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    Default Logan James Arrival

    This pregnancy was quite different to my first pg. I had early bleeding, horrible achey legs throughout, indigestion, pre labour contractions at 31wks.......the list goes on.

    Because of several different scans i was given several different due dates which was very frustrating. The Drs at the hospital decided to go by the early scan EDD which was the 12/04/06. I however was going by my 18wk scan EDD 04/04/06 as this seemed more likely considering my ovulation cycle.

    By the time 37 wks arrived I had had enough. I did everything i possilby could to try and bring on labour early, I was absoultley huge and incredibly uncomfortable this baby seemed soooo much bigger than Jasper ever did, although the Drs said it felt like a average size and would probably be around the 8lb mark.

    At 39wks i caught a Gastro bug that was going around, I was only sick for 24hrs but felt like i had passed everything in my body several times over.... I ached all over for days afterwards.

    My due date drew closer and the night before I was discussing with my DH how funny it would be if my labour started the same as Japser's did??
    We both went to sleep and I thought nothing more of it. Got up to the loo as per usual during the night but i noticed it was every couple of hours. At 1am i was woken with a pop!! My waters had just broken!!! I ran to the toilet and it all came gushing out, just like it had with Jasper. I couldnt beleive i was going in to labour on MY due date!!! YAY!!!

    Rang hospital to let them know what had happened, they said to come in at 8am if nothing progressed earlier. I woke DH to tell him he said "Oh OK" and promptly went back to sleep!! LOL Contractions started about 15mins later and came every 10. I was so excited that this was all going to be over within the day and I would finally meet this little person who was causing me so much discomfort. I finished putting some last few things in my hospital bag and did a load of washing.

    Thought i had better try to get some rest and layed down from 3am the contractions contuined to come every 10mins. At 6am i got up and went for a walk with our dog Ralph to try and bring on more contrations, but if anything they were getting further apart rather than closer By the time i got to the hospital they had nearly stopped!

    Once there they did a examination to make sure my waters had broken(they had. DER!!)and also so see if i has dilated.I was 4cm!! YAY!! but because my contrations had stopped they offerd me the option of the drip. I agreed as i only got to 4cm with Japser on my own and I wanted to get it all over and done with.

    The drip was inserted at 11am and within half an hour of being on it my body had taken over again and it was turned off. I concentrated on breathing through the contractions as they intensfied. I was focused on not having any painrelief and had great support from the midwife and my DH of course!.

    I had another internal at 1pm and was 8-9cm dilated this was a nice surprise! within an hour I started to feel the ugre to push I thought great 20mins after pushing with Japser he was here, So push I did for what seemed like forever!! finally they told me they could see the head starting to show, this gave me a bit more strength to keep going I had now been pushing for nearly and hour and half.

    The head came out and was told to stop pushing!! My baby had gotten its shoulders stuck(shoulder dystocia), I had to get on all fours (i had been on my back) with this head between my legs so they could try and get bub to move(this was excrucitating!!) :shock:, didnt seem to work so they got me on my back again and asked me to push again the movement must have done the trick and at 3.30pm out came my beautiful BIG boy!!! He was all blue and wasnt breathing so away he went over to the pediactric bed and they revived him took a while before i heard him cry and he was very gurgly. My poor DH had to leave to room he could stand the sight of his new son not breathing. They x-rayed his chest to make sure there wasnt any fluid on his lungs, let me have a quick look and then whisked him away to the humidi crib. His apgar was 1 and 7.

    It was a while before they all came back to clean me up, I had a couple of tears and was stitched up. It was only then that i found out excatly how big my new son Logan James was - 9lb 12oz (4402gms) 56.5cm long and head circumfrence of 36.5cm. I was in shock that I had delivered such a big baby with no drugs and only a couple of tears!

    Logan only stayed in the humidi crib overnight and was breathing well on his own shortly after birth. We are all well now and settling in to home life. I Love my 2 boys and would do it all over again for them!

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Anna, that must have been frightening for you momentarily!

    Congrats on delivering naturally such a decent sized bundle!

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Great birth story, Anna!
    Any wonder you felt so uncomfortable.... Logan certainly was a big boy!! Goes to show that Mum knows best, hey?

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    Anna, you are amazing! Well done! =D>

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    Congratulations! What a big boy. OMG at having to change positions at that crucial time :shock: Well done!

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    Congrats! Wow - you are superwoman to give birth to a big boy with no drugs! Yay! Hope I can take some inspiration from you at the crucial moment! I can't imagine how scary that must have been when he wasn't breathing for a moment. Thank goodness everything is going well.

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    Sal Guest


    what a big boy :eek:

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    Congratulations Anna, you did so well matey. I am really pleased Logan is now in your arms. Thank you for sharing your birth story with us.

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