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    Jade Guest

    My story of childbirth

    Dylan Daniel Ewing was born on Thursday the 12th February, 2004

    I woke up with contractions that morning at about 9:00.
    By 4pm, I had decided it was time to go to the hospital, so my husband drove me there with my best friend.
    When I arrived, they examined me and said I was about 2 1/2 centremeters dialated.
    They checked my blood preassure but didn't like how high it was so they attatched a monitor across my belly to meassure the baby's heartbeat.
    His heartbeat was drastically slowing down with each contraction. At this point I got really scared for him and burst into tears.
    They decided to break my waters and attach one of those sensor things to his head. There was a lot of fluid that came out when they did this, it ended up all over the bed and dripped onto the floor in a nice puddle.
    The contractions really started to get strong by this point and they gave me the gas which I though was horrible because it made me really dizzy and I was having trouble breathing slowly and calmly because I was so worried about what was happening. I couldn't stop my legs from shaking, that was probably from my blood preassure being so high.
    The doctors weren't happy with things so they wheeled me into the opperating room, gave me a spinal block and gave me an emergency caesarean.
    I was so scared about having a caesarean but it was a huge relief to have the spinal block and not to feel the contractions anymore.
    My husband was with me the whole time and the surgens were really good about telling me what was going on and keeping me calm through the whole thing.
    It really is an amazing thing to hear your new baby cry for the first time.

    They took him and put him in an incubator thing over night because they thought he was breathing a bit too quickly which I guess was part of the shock from being born and distressed.

    Everything turned out alright in the end, we both recovered really well from everything and my blood preassure reterned to normal okay. Aparently I had got pre-eccampsia at the last minute which is was complicated things.

    We are both doing really well, he is now 9 days old and has settled down into things and is putting on weight nicely.

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    Jade Guest

    I forgot to mention that he was born at 7:39pm

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    Great to hear it all went okay in the end Jade, and you both have recovered well. Kameron had a monitor attached to his head too after my waters were broken and Andrew still refers to it as his antenna

    Goodluck with everything and will be chatting to you soon in the newborn forum.

    Love :smt049

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    Nov 2003

    hey jade
    thanks for sharing your story.. good to hear it all went ok in the end.

    speak to you soon
    take care

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    Feb 2004

    Hey Jade, and welcome to little Dylan

    Glad to hear you are both doing ok. Congratulations on bringing a little life into this world!

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Hi Jade,

    Congratulations! And welcome to Dylan!

    Hope you are feeling all OK, and that you and your new family are settling in well together.........

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    angelsgift Guest

    hi iam libby ive had 3 children the first two were boys and i felt no pain i was still doing house work while having contractions and when they were being born they flew out the whole labour was only 4 1/2 hours from begining to end but with my third it was diferent ,i decide to stay home till the waters broke as i hated hospitals ,when the contractions become harder and closer the pain was horrible i felt cold then hot, i sat on the floor with the heater near me and when the contrations came id kick the wardrobe .netherless to say when the waters broke my daughter did not want to wait so the ambulance got there to late so my husband had to deliver her himself and to make it worst i had to wait till i got to the hospital till i could deliver the placenta which caused more pain than the delivery itself .i could not walk for 4 days propally because of the presure the placenta had put on my spine.but overall it was ok and worth it .
    if anyone wants to chat about their experiences you can either email me or chat on yahoo .i can seem to be able to pm anyone .

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    Nov 2003

    hi libby,
    sounds like you had a rough delivery with your 3rd child.. glad it all worked out for you and your daughter arrived safley, must be pretty special for your husband to deliver the baby..
    sorry to hear about the pain with the placenta..


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    angelsgift Guest

    thanks leslie

    yeah my daughter is gorgeous except she is a little tiny she is very smart though .my husband had depression with our second child and he was a little distant with our daughter at first but because i delt with depression all my life i new what was wrong and got him help now he is crazy about all is well that ends well.

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    Hi Angelsgift

    If you are talking about Avatars, I am pretty sure you have already been told about it in an email from BellyBelly, but to refresh your memory you have to become a full paying member of BellyBelly to have one created for you. Some people have taken the time to design their own and host them on their own websites though. Also please try to refrain from using caps in a post as it is a sign of yelling.


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    angelsgift Guest


    i dident realize that i might have to become a full menmer then hey O thanks for that and sorry about the big letters i dident realize it was yelling :-#