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    My birth story

    I was due on April fool's day. Eight days before the due date I had an appointment with my lovely midwife at the birth centre. DS hadn't engaged at all, but otherwise all was well. After the appointment I had a very busy day, with a stretch class, getting the car seat installed, a long lunch with a girlfriend, and then an aquanatal class.

    I got to sleep at about 11pm. DH and I had...ah hem...done the deed, and I had in the back of my mind the thought that it might help things along. At 2am I woke with really uncomfortable Braxton Hicks. I went to the loo and had a show. I tried not to get too excited having heard that it can still take a week for labour to start. I took a couple of panadol and decided to try and get some sleep.

    At 4.15 I still hadn't slept when I felt a pop and ran to the loo to find that my waters had broken. There wasn't a huge amount, but it made the contractions a bit stronger. I decided then to call my mum, I hadn't woken DH yet but wanted to talk to someone. Once I got off the phone I woke DH with the news, and we starting showering, warming up heat packs, finishing off the hospital bag packing etc.

    I called the hospital at about 4.30 to let them know I'd be coming in later. A couple of hours later my contractions were getting pretty close together, and lasting 45 - 60 seconds, so we called again and were told we could head in soon.

    We got to the Birth Centre at about 7.30. It was lovely and relaxing there, and nice to see my midwife. We set up a big beanbag on the double bed and set about working through the contractions. I'd read Birth Skills, so was trying to use those techniques. DH was good at keeping the heat packs warm and rubbing my back. After a while I had an internal and was very disapointed to hear I was only 1.5 - 2cm! My midwife did something to move it along (not sure what), but she said she'd got me to 3cm. I think it was shortly after that I vomited up my breakfast.

    At about 11am my midwife did another internal and proceded to tell me the bad news that I was only 4cm and that DS's head was sideways which was causing my cervix to swell a bit. She didn't think I was progressing well enough to continue what we were doing, and told me that she thought I needed to be hooked up to synthetic oxytocin. This meant transferring to the labour and delivery water birth, no nice birth centre room, and a drip! (I've got a bit of a fear of needles) I'd read so much about the cascading effect of intervention that I was so scared that this was the beginning of what would end in a c-section. I was on the verge of tears, but decided that my midwife knew best, and that whatever got DS out safely was OK. Oh, and I think I chundered again at this point.

    We got the labour room which we'd seen on our tour, so it was nice to have a little bit of familiarity. I looked away while the m/w inserted the drip, and don't think I opened my eyes for about 10 minutes afterwards! I got connected up with external foetal monitoring. Then I got going on some gas. I turned to DH when the m/w had gone for some lunch, and said "This isn't so bad now, the pain's still there, but I'm getting high at the same time" I really got into the zone with the gas. From then on I was sitting on a stool at the end of the bed. I didn't want to move too much because of the drip, and didn't want to move out of range of the gas tube.

    At 3.45 my midwife said he'd do the next internal at 4pm. I was dreading hearing that I wouldn't be far enough, but thought that wouldn't be the case given the feeling I was having of pressure deep in my pelvis, and wanting to push. So when 4pm came I got up on the bed and was told I was ready to go. I was so relieved! My midwife told me to grip onto my thighs and push. So there I was giving birth on a bed, something I didn't think I'd do, but I didn't feel like moving anywhere.

    At 4.14pm, after 14 minutes of pushing, and that awful burning sensation, out came out beautiful son! He was placed on my chest for skin to skin, and shortly afterwards his first feed. It was such an amazing experience. My placenta came out 6 minutes later with another push, and DH cut the cord. I found the advice in Birth Skills regarding pushing was helpful - using the coffee plunger image, and not pushing using my neck.

    DS was 9lb 6oz, 55cm long, with a head circumference of 37cm. His apgar was 9 and 9. I needed a few stitches to the labia for 1st degree tearing.

    Whilst I had the artificial hormones, and gave birth in the L&D ward rather than the Birth Centre, I'm happy with my birth experience. I loved that my midwife came down with me, and she was the only person there the whole time, other than my DH - who was just fantastic throughout.
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    What an awesome birth, you did a fantastic job!

    Thanks for sharing your great story

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    Congratulations on a wonderful birth and the birth of your son!!

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    Congratulations, on both your son's arrival and the wonderful job you did.

    Nae x

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    You did well


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    Congratulations and well done - thanks for sharing your birth story :-)

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    Kurri Kurri

    Excellent story and congrats on your new little man