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Thread: my late birth story well 2 years late .

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    Post my late birth story well 2 years late .

    My Little man Willow is 2 years old

    make a coffee or tea as this is kind of a novel
    Well I was scheduled to have a C-section due to ,
    my little man was a footling breech (ouch)
    so on the day I was very nervous my Dh and my Mum were keeping me company ,
    I could just have one person in with me so ofcourse my Dh came in ,
    but before surgery I was given a epidural I had MANY
    needles as I could still feel ,
    They told me I have a sensitive lower back ,
    so now I was ready first I felt really sick and I vomited as my blood pressure went up and down ,
    then my Dh walked in looking all sexy in he's surgery outfit LOL,
    it was very fast and my little man Willow hiccuped when he was born ,
    sooooooooooo cute , I got to hold my little one ,
    we had a loving moment and my Dh and I were crying ,
    my Dh and Willow left the room and I was just waiting to be stitched up ,
    it was such a weird feeling hearing the Surgeons talk like your not there ,
    but there was a very nice guy who was making jokes and trying to get me to stop thinking about whats happening around me ,
    when I was in recovery I felt warmth on my feet and then they were hot , the pain hit me fast I was starting to feel EVERYTHING ,
    I told a nurse she gave me some Morphine ,
    now that knocked the pain and me out ,
    I had a really bad night I couldn't get up as I had a catheter , and my body was sore ,
    I could not get up to change my pads and no-one helped me ,
    I asked a nurse and she did it once ,
    I felt so helpless as my Dh was home with our girls and it was late at night,
    and my new baby was with the nurses ,
    I hated myself ,
    I also press the button for help and knocked myself out with the pain and ,
    many hours later I woke up and press the button again
    I was in soooooooooo much pain I had to have more pain killers and I was feeling it really bad , a nurse yelled at me and told me she has given me enough WHAT CAN SHE DO ,
    I yelled back and told her I can't Believe you are treating me like this ,
    and the next morning I complained about her as she was in my room with another nurse but the other nurse was worse , and I told her take out the catheter I'm going today ,
    so she did , now how uncomfortable,
    a person I hate near my private area ,
    I got up out of bed when no one was in the room to go to the toilet the pain my tummy was on FIRE ,
    I was dripping with sweat ,
    I got on the toilet trying not to scream ,
    and when I tried to get up I could not stand ,
    I pushed the button for help no-one came
    I had to push the emergency button and everyone came ,
    and a nurse helped me up and said oh is that all ,
    I was in hell ,
    that day my Baby I went to another hospital to recover as the other hospital only delivers
    now that was wonderful
    and then the next day WE were home ,
    but I had to sleep sitting up with 5 pillows behind me ,
    and I found it so hard to sleep for many weeks I was like the princess and the pea but with pillows LOL,
    but my little man was worth it .

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    Thanks for sharing your story.
    I'm so sorry to hear you had such an awful experience in hospital.

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    that treatment is disgusting...i would of put a offical complaint in huni.
    thanks for sharing and well done for talking about it.
    love rach xxx

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    What an interesting story - sorry you had such an aweful experience at that first hospital. Just wondering where you are and whether you ended up reporting the nursing staff once you got home?

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