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Thread: Noah Henry - 23/06/09

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    Default Noah Henry - 23/06/09

    So I've finally found the time to sit down and write Noah's birth story

    I was "due" on the 17th of June 2009. Of course this day comes and goes with nothing happening as I was expecting. I went to the shops and had a pedicure.

    18th we head off to see my Ob. We had gone to the shops before that and as we were walking around I was having really strong braxton hicks contractions. I had to keep stopping. Anyway, told the Ob when we got there and he said, Um probably not Braxton hicks but actual contractions. They weren't regular or anything so Ob did internal and a s&s. He said to me my cervix was favourable and he wanted to book me in for an induction on Tuesday. He was fairly certain I wouldn't last till then though. He was a little concerned about Noah's size and my family history (my mother never fully dialated, she only made it to 7cm with me and 9 with my brother). DH and I agreed and headed home.

    From Thursday night on we went for a walk every night to try and hurry our little peanut up.

    Sunday about 11pm I was having lots of period type pain. Rang the hossy and they said, "early labour, don't come in yet but we're sure we'll see you soon." Of course Monday morning comes and nothings happened.

    Monday night about 12pm I was having the contractions again. They continued on but didn't get very strong. So we just left it as we were going to the hospital the next morning anyways.

    Tuesday morning we head into the hospital arriving at 7am. The hook me up to the monitor for an hour and just watch. I am having regular contractions so a lovely student mw come in and talked to me about breaking my waters. She thought Noah was still sitting to high so she called another MW to look. The other MW came in and said she'd break my waters. Did an internal, said you're 3cm, broke my waters and decided not to hook me up to the synto yet as I was contracting on my own. So DH and I go for a wander round the maternity ward and bump into the OB as we're walking. He has a chat to me and tells me he'll come see me soon.

    About 10am they decided my contractions weren't getting any stronger so they'd hook me up to the synto. They did that and the contractions started to get intense. I was breathing through and using the gas for every third contraction. DH and I were doing really well.

    At 12 they needed to do an internal to see how things were going. I have never been so dissapointed as when the MW said to me you're still on 3cms. I was so devastated!

    At about 2.30 pm my Ob came to see me and talked to me about whether I wanted an epi. By this time I was in so much pain I said yes.

    At 3 the anethitist came and gave me the epi, followed by the mw doing an internal and a catheter. The MW looked at me and said "Sweetie, you're still only 3cm." I also was aware that Noah's heart rate was dropping between contractions and things weren't looking good.

    The MW left the room and DH looked at me and said "what if you need a c-section" I thought for a bit and said "as long as Peanut is ok, I don't care how he comes out."

    The MW came in and talked to me about the fact that my baby was in foetal distress and my Ob was recommending a c-section. I agreed and they started to prep me for the operation. As I'd already had the epi I was ready to go pretty quickly.

    I was wheeled down to the waiting area and my OB came and talked to us. We had a little laugh and he said he was sorry things were like this but I was ok. I'd made my peace with it all.

    At 5.29pm I heard the most amazing sound as my beautiful little peanut was lifted from my body and let out an almighty cry. I have never been so happy. DH and I looked at each other as my Ob said "well that's why you weren't getting anywhere. You have a very healthy little boy who I'm guessing is about 4.4 kilos."

    My Ob wasn't far off. Noah was a little chubby bubba. He had a massive cone head and the problem was that he couldn't fit his head down into my pelvis. He was stuck good and proper.

    Noah's Stats were:

    weight: 4.54 kilos (9pound 14)
    length: 52cm
    head: 36.5cm
    Apgars: 1 min - 9, 5 min - 9, 10 min - 10

    I had a fantastic ob and I wish I was able to have him next time

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    Thanks for sharing the story of Noah's arrival - congratulations and well done

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    Thanks for sharing! Well done.

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    Thankyou so much for sharing your story , what a beautiful size Noah was and I am so glad you had such a positive brithing experience

    You did a fabulous job xxoo

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    Such a big boy!!

    You did well A belated congratulations

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    Thank you for sharing your story.


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