thread: Mason's positive Birth Story

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    Sep 2004
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    Mason's positive Birth Story

    Had the start of a show about 10.30am on the wednesday, then spend the rest of the day trying to get in contact with hubby who was away working, but in a way i guess it kept my mind busy. Show continued to come away all day, pain started about 6pm that night and were all over the place so was thinking its going to be ages yet, hubby finally said about 1.00am that we should go to hospital, i was thinking he was rushing me and i didnt really want to go, but to stop him annoying me i agreed, well he must of sensed something because i had 11 contractions on the way to the hospital. I was coping really well and just breathing through them, was very suprised at myself. When i got to hospital they were a couple of minutes apart and i could still breath through them, but then i got a lot of pressure down low and it was getting too much, so i asked for drugs but she wouldnt give me any, so i cried lol, then she talked me into trying the gas again, as with first birth i found it done nothing, well when used properly it works great, wish i had known that first time around! So i coped with the gas for awhile then had some pethadine. I must of went into transition somewhere here because its a bit blurry after that. I did hallucinate that i had already had him and i was yelling at them that he was already out, well wasnt i dissapointed when i realised he wasnt yet!!
    Hubby said it took 25mins to push him out, which i think isnt too bad. And i used to think that women who said you forget the pain etc were crazy people, well i am living proof that the second time around can be better.
    Has made such a difference to how i am at home with him now as well, i am so relaxed and really enjoying being a parent this time around. I am feeling guilt though at how bad it all was for my first son, but i think i will deal with that as time goes on.
    I feel i had a very positive experience, but i still dont want to ever do it again
    So had him 5.45am thursday morning and got dishcharged friday night and recovery has been going well, did tear and have stitches but i am too scared too look at how many, will leave that for awhile.
    Sorry if its long and thanks for taking the time to read.

    Take care

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    Wow well done Belinda. Thanks for sharing that.

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    Yay Belinda on finally getting your positive birth experience. This story reads a whole lot different to your last one

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Belinda. I'm so glad for you that it was a much more positive experience

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    YAY Belinda! I'm so happy to hear that you had such a positive birth experience this time round
    Thats fantastic that things are going so well for you at home and you are feeling great about it all.

    Congrats again!

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    Belinda, that's great that you got to have a positive birth experience this time around. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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    Great story, Belinda

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    What a great experience for you after your first birth, so glad things were better this time round.

    Best wishes michelle

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    Wow Belinda, what a positive experience. Congratulations.

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    Mar 2005


    Belinda he's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! O

    What a great story-isn't the gas FANTASTIC!!!!

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    LOL Shannon
    I thought at first we had them on the same day and was thinking ok there is something going on here
    But then realised you had to go and beat me too it, the jelousy just has too stop lol

    Thanks for the congrats everyone

    Take care

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    Congrats Belinda !! ..... happy to hear you had a good experience this time around .... big hugs to you !!