thread: Matilda's arrival

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    Matilda's arrival

    Hello there!!! I'm back with a story of the amazing beginnings to Mattie's life...

    Well for those of you who had been following the pre-birth stories in 3rd trimester I'll try to be brief... Little Matilda was 14 days overcooked... she disengaged about 7 days overdue and was unable to be induced on our first date due to her head being no where near the right place, so off we went home and had to go back the next day to be told that it would be unlikely that I would be able to have a vaginal birth... my cervix wasn't near giving birth status, and the baby was no where near where she should be for giving birth. So I went back Wed arvo for inducement again... the baby had moved slightly down into a better position so we were given the all clear to start things moving...
    At aroung 3am I was having contractions every 7 minutes with my hindwaters breaking at 11pm, so DH & Mum came back to the hospital... at 7am I was moved into a birth suite to have my waters officially broken, with the crochette needle thingy...LOL. Then things got really hard, really fast. My GOD!!!! I was lucky enough to get a shower in, and move a bit before I got some gas which whacked me so badly I couldn't think, so I looked at DH and he asked for my epidural.... ahhhhh the bliss!! It was hard though, because I felt like I had failed somehow at that time...a bit of an emotional wreck. ( go figure! ) So that was around 11am, and then my blood pressure dropped dramatically so they had to rush around giving me more drugs to stimulate my blood pressure and increase the fluids going in and the synctocin to try and get baby out quicker.... well I was only 4.5cm dilated at that time and contractions weren't very hard at all according to the monitor and I'm allergic to the meds that help increase blood pressure well... so they slowed things down again turned down the synctocin and epidural.... then around 2.30pm I started feeling the contractions again and the pain relief was wearing off but I couldn't move and was shaking all over. So they increased the epidural and I had only gone to 6cm dilation and the baby rotated half way and stopped. Basically the midwife was really uncomfortable with what was going on and called in the ob who wanted to give us another 2 hours and then see what was happening.... NOTHING HAPPENED... just painful contractions and shaking and no more dilation and no moving along from the little one. So they discussed caesarian again with me as the baby wasn't going to be coming out naturally anytime soon. I agreed before she went into distress I wanted her to be healthy so I agreed. I won't go into anymore gory details as to the caesarian, just that as the epidural wasn't working that well... the spinal block didn't work fantastically either, but 5 minutes later DH was holding our little girl, and crying and I was shaking and chattering and couldn't talk but just amazed by everything. 20 minutes later I was in recovery and she was nursing (without me doing anything because I couldn't) and I still couldn't talk but people were talking with me, and the surgical staff (both surgeons, two nurses and the midwife) were all cooing over the baby and how beautiful she was and how amazing she was... DH & I thought so of course, but they kept saying it.... So I had a pretty rough 24 hours afterwards with medications really messing with my head and she was perfect. She breastfed perfectly for the first few days, no problems.

    So...our little Matilda Lee Janssen was born... bright and beautiful from the beginning... (now if we could only master these cluster feeds!!!) or if I could only master them.... LOL, she seems to enjoy them...

    Oh! I almost forgot statistics!!!

    8lbs 14oz, or 4.04kgs
    52cm long
    35cm head
    born 6.02pm Thursday


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    Wow Christy sounds like you had a full on time with it all. Glad to hear that Matilda arrived safe and sound and as you said in Third Tri you forget alot of it in the end.

    Love :smt049

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    Nov 2003

    Thanks for sharing that story with us, Christy! I'm glad everything turned out okay for you all in the end. Congrats again!

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    Melinda Guest

    OMG Christy! The epidural and the spinal block didn't work too well?!?! Aaarrghh!!!

    I'm just glad that everything turned out well in the end and that you have that absolutely gorgeous little girl in your arms!!!

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    Feb 2004

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Christy

    Glad to hear that everything worked out well & both you & Matilda are well.

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    Feb 2004

    Wow Christy, what a story, I'm so glad to hear that you and Matilda are well after all that - all worth it in the end though! By the way, Matilda is such a cool name, I love it, good choice!

    PS. Which hospital were you at? Just curious, as a fellow Brissie girl.

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    Apr 2004
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    Congratulations Christy, Pete & Matilda!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Christy! Your daughter is so beautiful! And I love the name.

    Happy to hear that all turned out well in the end, although I am sorry that it was not the way you planned. But happy, healthy bub at the end - gotta be worth it!!

    Hope you have an easy time settling into motherhood!

    Gabby O

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    Nov 2003

    wow christy what a full on birht it sounds like u had..
    glad everyting turned out well and shes now here for you to spned time with

    take care

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    Wow Christy that story has never a dull moment. All's well that ends well isn't it, and the method is irrelevant as long as Matilda is delivered safe and sound. You worked hard and were very patient and she was quite large too, so well done to you and Pete and glad things are settling down for you.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Thanks!! It gets less real everyday...

    Beth- I went to Redlands Public hospital in Cleveland... it was fantastic. I can't say enough good things about the BMCS or the community midwife group there.... there are a few programs and the BMCS girls were fantastic, they really looked out for me and protected me through the whole thing. I can't say enough good things about them! They were so patient with me, helping me through everything, even to the anxious night frenzies where I HAD TO MOVE NOW!!!! Anyway.... I'll give them 6 thumbs up from DH, me & Matilda!


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    Mar 2004

    Christy, thank you for sharing Matilda's birth story with us. I have been checking everyime I log in and was so pleased to read the story.

    I hope you are recovering well and look forward to hearing many stories about the gorgeous Matilda!


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    Feb 2004

    Congrats again Christy, and well done on such an epic birth!

    It's great that Matilda fed well right from the start. I know with my next one she's going straight to the breast, see if we can avoid all the problems Brandon's having.

    #-o LOL. Brandon isn't even 3 monhs old yet, and I'm talking about more. I must be insane!

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    Thats scary Susan... I hope I get to that point thinking about the next one...


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    OMG Susan I didn't get to that point till Kameron was 18mths old. Then we waited for a while before we begun trying.

    Love :smt049

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    Feb 2004

    Well, I did always want my kids to be about two years or so apart.

    I was the last of 7 kids, and I was born 9 years after the one before me, so while all the others had lots of siblings to play with as they grew up, I was all by myself, and I don't want Brandon to have that.

    We'll probably start trying for the next one around the one year mark.

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    Jun 2003

    Congratulations Christy! What an amazing birth story. *bighugs2uall*

    Hope you are recovering well, thinking of you.


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    katanya Guest

    Wow Christy what a journey you had! That is pretty full on with the epidural not going as planned, but doesn't it feel better than those contractions! Especially during the induction..intense isn't it!

    It is hard for those of use that have had intervention when all pregnancy we planned a natural spontantious labour, the birth plan has to have such a sharp adjustment!

    The wonderful thing is with modern birthing is you gave birth to a healthy beautiful little girl and you are obviously recovered well, that is the number 1 objective!

    I hope everything continues to go well for you and little Matilda