thread: Oscar's birth 'saga'

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    Oscar's birth 'saga'

    My birth story starts on the 24th June 2005. I am due on the 5th of July but due to my baby being in a transverse position it was decided, begrudgingly, that I would have a Caesar on the 24th. After having prior successful vaginal deliveries I was terrified at the prospect of having a Caesar. I was booked in for 1pm so I headed off to the hospital at 11am to be admitted. When I got there I could feel the panic turning into shear terror at the prospect of them cutting me open and my baby being taken from his home before he was ready. As I was walking into the hospital I felt this excruciating pain down my left side of my uterus (where the baby’s head was lying). I could hardly walk. People thought I was in labour as I was struggling to move. I got down to the maternity ward and explained how panicked I was and how much pain I was in and how I didn’t want a Caesar anyway. I was crying and beside myself. The unit manager was called to talk to me. I begged her to examine me as my belly felt so different. She looked at me and said it didn’t look like a transverse belly. Sure enough she thought that either his head or bottom was down but definitely not transverse. He had decided to put his head down after being transverse for so long on the way to the hospital! Bizarre! So I had an ultrasound and sure enough his head was down. Yay. I could go home and as he was not engaged I could not be induced. When I had the previous ultrasound a week earlier they estimated his weight as 4.3kg. I didn’t want them to tell me his estimated weight this time as I could tell by her gasping he is a big baby plus she said his head circ is ‘off the scale’. I don’t need to know this when I haven’t started labour yet. So here I sit waiting to go into labour or for his head to engage so I can be induced. I hope not for much longer as I am so large and uncomfortable. I was so disappointed not to meet my baby on the 24th but happy that I didn’t have to have a major operation to have him.

    29th June 2005 saw ob and he examined me. Says head is still a little high but he is happy to put in some Prostin tomorrow morning. Tells me the baby is LOA, which is the ‘perfect’ position for birthing. Yay.

    30th June 2005 went into hospital at 0700am. Had prostin put in. Did not have any contractions at all. At 4pm Dr came in to check me 2cm and he broke my waters. Then labour started straight away. 2 minute contractions. I rocked on the birth ball in the shower for a while and leaned on the beanbag. I felt things were not going ‘right’. My second son was born after four hours and had he not been posterior he would have been born after an hour. But this was going on and on. I went into the spa and looked at my husband and told him something was wrong and I wanted an epidural. The m/w examined me and I was only 4 cm dilated this was after about 2hours. I got back on the bed and felt terrible. I had the epidural put in quickly. After some time they took my blood pressure and it dropped down to 60/20. I really don’t remember the time line from here on as I was pumped full of fluid (6 litres) and given multiple doses of adrenalin. I had the anesthetist and four midwifes in the room trying to bring me back. Then the baby started to get distressed as well. The ob came in and it was decided I needed an emergency Caesar. I was 9cm dilated and he was brow presentation and posterior. So Oscar was born at 2:15pm weighing 3.875kg (8lbs 8 ozs) length 51.5cm, head circ 37cm (not as big as estimated and certainly my smallest by far). He was quite well considering the problems we both had. I left the hospital after two days as they had issues in giving me pain relief and I felt I would be better of at home. Then after two days I found it difficult to breath. So back to hospital with a suspected clot in the lung. After lots and lots of tests they decided it was air under the diaphragm (common after a c/section) and I discharged myself again. Then back on Monday for a blood transfusion when it was discovered I had very low blood count. Am starting to feel a little better now although still not 100%. Oscar is doing very well though which is fantastic and seems to be a very placid baby – thank goodness! What a saga!

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    Beckles, well, that was a drama, its horrible to have to have an emerg csec, Im sorry it didnt work out very well, but its good that Oscar was well and healthy!!! Alll the best for your recovery!!

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    Wow Beckles! That's amazing......

    I'm sorry that you ended up having to have the emergency caesarean (I can relate!), but at least little Oscar is thriving and doing well, and you are on the road to recovery!

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    That is an amazing story Beckles.

    Glad everything worked out well in the end and you are starting to feel better.

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    Omg Beckles, what a drama indeed!!
    How amazing that Oscar turned around into the right position the day you were meant to have the ceasar.
    Sorry that in the end you had to have an emergency ceasar anyway, but its far more important that both yours and Oscars wellbeing was top priority.
    And I am glad to hear that you are doing ok now.
    Congratulations sweetie!

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    sos beckles, you have done well getting through it all. and the best reward is your lovely - and very placid - baby.



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    Well Done Beckles - not the birth you wanted, but I am so glad both mum and baby are now doing well!

    Well Done!

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    You poor chook...after all least you have beautiful lil Oscar safe and sound in your arms now....thanks for sharing your story.


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    Thanks for sharing Beckles, glad you are okay now and Oscar is well too.

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    wow a huge congrats on the birth of your beautiful boy and i hope you are feeling better soon

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    Beckles, A huge CONGRATS to you. Sorry to hear that things didn't go as planned and that you needed the c section afterall. Sounds like you had a a tough time of it girl. Glad to hear that Oscar (love the name btw) was fine through it all and that you are on the road to recovery.

    Take care

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    Mar 2005


    OMG Beckles, you poor thing.

    Im so glad Oscar is ok and all worked out fine for you both, you just rest up now and get your strength back sweetie.xx

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    kirsty Guest

    Beckles what an amazing story, you & your little man have certainly had an ordeal to get to here, but now you have & you have a beautiful baby boy to show for it.

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    What a story Beckles! I hope that you are feeling better and thanks for sharing that with us.

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    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Sorry to hear that it was such an awful time for you, hope your feeling better soon.

    Take Care


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    Beckles, thanks for sharing your story. I'm very glad for you that it all worked out and you are now both safe and well.

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    Mar 2005

    What a saga indeed! Thankyou for sharing.