thread: My VBAC Birth Story - 29.6.2010

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    My VBAC Birth Story - 29.6.2010

    Well, I dunno where to start but I'll give it my best, lol

    My son was born 21.6.2008 via emergency c-section. I was in labour for 17 hours. Well just about. My waters broke at 2 cm dilated at 7:3pm0 on the 20th and I was getting regular contractions. Hwas posterior and I had horrible back pain. He was born at 1:22pm on the 21st. The dr tried the ventouse on him and tried turning him but it was a no go ..

    This time I really wanted a VBAC. My kids father hasn't been around for some time (its a very long story ) So I found a student doula to attend with me.

    Sooooo .. My hospital had given me my VBAC 'rules' .. Just stuff like going in as soon as I start contracting, continuos monitoring etc .. the usual. So, Monday night (28th) at about 7:30pm I posted on here trying to figure out if I was actually having contractions or not. My uterus was tightening every 6-7 minutes and I could feel alot of pressure on my cervix, but because they didn't hurt I didn't think anything of it.

    So, I went to bed around 9:30pm and I woke up at midnight to contractions every 3 minutes apart. I still wasn't 100% sure because they weren't entirely painful, they hurt but not anything like with my son (back labour was so different) so I was using that to judge whether I was in labour or not .. At a qurater to one I posted on here I was about to get ready and head off to the hospital.

    I called my dad and he came around to pick me up. While I was waiting for him I rushed around getting DS bag ready coz I hadn't finished packing it .. lol.. But dad forgot his tooth (lol) so I told him there was no rush and he could go back home and get it. We left about 1:40am. While we were driving I was feeling a bit nauseous and wanted to vomit (but I didn't) .. We got to the hospital slightly after 2. (I live out of town) ..

    When I got there they put me on the monitor to check bubs and the contractions and they left the room. Just before the doula got there I had a small vomit in the bin, she got there shortly after we did and helped me to stand up and keep the monitors in place. The contractions were about 2 minutes apart by now and I was standing, shaking my hands through them going 'ow' lol ..

    The midwife came back in and asked if I'd like to be checked and I said 'yes' .. So I get moved into the actual delivery room and while waiting for the midwife to come back I got the canula put it (VBAC rule, but it was one I didn't mind .. Just a canula .. lol) The midwife came back to check me and she made a 'oh' sound while checking me and I thought she was going to say I wasn't very far then she says "Your fully dilated I can't feel any cervix, and theres a bulging bag of waters" .. It was so good to hear that! It was at this point they decided it was too late for the GBS antibiotics.

    So my dad was going to go home with my son, but since we didn't think it was going to be long I said he may as well hang around, So he went to the TV room with DS. I got into a better position on the bed (actually, with the help of the doula. I had arms leaning on the head rest bit, on my knees or squatting? anyway .. ) while I waited to feel the need to push, which came pretty quickly.

    Before I started pushing, I felt how far in her head was. Not even half of my finger and I could feel her head! The next few minutes isn't the clearest, But I remeber feeling bubs head as she was coming out and exclaiming how strange the overlapping felt. I really wasn't feeling much pain at all. I also joked about needing to poop and the doula telling me to just go on the bed .. hehe .. After only 5 minutes of pushing I gave birth to my daughter at 3:05am .. I turned around and sat down so I could hold her properly and the first thing I said was "Is she ok to be this small, shes too small" .. I thought she was unhealthily tiny, but she was a good 3290grams (7lbs 4oz) .. and 51cm long.

    Because she came out so fast, I did get a few tears. A 1st degree perineal tear, labial tear and periurethral tear. The labial tear got stitches, all the way up both sides of the inner labia. The midwives kept talking about how strange they were. It was so odd they kept talking about my bits lol ..

    They went and told my dad he could bring DS in now (he couldv'e stayed for the birth if I wanted, which I did, but I didn't think he'd handle it very well) he ran in going "mum, mum, mum" saw the baby (breastfeeding) then stopped and didn't want to come near me .. He came around later that day when someone else held the baby, he dived on me. Now he asks for cuddles and will just randomly come up and kiss her, or rub her hair

    I came home the next day .. I'm so glad I got my drug free VBAC .. And it was fast, 3 hours labour and 5 minutes of pushing. I'd have this any day compared to a repeat csection

    Ummm, I think thats everything .. Still haven't heard from their dad. I was nice enough to send him the same text I sent everyone else, but nothing. Oh well, we're better without him

    Also, Just want to point out for ages before hand I was saying I had a gut feeling about the 29th. Theres proof in the belly buddies thread! lol ..
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    Awww M2A great story hun I'm so proud of you for achieving your VBAC!!!!

    And yes I can back up your 29th hunch/prediction!!!

    Congrats again, great story. Love the way DS is with her now, so cute.

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    Congratulations on your new arrival and well done on getting your VBAC!

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    Thanx OP .. I thought it was about time I wrote it up, while it was still fresh lol .. Hopefully we'll be hearing yours soon? lol x

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    You did such an awesome job

    Well done and Congratulations

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    you did amazing huni-huge congrats and Ayva is eautiful xxx

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    Great job - all on your own!

    Congratulations and welcome to Ayva who is just stunning xoxo

    POO to your ex.

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    Your story is inspirational!!! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl and woohoo on the VBAC!

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    Congratulations!! Ayva is gorgeous. Well done on your VBAC too. Sounds like an awesome delivery compared to a c-section.

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    Congratulations on your vbac m2a you did a fantastic job!

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    Wow huge congratulations on your VBAC - and thanks for sharing such a great birth

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    what a brilliant birth!
    congratulations on the birth of baby ayva.
    and by the way, it's your xp's loss, what an idiot.

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    Aww, congratulations on your VBAC. What an awesome story! I can only hope mine is that easy