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Thread: Lady P's exciting birth

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    Default Lady P's exciting birth

    Ok so its a bit late, alright nearly 6 months but oh well.

    Well after a emotional (read biggest understatement of the year) and draining last few weeks of pregnancy I was done.
    I was officially one week over and I just wanted to meet my baby. I was sick of going to bed every night thinking "oohhhh could be tonight" only to wake up in the morning thinking "oh well maybe tonight"
    I was sore and apparently had started dialating (1cm and shortening) according to the midwife who gave me a S&S the week before so where was this baby?

    I had an appointment with the midwife on Monday the 1st of March where I lost it. Overdue pregnant women tears are so not attractive
    I was sore and tired, had four other children to look and was over being pregnant. She booked me a hospital appointment on the Thursday where they would access and go from there.

    Roll on Thursday, DH came with me and after waiting for an hour we went in to see a lovely midwife who thought it was just a normal post dates check up.
    NOOOOOOO I told her as nicely as I could, I want an induction date as history told me an induction date scares my babies into coming.
    She rung downstairs and they said to come back tonight

    We went home to organise the boys and repack my bag and I was suddenly scared. What if??? What if it was a boy? Would I be ok? Scared of the "its a ........?" I started crying again and couldnt stop. DH tried to comfort me but he couldnt so he just held me and let me cry.
    He said we would just take it one step at a time and lets just worry about getting our baby here first.
    He never believed that she might have been a boy and refused to even talk about boys names after "THAT" ultrasound.
    After my meltdown I felt really calm and ready. I really needed to let it all out one last time.
    So we arrived at the hospital at 7pm and was sent to birthing suite to check if it was a gel job or a waters breaking. I was thinking it was a waters as the midwife had already told me I had started dialating but when I was checked again she said I hadnt started at all it was just that I had had so many kids already my cervix was permantly squishy. So the gel it was.

    That was given and an hour later I was taken up to the ward to settle in for the night. DH was sent home about 9pm with instructions be back early.

    I watched a bit of tv and had a bit of excitment with the lady in the bed next to me before I decided to get some sleep.
    I was a bit niggly but tried to ignore it.
    By 11pm I couldnt ignore it anymore so I called and asked for some panadol. My contractions were fairly regular every 5 mins and I was starting to rock through them. I thought they said this would take ages!
    I jumped in the shower and stayed there for an hour before I thought "bugger this" I want DH.
    So I called the midwife and said I wanted to go back to birthing suite. She said I had to be checked first. 5cm and bulging waters no wonder it was sore.

    I rung DH about 1.30am and told him to come back I was going to birthing suite now. After another half an hour of midwife messing around and a slow slow walk and wall rockings I made it down. DH was waiting for me
    By this stage contractions were about 1min apart and I was not happy.
    I dont have a big pain threshold so I said I wanted an epidural. "Ok he is just next door at the moment, he will come through to you next" Awesome I thought, not long to wait.
    I was checked again first and my waters broke shooting the midwife in the face oops sorry. I was still only 5cm.
    Anethetist came in and put epidural in no dramas. Great I thought not long now. Half an hour later I was still feeling everything above my feet! Either the worlds slowest working epidural or somethings not right. He tried to reposition it and again I waited.
    Nup its a no go and I am making lots of strange grunts and groans with a few "F" words thrown in for good measure.
    I was on my side and I remember midwife lifted my leg up to have a look. I nearly kicked her in the face!
    He was going to take it out and try again. "Ok Ok just hurry" I said, "this bloody hurts!"
    The midwife had moved to the side of me to hold the tracer on me as it kept moving off. DH was up by my head when all of a sudden the midwife said "oh shes got a bleed" I looked down to see what looked like litres of blood pouring down my legs! DH turned white stood up and started to freak and the midwife buzzed to get help and pulled the blanket off the rest of my legs. The anethestist who was still trying to put in the epidural, then goes "oh hello baby!" What!
    There was our baby lying between my legs.
    The Drs who had come running in by this stage picked her up and she started gurgling and crying.
    I looked at DH to have him tell me and he said "Shes here, Its a girl!" I started crying then and asked "are you sure?"
    She was here and just perfect. I had my daughter.
    I was still bleeding quite a bit so had to have three injections and very nearly had to go to theatre but thankfully it stopped.

    I think I was just so focused on breathing through each contraction that I wasnt really paying attention to what was happening as I thought she was still ages away. I do remember feeling something just before I started bleeding but then I saw all the blood and felt nothing after that.
    After no pushing I didnt need any stitches either, and I think its funny when I tell people my baby fell out. Maybe I should have had a few stitches after all?

    So thats the long and exciting story of my much longed for stressed over baby girl albeit a few months late.

    Thanks for reading

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    Wow, what a cool birth story! Well done Mumma, congratulations on your baby girl

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    What a great story! I love how they pulled the blanket away and there she was
    Congrats on the safe arrival of your little girl

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    What an exciting birth story

    Well done and a belated Congratulations

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    Great story thanks for sharing! What a cool entrance your little girl made to the world!

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    Oh wow, beautiful! It is amazing what a woman's body can do! Miss Peppar entered the world and wasn't waiting.

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    Great birth story, and I can only imagine you emotions in hoping that you did have the little girl you had been dreaming of. Glad to hear you have your complete family.

    How has your little girl fitted in to a family full of boys?

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