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    Hi well where to start,

    Lachlans arrival was a very long one, it all started on Sat the 18 March at 10.40 am, I started having pains along with my first show, I was very excited, my pains were coming 40 min apart so they weren't feeling all that bad LOL.

    I kept that up all day, come Sunday the 19th I decided to pack up and go to the hosp to check things out as I was still having pains and they were coming 7 min apart (so here I was thinking it's time).

    Get to the hosp they did an internal and I was only 3 cm dilated.
    Dam I was so upset by this time couldn't believe I'd only gone that far, so the midwife decided to do a sweep to try help me along.
    I stayed in hosp for a few hours as the midwife thought I would be having a baby in a few hours.

    NO NO NO I went home at 4 pm and was still having pains pains pains all bloody night they didn't stop at all.

    Monday morn 4am I ring the hosp and ask what I should do, they suggested that I come in but I said "oh I'll take some Panandol and see how I go".

    7am time to go my pains were 5 min apart and I was thinking YAY baby today. When I got there they did another internal and I had only got to 4 cm. I almost cried couldn't believe it, after the pain I had been in all weekend arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    They induced me at 10am and said to me "don't worry sweety it shouldn't be too much longer", that gave me hope.

    At about 2pm I said "what's going on? Give me something for pain" so they did.

    By 4pm I was like WTF I'm over it now. I was so tired from not sleeping all weekend. I asked for an epidural as I couldn't handle the pains anymore, so they did it for me.

    Turns out the darn thing didn't work so they tried to top it up at 5 pm for me, still didn't work. At 5 pm I was getting contractions on top of each other. It was finally time. After 40 min of pushing little Lachlan decided to come meet us all, he came out with the cord around his neck. It was a bit scary for a split sec but all was good. I got a second degree tear. I had a trainee midwife holding in Lachlans head as I was pushing him out no one told me to stop pushing. He was coming out too fast anyway I ended up with 35 stiches. The midwife got up the trainee for allowing me to tear. I don't blame her she's learning and I got a healthy happy little boy out of it so i was a very happy camper. 57 hours labour, not nice.

    Sorry it's so long but it was almost a 3 day event.

    Love Skye

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    OOOOOh Skye - ouch!!

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    mizzsocial Guest


    wow what a long labor!!!!

    All worth it in the end!!

    I had a lot of stitches too, dont worry, you'll be surprised how quickly they begin to heal!!

    Congrats on your son!!

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    wow well done for going so long!!
    and congrarulations on the birth of Lachlan

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    thanks guys, hes well worth it alrite love him to bits andbits

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