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    Olivia Grace

    The story of Olivia's birth really starts back at my 36 week appointment when I found out that my group B strep swab had come back positive and I needed to have antibiotics during labour. I wasnt too worried and didn't really think any more about it.

    My waters broke in bed just after 4am, September 28th. Im not sure if I was awake or if it woke me up but all I know is that I felt a little 'strange' down below. I had a quick feel to see what was going on and then I felt a small pop and a little puddle! Feeling rather nervous (and unsure if I had just wet myself!) I went to the loo and realised that it was actually time. I wandered back to bed and woke my husband who told me not to worry and to go back to sleep which he promptly did! I grabbed my pregancy record and had a quick read about what to do and decided to call the hospital. The midwife informed me that beause my swab was positive I was to come in straight away. This was rather alarming to me as when the midwife said 'antibiotics during LABOUR' I was thinking birth, not the whole thing! This was quite disappointing as I was really looking forward into labouring at home for a while and I hadn't even had any contractions. After getting some things together, putting on a load of washing (why?!) and showering we were finally on our way. On the way out the door I had a quick look at the nursery and realised that this was the last time it would be empty which I found really strange. It was really sad saying goodbye to my dog (my first baby) knowing how much this was going to affect her.

    The admissions process at the hospital was quick and easy and before I knew it I was in the same labour room that only a few weeks ago we had checked out on the hospital tour. The dr had some real trouble finding a vein for the drip but eventually I was hooked up and ready to go. By about 9am I had only experienced backaches and the staff were discussing moving me out as they were really busy. Finally after an internal they decided to induce me using a syntocin drip as I already had a jelco. The drip was in at about 10:30am and I started contracting heavilly straight away. I was surprised and happy to find that contractions were nothing like the pain I had imagined during pregnancy. I started to use the gas which I found to be a great distraction and was coping pretty well. My husband called my mum at this stage and told her she could come in whenever but not to rush. While that phonecall was going on, the strength of my drip was bumped up and I decided that it was time for an epidural. I was quickly told that we might be past that stage so Todd hopped back on the phone to mum and told her to come straight in! The anaesthetist arrived and lucklily decided we had time and the epidural was set up. Mum arrived just as they were about to start and became my focus during this time giving Todd a much needed break. The insertion of the epidural wasnt very pleasant and it only managed to successfully block one side, channelling all the pain into my left hip making it excrutiating. Apparently by this time I was going to go home and let someone else finish the job! Before I knew it I was told to push and I only managed two before the OB decided to assist with ventouse.

    At 2:41pm our gorgeous daughter Olivia Grace was born weighing 2.9kg with a mass of black hair which was rather surprising since I am a blonde! I had just enough time to look at her before she was whisked away for oxygen. Apparently during labour her heartrate had dropped severely and an emergency caesarean was discussed. I remember looking up at one stage and noticing 4 doctors at the foot of the bed but I hadn't registered that there were any problems. Eventually Olivia was brought over to us and we were finally able to have a cuddle. Todd took her out to meet the rest of the grandparents whilst I was stitched up (I had some very nasty tears after the ventouse) and we were finally up on the ward at about 4pm.

    I had always intended to have an epidural but had also planned on an active birth where I was in control from start to finish. In the end, I parked my butt on the bed about 9am and didn't move until half an hour after the birth. I felt totally out of control during the whole experience and from the time Olivia was born until a few days later I felt very disjointed from the whole experience. I ended up speaking to the midwife to disuss the birth and it was only then I found out that the cord was around Olivia's neck, as well as just how badly I tore and that I nearly required transfusion due to the amount of blood I lost. I was quite disappointed about the experience but I have been able to channel that into positive changes I can use during my next birth. Strangely enough I have been unable to produce enough milk to breastfeed despite medication and I feel that my feelings about the birth have contributed to this. On the upside though, such a quick labour (just over four hours) meant I still had a lot of energy and helped my to recuperate fast, apart from the stitches. Best of all, we now have the most beautiful baby that has forever changed our lives.

    Never before have I experienced a love like this...

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    What a love it is, for sure. Well done! And congratulations on the birth of Olivia Grace........(I love the names........I especially love the name Olivia, not surprisingly!)

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    Congratulations on the birth of Olivia Grace.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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    Congratulations on the birth of little Olivia Grace! And thank you so much for sharing your story!!

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    Congratulations on the birth of Olivia Grace.

    What a gorgeous baby she is!


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    Congratulations of the birth of Olivia Grace. She really is a beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharring your story with us.

    Take care

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    Yayyyy Kelly !!!!!!!!! What a great birth story and thanks for posting it. I hope to see you around the forums a bit more often when you get a chance and you can email me anytime !!!

    Lots of love to you

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    Congratz on the birth of Olivia Grace. =D> Thanks for sharing her birth story with us.

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    Kelly, congrats on the arrival of Olivia Grace! What an amazing birth story!!