thread: M2three: Jaspers quick entrance into the world!

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    M2three: Jaspers quick entrance into the world!

    My waters broke on the morning of MOnday 2nd March 2009. My babys' due date wasnt until the 10th, but I was a week early with DD2 as well. I also knew from last time that it could be a while before my first contraction, so I didn't panic. I got DD1 off to school and then my mum came to mind DD2. DH and I went to the hospital at about 9am to get checked out. It was definitely my waters and because my last birth was so fast (under 2 hours) they suggested I hang around. So we went for a walk and sat outside on a rug.
    By the time midday had come I hadn't even had so much as a niggle, no pain, not tightening nothing, so we decided to go home.
    Unfortunately I had to have everyone on standby so my mum had to wait just incase. Well nothing happened and by tues morning we had to go back for our 24 hour check. The hospital I went to had a policy that you can go up to 96 hours before induction (not common in most places, its' between 24-48hours). Anyway, we went back and said NOTHING had happened and we'd like to be induced now! It was 9am and suddenly I started to panic (as they went of to get drip for me). That's when I started to use the calmbirthing that I'd learnt at calmbirthing class. By the time I was hooked up to the sintocin (sp?) I was calm. But I had Dr's, midwives etc all coming in saying it was going to be sooo quick!
    Anyway, nothing happened.... and after about 2 hours the midwife decided to do an internal. I'd had mild period pain for the past half hour, but it wasn't progressing even when the drip was. So internal time and it was PAINFUL. From the second she'd finished I had the strongest contractions and believe it was probably straight into transition. She said I was 5cm but I think with the first contraction I went straight to 10, which is what happened with DD2. So I had to do my calmbirth breathing and was just leaning against the end of the bed (whilst sitting on bed, back was upright)> It was so intense. I had felt like pushing the whole time, so after a while I asked when I could push. She said "but you haven't even grunted yet"!!!!!!!! So for me,that meant calmbirthing had obviously been working!
    As she obviously didn't believe me, I got up and went to the toilet as I was desperate to do a number 2!! The first push and I knew it was the baby . Panic set in (because as I found out later I only pushed for 4 mins) and the midwife called for help and told me to wait till she put her gloves on. I said "NOOOOOOOOO". My calmbirthing, I have to say, went out the window for the pushing. I yelled at the midwife to "HELP ME" and leaned off the toilet onto the edge of the empty bath and my baby boy, JASPER SEAN was born seconds later. I had DH on one side (he said he could see the top of the head when I got off the toilet. I was only on the toilet for seconds) and midwife on the other. It was messy and I did say "I wonder if this happens to celebrities"!! We walked back to the bed, I was holding Jasper and the midwife held the cord as I wanted it to be attached until pulsating stopped. When it did stop I was on the bed and DH clamped it. Then Jasper found his way to the breast (his fav place for sure) and latched on perfectly. The placenta came out after about 15 mins, with lots of pushing, but no drugs to help.
    With all the blood loss though, and having stiches (had them for all the kids) I started to feel very sick, sore and weak, so DH had to take Jasper. I felt that we'd had a good start together though and it seems feeding is his forte, so it obviously helped. With my girls they didn't feed straight away, they were weighed etc first. I think this time letting Jasper do it himself, has set us up for good feeding habits.
    So then the midwife told me I'd had a 45 minute first stage, and a 4 min second stage (although I still believe it was all 2nd stage). Amazing, fast and extremely intense. My most painful birth so far, even though the shortest. I am sure this would've happened with or without being induced.
    The calmbirthing was great up until the end, and helped with the build up to the birth. I am glad the whole thing was short, but it was far more painful and intense than I thought it would be. But it's over now and I have a beautiful BOY!!!

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    Wow that was quick hon. Glad you shared your story with us. Enjoy your baby boy

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    WOW Meg! How intense! Sounds like Jasper was in a real hurry to make his entrance Well done!

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    Wow, that was quick! Well done on getting through it so well Congrats on your little man!

    Thanks for sharing your story!!

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    You're a champion Mto3! Congratulations again on the (rapid!) birth of little Jasper.

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    wow meg so quick!!

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    wow. amazing birth did brill.
    enjoy your beatiful baby boy.
    love rachxxxx

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    wow so quick, congrats on your little mans arrival, a great story thank you for sharing.

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    I still can't believe how quickly the little man came, he must have wanted out! Well done and congrats.