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    Feb 2004

    Matthew's Birth

    I woke up Monday morning at 2am with a contraction and then was up the rest of the morning as they were coming every 10 mins or so. I thought that this was the start of it. I had them mainly in my back and were pretty painful at the time, looking back though, they weren’t really! Rang the midwives at the hospital, just to see what they said and she said that it definitely sounds like the start and to ring back if they get closer together, last longer and are more painful.

    I lasted till about 4pm and then I thought the contractions were getting closer together, so we rang the hospital and they said to come in… so we did. Got there and they put the monitor on me and I didn’t hardly have any contractions at all!! Boy did I feel stupid! The midwife did a ve and I haven’t even dilated any yet! God, I was depressed and she suggested I went home, but she gave me the option of staying there, I chose to go home.

    Luckily I did as the next day Tuesday, was much of the same, contractions every 10 mins or so and pretty painful. Couldn’t sleep as if I did, a contraction would wake me up. Lots of showers, lots of walking and lots of resting got me through that day. DH stayed home with me, thank goodness, he was a great support.

    Wednesday DH rang the hospital as he was getting concerned that it was taking so long. I was getting a bit frustrated as well and was teary and emotional a lot… being tired didn’t help. The midwife suggested going in to the hospital or going to see my ob… I rang the ob and made an appointment for later that day.

    That day was the same as Tuesday and we went to see the ob. He was concerned about the long time the contractions were taking to get things going and he did a ve as well… I don’t think I had started dilating yet? Can’t remember that part… but he checked my blood pressure and it was high, he wasn’t happy about that either. He called the hospital right there and said I was coming in. He wanted gel to be inserted and to see what happened overnight.

    Ended up getting into the hospital at 8pm, gel inserted at 8.30pm. They gave me sleeping tablets and panadine to get some sleep, but that didn’t work? DH was allowed to stay with me, which was great, we just lied in bed and watched telly. I kept waking up and having contractions, same as usual, until about 5.30am when they were getting more painful.

    OB came in and saw me at 7.45am, decided to break my waters and insert the drip. That was fine but I was now restricted, I couldn’t move from the bed which was annoying. The contractions started coming closer together and getting more painful and I was breathing through them okay. It was good for a little while, had nice music playing, oils burning. It was great knowing that bubs was on his way. He was doing okay as well. I was thinking, I can do this.

    Then about 11.00am, the pain just started getting worse, got onto the gas and that did nothing. Just made me feel ill. At 11.30am I asked for an epidural (didn’t want pethidine). Midwife did a ve and agreed with me as I was 3cm or so. Took an hour of agony before the anaesthetist to come and put the blasted thing in. It is so hard to curl up to get him to stick this thing in your spine while having contractions every minute… but once it started working it was bliss. I could feel the contractions happen but not the pain. My legs felt tingling but it was all good. Also at this time they kept losing contact with bubs heartbeat so they got the ob to insert an foetal scapal monitor… so I had all these things coming out of me in all sorts of places. He also wasn’t happy that I hadn’t progressed very far, especially with the contractions being so painful and close together. He mentioned that if things didn’t progress that afternoon, he would think about doing a ceasar.

    Then about 4.00pm. I started feeling the contractions again. Mainly in my back. They were getting more painful and I asked the midwife if this was normal. She upped the epidural but it just wasn’t doing it anymore. I was in agony again and was screaming the hospital down it was that bad. I pleaded for DH to do something, I just couldn’t handle the pain. The midwife rang the ob and got him in to examine me to see what they could do. He didn’t get there until 5.30pm – seemed like forever. He checked me and I was fully dilated and asked me if I had the urge to push. I hadn’t had the urge but did so through each contraction. This would have to be the hardest thing I have ever done, it is so painful. He was coming down the birth canal – apparently – but after each push I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain, I also felt really sick – at this stage I was having no pain relief at all. The ob come back in to check me at 6.30pm and I told him I couldn’t do it. Bubs’ heart rate started to go down then and that made the ob take action. He told me that he wanted to do a forceps delivery and that we could do it in theatre with me having a spinal block. That way if things weren’t going well or he wasn’t coming out then he would be able to do a ceaser. I was in that much pain, I just wanted him out so I agreed with that. It took half an hour to get into theatre and it was the most painful 30 minutes of my life. As they were wheeling me down, I was still having contractions of course and I was screaming in pain, luckily this was the back way, no visitors. I got in there and they prepped me, I crushed all the nurses hands during each contraction and the aesthetic made me throw up, so I threw up all over another one. I was glad they were all there as they were fantastic. The midwife was there too and a paediatrician, they were great, they all were a great support. The hardest thing was DH couldn’t be there, he was getting changed into surgical gowns and was told to wait until my spinal block kicked in, before he could come and be with me. When the spinal block went in, the relief was instantaneous, I couldn’t feel anything from about boob level down. The ob went to work and I couldn’t really feel anything, just a little pulling, he asked me to push, I thought that I wouldn’t be able too, but I managed to do 3 pushes and then I heard a cry. Our bubs was out at 7.11pm and he was crying! Such a relief to hear that sound. They showed him over the screen to us and his eyes were open and he was crying. He was so beautiful! I started crying myself as soon as I heard his cry, the relief he was out and was okay was amazing. They whisked him away to clean him up a little and do the agpar score ( which he got 9, then 10 ), then they bought him back and DH got to hold him while they stitched me up. I ended up having to be cut. Once I was all ready, I had to go into recovery for 45 minutes, while DH had Matthew back in my room.

