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    Joshua's Birth

    I was in hospital on antibiotics as ihad a hindwater leak. And on the sunday morning they informed me that i would be induced the next day(24/06/02). i was so excited.
    That afternoon at 4pm they put the gel in me to make sure my cervix was ready. At about 10pm they checked me but not much was happening so tey gave me another dose. Iwent to sleep with some sleeping tablets they gave me as they and i knew i wouldnt sleep otherwise.
    I was woken up at 6am. I got up to the toilet and found that i had ha mny show. i went and had a shower. i could already feel slight contractions.
    i went downstairs for a smoke(naughty i know). then was led to the delivery room.

    My waters were broken at 7.45am. And then five minutes later i started having contractions 5mins apart.

    I coped pretty good till about 9am when i decided to give the gas and air a go. it was marvelous. Anyway i had to stay in bed and i mainly lay on my side with my back being rubbed and my mum cleaning my face and cooling me off with a wet facewasher

    In the birth i had my mum, my aunty pam and two girlfriends anita and jo.
    (partner and i were seperated at time)
    jo cant stand vomit so during my labour if i needed to chuck i would yell out 'JO, IM GUNNA CHUCK" and she'd run out of the room. At one stage i was sitting on the toilet and holding onto my mum. the pain was unbelievable as i had to go without the gas nd air. i had a very strong contraction and i bit my mum. she screamed too then.ha ha
    At 11am i thought that the pain would nver end and i was very tired. i screamed out " i can't do this anymore Get ME AN EPIDURAL" The midwqife checked me to see how i was going and i was only 4cm dialated, she called the anathesiologist. He arrived not long after and the went to put a catheter in me. i hate catheters so refused the epidural and had a shot pethidine instead.
    Just before 12 my mum told me she was going to get a cuppa. I was fine now anyway, i was sleeping between contractions and was coping really well.
    At 12.10 i needed to go toilet but the midwife said that i had to stay
    in bed. i said i really need a wee. then all of a sudden i had the urge to go for a poo.It was so strong. i was saying i need to go 'i need to have a bab' the midwife was trying to keep me calm. She checked me and found baby right at the inside of my vagina. i n 1hr i had dialated 6cms and he'd dropped all the way down. The nurse told me it was time to have my baby. Istarted crying for my mum and anita went to fetch her. my mum came through the door just before i startedpushing. i lay on my right side with my left leg held in the air. i had a huge mirror at the end of the bed so i saw my baby being born. it was amazing.
    At 12.35 my beautiful baby boy joshua andrew was born 6pounds 8 ounces and 49cms. he was perfect. (dont know what happened hes a horror now! lol)


    I had declan by cesearen as he was feet first. he was born 6pound6ounces. and 47cms long. my second gorgeous boy was born at 3.45pm 19/3/04 \/

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    aww thanks heaps for sharing your story

    we all love to read these stories


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    Thank you so much for sharing your birth story with Joshua! LOL at biting your mum!!

    I'd love to hear Declans too! Were you fully anaethetised? Or Awake? It would be great to hear more caesarian stories as its so scary for some women out there and to hear more stories would be great!

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    What a great story. Thanks for sharing it. I had to laugh at biting your mum too.

    Love :hbeat:

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    I really enjoyed reading Joshua's birth story!! Thanks heaps for sharing it O

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    great story. i gave birth to 3 out of my 5 bubs on my side and it was the best thing. i hope to do the same this time.

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    LOL at you biting your mum and having to warn your friend every time you had a vomit!! Thanks for sharing the story with us

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    Thanks for sharing your story savage

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    Thanks so much for sharing youe stories with us