thread: Kimberley's birth

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    May 2004

    Kimberley's birth


    I like others i had pre-eclampsia was in hospital on two weekend visits every time i went home blood press went up... Something i think to do with living at the time with my in-laws.

    Then Saturday 1st Feb started throwing up at 1 a.m and thought this is not right phoned hospital and they said come straight in, well in the night we had snow (lived England up to year ago). So slowly we went they did all the same test as they always do and i sent Paul home and said they will just keep me in. In the bed next to me this poor women was say I can't do this i am going home not sure how far in to labour she was.
    But as you can guess they did not let her go.
    Well back to me they did a scan and kimberley was still the wrong way up, had plus four in protein and then was asked how quick can your husband get back. That was at 6 a.m by the time he got back they were putting drugs in to me he nearly passed out an had to lie on the bed next to me as he hates needles.
    Had to have c-section so in a way i got out of all the pain of pushing.

    Kimberley was born 8.06 a.m amd only weighing in at 2.216 kg that is 4 lb 13 oz.

    Now she is a healthy 16 month old and you would not know she was born at 35.3 weeks.


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    May 2004

    LOL Tatty Teddy, the inlaws will do it everytime! LOL

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    Glad to hear that your little girl is doing well despite her tough start to the world!