    So that’s the birth story, recovery has taken a while but I am on the way back, slowly getting my body back (if you ever do!). It was a long and painful labour and I am not sure I ever want to do that again, unless I have an Epidural straight up. However, Matthew is the most gorgeous baby we have ever seen, and yes we are biased! He come out very alert and has light brown hair and apparently looks like his daddy!

    Thanks for reading it!

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    May 2004

    Whoooohhh Nelly!! lol. Sounds like you had a bit of a rough time with it all. But remember if and when you go back for a 2nd, it can be alot easier than the first.

    I am glad Mathew was ok after all that, it's amazing what they have to go thro!

    Heaps of congrats again


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    Feb 2004

    Wow Nell what an amazing story. Sounds like a rough ordeal, but Matthew is definately worth it by the sounds

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    Jackie Guest

    Hi Nell,
    Sounds like you really had a tough time, but I'm sure it's all worth it
    In a few months it will hopefully seem half as bad and you might then consider going for number two.
    Each birth is different, so if you do decide on trying again, you might be surprised with a nice easy birth to make up for this one

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    What a gorgeous story Nellbe. Had been hanging out for days to get your SMS Glad to hear that you didn't need the ceasar but eek at not even the epidural doing it's thing !!


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    kirsty Guest

    What an ordeal you went through to have your little man. So glad you have shared your story, hope you & your DH are enjoying parenthood.

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    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Wow Nell, you really went through it didn't you hun.
    Congratulations on the birth of little Matthew, i bet he is worth every minute of it!

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    Nov 2003
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    Well done Nel, such an ordeal, but just think you DID it! Glad you didn't have to have the ceaser. The girls are right, eventually you may forget a little how bad it is/was and no birth is ever the same.

    I hope you are all well
    Best wishes Michelle

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    Jul 2004

    Oh Nell your story made me cry! You did such a great job bringing Matthew into the world. *Huge pat on the back* Well done!

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    Mar 2004

    Well done Nell, you did such a wonderful job. Welcome little Matthew!


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oh Nell, it sounds like it was quite an ordeal - you did so well!
    Reading your story brought tears to my eyes...

    Congratulations again =D> ... he is just the most gorgeous little boy too!!!

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    Jackie Guest

    Just had a look at your webpage Nell, Matthew is a gorgeous little fellow

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    Sep 2004
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    Congratulations and well done honey. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I have to agree too little Matthew is gorgeous. A job well done.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow! What an incredible story! Well done Nell. I hope I can be as brave as you when it's my turn

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    Apr 2004
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    Wow Nell,

    What an ordeal. Glad all is well in the end and Matthew is worth it!

    Happy babygazing and my congratulations on your new family!

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    Jan 2005

    Wow Nell,

    What a huge ordael you went through you poor girl.
    Holding Matthew in your arms makes it all worth it.
    Congratulations to you and DH.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery
    Take care Leah

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    firsttimedad Guest

    Congrats Nell and well done, what a mammoth effort. Im can imagine what your dh was going throughout ordeal i went through a littel similar yet not quite so long for labour time but time in hospital was similar b4 arrival though. I will post my Story in next day or so as you have inspired me to....hehe


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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi Nell

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.....and congratulations on the birth of little Matthew! He sounds beautiful!

    I really enjoyed reading your honest account of your birth experience...thank you!