thread: Lachlan Jack's Dramatic Entrance ..... Very long and possibly distressing....

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    Jul 2008

    What an amzing story. How courageous of you, 50 hrs! No matter how he arrived, thankfully the two of you are fine! What a good sized bub he was too. In saying it was horrible, you have a good story to tell him about his birth in years to come. If you have another child in the futures, I hope things turn out more to the way you plan.

    Although scary, would have been amazing to see the ash falling around the hossy too. Our hossy has massive windows for the maternity ward and the rooms all look out across our country town. When I had been in there visiting others that had had their babies, I never thought much of it, when I was in labour, I found it simply beautiful to look out. You can see for miles it seems.

    May your precious little bundle Lachlan fill your lives with love laughter and happiness always

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    May 2008
    where the V8's roar

    that is an amazing story, thanks for sharing...

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    Mar 2008
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    Oh DD, i cant even see the screen through my tears!!!!!!!!!!

    You are amazing, you, DH and LACHIE.... wow... what a story! WHAT A BIRTH!

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    Jul 2006

    Great story btw, love that all this other stuff was happening, but you were totally focussed on your baby! Sorry you didn't get the experience you wanted, but it was great reading.

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    DoubleK Guest

    oh hunni, what a story! i feel really privilidged to read peoples birth stories.

    you did fantastic! im so happy your baby is now in your arms! it makes it all worth it doesnt it!

    well done! xo

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    Mar 2008
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    Thanks for all your wonderful replies and for taking the time to read my story..... I know it's a sit down with a cuppa kind of length

    Please don't get upset or cry for me ..... it had a wonderful outcome and at least I know next time what I'm in for (go the elective c-section)

    Every cloud has a silver lining and mine has just started to smile .....aaaawwwwwww!!!!!


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    Jun 2007
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    dont know how I have missed this until now....

    Dee you are a wonderwoman, I am so very proud of you...

    You did everything you could to bring your happy baby boy into this world safely, you are already a wonderful mum and thats all he could ask for....

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    Jul 2004

    You did so well. Sorry it didnt go according to plan. He sounds gorgeous though


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    Nov 2008
    Country Victoria

    i have been waiting for this one Dee! Am amazed and both yours and Dan's strength!
    Well done on a beautiful bubba, enjoy all those smiles congrats again!

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    Jun 2008
    Brisbane, QLD

    Dee! You are AMAZING!! Despite the pain, mix ups and not having everything go to plan - This is an absolutely GORGEOUS Birth Story!


    Wishing your little family all the best today and always!

    Alicia xx

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    Nov 2008
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    Wow, congratulations.
    We must be birth buddies or something. My labour was also 50hrs, I had water injections (the only time I swore in the whole labour) as Olive was posterier and in the end had a forceps delivery which resulted in a massive bleed and lots of stitches but I was also preped for a ceaser.

    I can totally understand what you went through and 5mths on I still think about my birth experience but the trauma does heal with time and I am even planning no.2 next year. It feels great to share your story doesn't it? it a great way to begin the healing process.
    You did a wonderful job.

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    wow what an incredible birth story, congratulations you are an amazing woman x

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    Mar 2008
    Kurri Kurri

    Can't believe the slackness of some of those doctors and midwives. Glad everything ended happily for you though. Welcome to your new man Lachlan

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    Feb 2009
    In the poor house...

    Dee, i am sorry you didnt get the birth you hoped for but i am so pleased that yourself, DH and Lachlan came out unscathed - so to speak !

    Congratulations !


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    Jun 2008

    wow sounds just like Jaidans birth! 47.5 hours and it was a nightmare!
    You have your gorgeous boy now though so it was all worth it!

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    Jul 2006
    Cloud nine :D

    Dee you did a fantastic job hunny! Very strong... And WOW what a big bubba lachlan is!

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    Wow, i'm only just reading this now.

    What a dramatic birth story! I was sitting reading this eating a nectarine with juice running down my chin and my eyes out on stalks Dee! FIFTY hours of labour! Then a gigantic boy and ash falling all around as the fires raged....wow.

    I soooo felt your pain when you got the VE and was 3cm - though i had a paltry 12 hours of painful ctx before i was examined and found to be only 2cm. I can't believe how long you were in labour and all the crazy crap that got thrown at you. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing birth story, DS will no doubt enjoy being told about his dramatic entrance, a beautiful baby giant born into a firestorm, for years to come.


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    Jul 2009
    Shepparton Victora


    What a birth story! It really reminds me of mine, i had 57.5 hours of labour, i know what thats like!! Although Tilly was a vaginal birth. Just took so looonnnggg to get to 10cms!!
    Tillys birth wasnt as dramatic, but we certainly had our trying times.. But like you said, it's very very worth it!!

    Congratulations on your little man, Lachlan Jack!

    And i hope if there's a next time around, its a lot smoother!!