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Thread: My birth story and announcing Texas!

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    Default My birth story and announcing Texas!

    Our Birth Story and announcing.....


    I went into hospital on Wed 19th for the Prostin Gel. So bub's was monitiored for about 1hr and gel was done around 3ish. Than i got it again around 10ish.

    I proceded to have steady comtractions all night, only ended up on 2hrs sleep due to them and doing laps of the ward to help them subsided!

    At 6am bub's was monitered again, i was than taken down to labour ward and waters were broken at 7:45! Boy oh boy did the contractions hit hard and fast. I thought i was going to die..... and was only getting roughly 30secs inbetween each.

    After about 1 hr of these the midwives decided that it was just a irritable uterus and not actually doing me any good.... mainly causing un due pain. So in came the gas..... and i was sucking that down to try and relieve something.... but all it did was make me loopy and everyone in the room was cracking themelsves at me!

    So decided to go with Pethadine shot... epidural man was busy so it helped in the mean time! I was only 4 cm dilated at this stage.

    Finally epi man arrives.... i'm in position he had 6 attempts to get it in the right spot but couldn't seem to. So he gave me a spinal block (instant relief) and said he would send in another guy to have a go! I got 2 hrs sleep after that and woke just in time to have the epi done.

    We sent glenn out to get lunch only to have a internal and they find that i was fully dilated and ready to push (felt like i desperatly needed NO.2's). So midwives suggested letting the contractions do all the pushing till glenn got back.... so i layed back and rested!

    Glenn walked back in the door at 2:35pm midwives told him what was going on and i was ordered to push till my heart was content.

    So..... little Texas Aston Joe was born spot on 3pm, he had the umbilical cord around his little neck. So all was fixed with him and i had cuddles for a while. He is just so beautiful and MINE!

    So glenn and i were both admiring our little one when everything went wrong. Bub got ripped off me. Glenn got shoved in the corner of the room, and Obs was screaming orders around. Thats basically all i remember till about 8pm that night. So the rest is what glenn and hospital staff tell me!

    So Obs was trying to stop my bleeding.... and in the process of this happening a Code Blue was called, glenn and bubs were kicked out of the room! Apparently every Doctor in the hopsital was in my room at one stage.... bit of a worry really. I had min to no BP, constantly shivvering and 2 burst blood artaries in the wall of my vagina that took some time to stop!

    I needed 4 blood transfusions due to the a loss of about 2 litres. Needless to say you can imagine how many lines in and out i had in my arms. They are bruised so badly that everything hurts and i am only now about to actually pick up little Tex!

    So know that we are home.... i am constantly cuddeling Tex... i missed out on all the imprtant bonding time in hospital. So defianlty making up for it now!

    Love Kirby

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    Awww yay Kirby, congratulations

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    Wow. Sorry to hear about the drama but so glad that everything is alright now & you can cuddle your little man to your heart's content. Thanks for posting your story & a big congrats to you.

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    Oh my gosh - you had tears in my eyes and goose bumps for the first half of your story than i was really worried for you in the 2nd half!
    Im soooo glad all turned out well in the end and you are home with your precious bub and Partner!

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    Thanks for your well wishes girls....
    I'm still recovering and can't wait to be 100% again.

    Love Kirby

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