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Thread: My Cory Jaye's Birth Story (from 2 years ago oops was it that long ago)

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    Default My Cory Jaye's Birth Story (from 2 years ago oops was it that long ago)

    Brief history before I get into the nitty gritty LOL

    Luke and I had not been together for all that long (under a year) when one morning I woke up feeling so incredibly sick I could not get out of bed it was horrible. This lasted for a day and a half before I thought maybe I had food poisoning as it wasn’t shifting and I wasn’t feeling any better. Well I got my MIL to help me to the doctor with water bottle in hand. Saw the doctor who did her business and she asks when my last period was I had no idea (was terrible with remembering those things) anyway she asks me to go pee in a cup (which I hate with a passion not the nicest things to do) and she does the test it comes back a faint positive so she tells me to go get a blood test. So waiting for that phone call that night for the doctor to ring back was the longest wait of my life. The phone rings and he asks if I am sitting down I instantly knew I was pregnant. I looked at Luke and we both giggled what else is there to do not what we had planned but so very exciting none the less. We go and tell Luke’s family who we knew would be very supportive and they were. The following day I ring my sister who was fabulous she drove down to see me and brought me a little Tigger outfit (which is one of the nicest photos I have of my son displayed wearing this outfit). Went for my scan and found out I was 10 weeks pregnant yes 10 weeks I had already nearly hit the second trimester………………………………

    My pregnancy was great once I knew I was pregnant the morning sickness went and I didn’t feel ill at all. I had no problems what so ever until I started getting terrible stretch marks and being summer made it all the worse to deal with I used to wake up during the night scratching away and would have to get a cool face washer to relieve some of the itchiness. Went to every chemist in my area to find different creams and ointments finally found something which works and I was fine after that thank goodness. I hit the 40 week mark and got bombarded with the questions when is that baby coming etc but it wasn’t annoying I liked it being fussed over LOL as we all do! I went to the doctor at 40.3 weeks and I remember complaining about something and the doctor said hold on I will see if I can organize an induction date. My doctor gets off the phone and says “How would you like to have a baby tomorrow morning” oh my god I reply are you serious so off I go and explain to MIL I will be a mummy tomorrow. They had planned to go to QLD for the weekend and held off the day to wait for bub to be born which was lovely of them. So that afternoon we do the rest of the baby bag and hospital bag buy some magazines and nibbles for the long wait and pack everything up and do the last check of the nursery knowing next time we would be bringing our newborn home with us.

    That night we headed off for an early night having being induced at 7am the next morning, woke up and thought I had a contraction being my first I had no idea what these felt like so tried to go back to sleep but sure enough there was another one. Me being me didn’t time them and tried to sleep though them. Finally they got too strong I ended up in the shower which was lovely and I shaved my legs and armpits knowing this was it (didn’t want to be a hairy ape now did i?) Luke went and had a shave and a quick shower and we jumped in the car to head off to the hospital. That was hard having contractions on the way they were so painful and being all cramped up in the car so didn’t help. Silly us didn’t even ring beforehand didn’t know we were meant to, so arrived at 3am buzzing the emergency ward to let us in. A midwife watched me walk up the hallway and watched me have two contractions up the hallway. She said had I not have had one she would have sent me home as it is a decent walk LOL. They set me up in the delivery room where I would go on to have my son and did all the paper work and questions etc all the time with me having contractions.
    I was asked if I would like to have a shower which I declined I get very flustered easily and I knew if I got wet I would freak out. My sister ended up coming down which was great she was a real great help with encouraging me during the harder times. I was 3 cms when I arrived at the hospital which was good and because I was getting induced anyway they were happy for me to stay. They pretty much left us to it and when it got too bad they gave me a shot of pethidine which made me vomit and feel very sleepy. I ended up with a drip in my arm from being sick a few times to pump some fluid into me even though I was drinking water like it was going out of fashion. This part is all blurry im not sure of times etc but I do remember the midwife telling me I would have a baby by lunch time well lunch time came and went and still no baby. I kept asking when will we be finished LOL I was very much over it and very tired. I was in labour for 9 long hours by this time and still no baby so they got my doctor to come in and told me my son was prosterior and he would need to be suctioned out. I didn’t actually know what this was as I didn’t do my fair share of reading when I was pregnant and when they mentioned the word “EPIDURAL” I freaked out and started crying and telling Luke no I don’t want it I don’t want it” well the guy was a pig and said that’s fine than don’t have it and I will go away and you can have a c-section….Well the catherter was inserted after the epidural which was hell holding still though bad contractions but they got it in first go and it was bliss couldn’t feel anything but once they inserted the suction boy god did I feel it being twisted and turned I was screaming out in pain while they told me to push. And push I did god it was painful. I had so many people in the room I had my sister taking photos and Luke up on the bed holding one leg up in the air another midwife up on the bed telling me when to push and I had the doctor doing the suctioning my GP and also 3 midwifes ready fro when my baby was born it was a full house. After an episomy and some more suctioning my little boy was born at 2:33pm. I asked what sex he was and nobody answered, I asked again and the doctor said your partner can tell you Luke whispers it is a boy I cried it was a wonderful moment. We had a little son. I had a feeling we were going to have a boy and I was right. He was taken and got the mucus sucked out of his mouth and had a bit of oxygen and was happy and crying! They weighed him and he was a big 9 pound 11ozs and 54cms long. He didn’t look huge though but very chubby arms LOL. Luke and my sister had a cuddle while I was stitched up and my doctor was so proud he even shown Luke the stitches he was proud hehe. I than asked if I could cuddle my boy. I was so worried as he had a massive egg on his little head which looked horrible but did go down within hours and within a few days you couldn’t see anything but a little scab. Cory Jaye Weir we named him. Cory was born with left talipes (clubfoot) and that is a whole other story in itself, which turned out all good.

    My little boy has just turned 2 and is a very clever little boy who is elarining something new every day and i wish i didnt wait for so long to get soe of this down as i have forgotten some of the details which kinda sucks but i remember everything in my mind somewehre i know it. We are know 14 weeks pregnant with number two and i so can't wait to be doing this all over again.... Sorry it is so long but i didn't want to leave out anyhting that i could remember i could have kept going and going and going (like now LOL)

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    Kellee Guest


    Thanks for sharing your birth story with us. I hope you have a more simple and less drawn out birth this time around! IKWYM - getting pg again brings up all the old memories and it's nice to indulge and reminisce. Hope your pregnancy goes well, and I look forward to reading your next birth story!

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    Thank you for sharing your birth story with us.

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    What a great story! I love the emotion you portray when you find out that you have a son...what a beautiful moment

    Congratulations on your new pregnancy and I hope this birth will go exactly to plan! At least you will be much better prepared this time around


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