my back and belly and i sat on one on the gym ballto soften everything down under we did this untill 2am and i had an internal and i was 7 cm so i was relived with that news.hard work but we had accomplished something. the midwife asked me if i wanted her to break my waters or not i told her not at this stage as the intensity with no pain relief was as much as i could handle. The midwife would pop in to do my obs and tell me she didnt need to be in there as i was doing so wonderfully. i tell you know i didnt feel i was.

    My doula was so wonderful and encouraging she kept telling me i was doing a great job and that i was a very strong girl. i told her when i was at this stage with lachlan i needed pethadine and she would just encourage me of how well i was doing and i got through without it. then at 5 am i tryed standing and getting up off the ball for contractions and i found this more painfull i had this real bad pressure pain but it didnt feel pushy and every time i felt it i would say quick i have to sit down i would sit and that horrible feeling would go away.

    I had another internal at 6.30am and i was fully dialated she thought i had been for at least an hour. she said if she broke my waters now that pressure horrible feeling would change to pushing feeling as the water pressure wouldnt be there so i agreed i wanted this baby on her shift as she was great. she told me that she wasnt going to tell me when to push as that is what my body was designed for and she let my body do this on its own.

    i was scared i was gong to tear where i had a 2nd degree epesiotomy last time so this held me back a little as i was very tense. any how i got him out with no cut and they checked me to see if i had torn and she said i had a gravel rash but it was too deep just to leave so i think i had about 5 stiches so i was happy with that. i forgot to mention i wa on my knees on the bed leening over the bed with my arms so i belive gravity helped me alot. the cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times so they undid that and she said i was lucky cas i had such a long cord it didnt tighten on the way down so that was good news. he had done a poo while he was inside so they were observig him every 4 hrly. as he had swallowed a bit and had lot of mucus, so feeding poorly, but once he was born he was placed straight on my belly and they didnt cut the cord till th cord had stop pulsing. then i had the placenter but i had problems with a lot of clots. i was having clots the size of my fists and i couldnt get em out so the doctor was really pumping on my belly said if she didnt do it could cause big problems and gave me some more injections to try and help it come away. i was getting these for 24hrs and then they settled down. they weighed Jordan and he weighed in at 8lb 2oz i was pleased and he was 54 cm long. when he came out he looked just like his brother when he was born his twin 2 yrs later bit scarey actually.LOL we couldnt decide on riley jordan or jordan riley so he was baby greck for a while but we finally decided on jordan riley. so inittials are jr g i call him junior greck (jordan riley greck) cute and nick name is Jordie its like me jodie so i was wraped since i didnt get a girl:-) so there is our story sorry its soooooooo long

    Thanks Jodie

    will post pics as soon as i figure it out

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    Thansk for sharing your birth story! What a bugger about the hot water! I would have been fumming!
    I know what you mean about them coming out looking like the twin of your first born. My bys were like that & my newest little girl looked like her big brothers too.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    Congratulations once again on the safe arrival of little Jordan

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    Thanks for sharing your story!
    You did extremley well to say no to pethadine etc after having it with your first.
    Not so good about the clots but glas you are both well now, Congratulations!

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