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    Smile Kiara's Birthday

    I met my DF 2 1/2 years ago. We had a whirlwind romance and he moved in within 2 months. We were both single parents. I had a daughter then 4 he had full custody of a son then 3 1/2 and a daughter then 18 months. They moved in I stopped looking for work and decided I would be a full time mum to all 3 kids. Boy did i get a shock.....That was it I wasn't having any more kids - 3 was more than enough.

    Anyway as time passed by I got clucky, settled into being a mum of 3 and DF and I decided to try for a baby together.

    We got pregnant within 2 months. I took a test 4 days before my AF was even due and I thought I saw those 2 little pink lines. So we ripped the test apart and went outside. Low and behold there were 2 lines. So I raced down the chemist and got another test just to be sure. Over the next few days the lines got darker. Yes I was obsessed. But I was pregnant!

    We told the kids when I was 4 weeks and they were so excited to be having a little brother or sister. They wanted to know how many sleeps.

    I had a fairly good pregancy until about 24 weeks. I started having strong BH and was told to take it easy. I then developed SPD which is another story in itself. As well as coping with this we were having extension done. We had to use a camping loo for 3 months, that was hideous. I struggled through, still loving being pregnant though but ended up on crutches for the last couple of weeks. Because of this my OB suggested a C Section.

    We explianed it to the kids and they were counting sleeps. Finally only 12 sleeps to go.

    As D day approached I was getting more and more anxious. Whilst I was in alot of pain I loved being pregnant and was going to miss feeling my baby move but on the other hand I couldn't wait to meet her.

    Mum arrived at 6:15am on Monday 22nd May 2006. The kids were up and so excited as this was the day their baby sister was going to be born. We kissed them goodbye and I cried as we drove out the drive way.

    Arrived at the hopsital at 7am got admitted and they started getting me ready for my 9:30 delivery. I was so scared and excited at the same time every minute waiting for the man in blue to come felt like a day. At this point I was kind of wishing for the natural birth I had craved. I had already had a natural so i knew what to expect.

    Anyway it was about 9:15 when the man in blue came. He wheeled me down to the operating theatre. Now my heart was beating. Had to spend some time in the waiting bay seemed like forever.

    Into the operating theatre and my anethisist came in. I had met him earlier and he was brilliant.

    He told me to lean forward and for DF to stand in front of me to support me but mostly so he could push to needle back if it came out the other side. Very funny man. The epidural was ok and he said I should feel my legs getting warm. Horrible feeling everything was numb. He told me not go anywere to which i replied 'bugger I was going to go shopping'. He laughed and said 'spoken like a true woman'.

    They lay me down tilted the bed to the side and I asked if I would fall off to which he replied 'Not a chance'. Well my leg was moving and I said 'Is my leg moving'. Both he and a nurse raced down the end of the bed and grabbed my leg just in time.

    At this point I was feeling ok but all I wanted to do was wiggle my toes. I am claustrophobic and this was horrible. It took alot of mental strength to deal with it.

    After a while my OB came and away we went. My anethesist was absoultely brilliant through out the whole procedure. I was sick about 5 times, he talked me through it explained why I was sick and I kept asking if they had cut me yet and could he see my baby.

    My OB asked him to push on my tummy and said i would feel pressure. Then i heard them saying and we have a little 'girl'. He put her up for us to see and all i saw were her little feet. I cried I was so happy.

    It was about 5 minutes before I got to cuddle her and she was the sweetest little thing I had ever seen. I couldn't believe she was ours. I was so happy I forgot the disappointment of not having my 'natural birth'.

    Off to recovery i went and DF went up to the nursery with our new daughter who we named 'Kiara Emily'. Back up to my room and there we rang my mum and dad. They had to wait until 2pm to see us as the rest period started just as I got back to my room.

    The kids arrived and they were so cute. They asked what all the 'red' stuff was on her head. The midwife took them with DF to give Kiara her first bath. I was off my tree at this point and stayed that way for the day. I was quite funny apparently.

    The next day I just wanted to get up and about. I still hadn't had a proper cuddle of my baby as they took her to the nursery for the first night. I must say it was at this point I felt robbed of my natural birth as I couldn't move let alone get up to pick her up if she cried. I just wanted to get on with it and for the pain to go away.

    Now 6 weeks later she is the most perfect baby the kids love her and I am coping well with my 4 little ones.

    MMM I wouldn't mind a 5th though.....

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    Congratulations Chele on your precious new addition!

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    What a lovely story Chele! Congratulations on your beautiful little bundle of joy!


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    What a wonderful story, Chele!

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    LOL at your last line Chele! Well done.

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    Congratulations Chele and thank you for sharing your story with us

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    Congratulations Chele, & thanks for the story

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    Thanks for sharing your birth story & Congratulations on the birth of Kiara (very pretty name btw!)

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